Agile CRM Review

AgileCRM review
If your business requires CRM software, check out our Agile CRM review to see if this platform could be of use.

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Agile CRM is a CRM system (customer relationship management) for small and medium organizations that are hosted in the cloud. It includes features like contact management, appointment scheduling, telephonic tools, marketing automation, a landing page builder, project management, and a knowledge base. We’re going to show you the benefits, drawbacks, costs, and features of Agile CRM in this review so you can determine if it’s the best comparison site for you.

In this review…

Agile CRM Summary

The company isn’t as old as some of its competitors, such as HubSpot and Zoho, which both launched in 2006. As a result, it needs to catch up and smooth out a few wrinkles as a company. Agile, on the other hand, appears to be focused on the modern business model. With that in mind, we believe Agile has a great deal of promise in the next years to improve how firms connect with and market to their customers.

Agile CRM also takes use of the most efficient ways for employees to work. Gamification, a relatively new trend in workflow management that mimics the addictive qualities of gaming to reward, inspire, and improve staff efficiency, is included in the program. We embrace Agile’s approach because improved labour production usually means better business.

Users can record and retrieve client data such as contact information, interaction records, social media profiles, and lead ratings using the contact management module. They can also sync data with email services such as Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365, as well as IMAP providers, using the software’s email integration.

Additionally, users can track website visitors to assess consumer behaviour, and marketing automation solutions provide a drag-and-drop interface for creating marketing campaigns. They can also set up automatic reminders depending on their preferences for time and contact.

Agile CRM also has task management capabilities. Users can drag and drop tasks into lists, organize them, make notes, and change the status of their assignments.

Many users can publish and comment on posts on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter using social media integrations.

Agile CRM
Main dashboard of Agile CRM

Agile CRM Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive and friendly interface
  • Fast and efficient technical support
  • Easy integration with other software
  • Access to Office 365 is possible
  • It may be connected to RingCentral
  • There are other additional integrations
  • It’s simple to use and administer


  • Documentation for help and tutorials needs to be improved and updated
  • Android software needs to be optimized because it crashes
  • Importing contacts is a difficult task
  • The user interface needs a few tweaks to look more elegant
  • Automations are clumsy and frequently fail at random periods

Agile CRM Features

Contact Management

Every business owner understands how important it is to keep track of contacts. Agile not only helps you keep track of your contacts, but it also allows you to get to know your consumers better. You may keep basic information about your consumer base and personalize your contacts with details about their interests and interactions with your company.

Using this function to manage your contacts can help you build long-term relationships with your customers.

Deal Management

Your sales team works hard to close a contract, and salespeople need some information regarding future sales to stay motivated and effective. You can anticipate future revenue, set goals, and automate follow-ups with the deals tool. This functionality doesn’t require a large sales team, and it scales effectively as the department grows.


Telephony may appear amusing at first, but it is a useful and simple feature. Agile CRM not only allows you to make and receive calls, but it also allows you to record them and take notes later.

This also includes better caller ID, call forwarding, and call scripts, among other capabilities. Every call you make and receive is designed to be beneficial to your business.

Appointment Scheduling

Agile’s online scheduling function makes selecting a date for appointments and meetings a breeze, and you don’t have to worry about anyone arguing that they missed the invitation.

Project Management

A company cannot thrive unless its marketing and sales staff collaborate. Agile’s project management tools, which eliminate miscommunication, ensure that your teams are on the same page and avoid any uncertainty regarding tasks or project status.

Landing Page Builder

Want to handle all of your marketing demands while also creating a jaw-dropping landing page? The landing page builder is one of Agile CRM’s newest features, with a variety of appealing designs.

Social CRM

Your marketing department uses social media to communicate with current and potential customers. The social CRM function is versatile since it interfaces with social media platforms, such as Twitter, and employs a range of strategies to communicate with your consumer base.

Agile CRM Pricing and Plans

  • Free trial available
  • Starter pack: $14.99
  • Regular pack: $ 49.99
  • Enterprise: $79.99

Agile CRM is a little more expensive than some competitors, but if you pay for one or two years in advance, you can get a discount on each level. A free version for up to 10 users is available, making it ideal for small firms or individual entrepreneurs.

There is no free trial period available for higher tiers because you can create an account for free.

At $14.99/month per user (or $9.99/month per user if you pay for a year in advance, or $8.99 if you pay for two years), the Starter tier improves marketing possibilities.

The Regular tier, which costs $49.99 per month per user (or $39.99 per month per user if invoiced annually, or $29.99 for two years), adds some service-oriented features.

Lastly, at $79.99 per month per user ($64.99 per month per user payable annually, and $47.99 for two years), the Enterprise tier offers several intriguing extras.

Companies have a wide range of needs and requirements, and no software solution can meet them all. Trying to locate a flawless out-of-the-box software product that fits all of your business criteria is pointless.

Modifying the solution for your specific needs, worker skill levels, financial constraints, and other factors is a good idea. As a result, don’t rush into investing in well-known popular strategies. Even if they are commonly used, they might not be the best fit for your particular needs. Do your research, look into each short-listed platform in-depth, and read a few CRM software reviews.

Customers complained that they did not frequently get emails, resulting in a loss of revenue and embarrassment for their company. Their requests for assistance were ignored by tech support.

They also stated that the user interface should be improved and that there is a learning curve. Overall, these users want to see something more inventive, such as merging information from contact records with the company or financial information in one convenient view.

Agile CRM’s broad set of features is ideal for companies looking for a CRM with all the bells and whistles, but it may be too much for small and mid-sized firms looking for a simple, plain CRM platform.

While the fundamentals of Agile CRM are simple to grasp right away, fully understanding all of its features and what they can do takes time. Therefore, if your expectations are straightforward, you may at least consider other options.

Agile CRM Customer Service

Agile CRM provides its users with a variety of customer support options. Their customers can email the company 24 hours a day, five days a week with the free plan. Paid users can reach out to the support team via email or phone Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST. Customers can also talk with a consultant online or schedule a call at their convenience. If you choose the Enterprise package, you may be assigned a dedicated account representative who can assist you with any issues.

The company offers free webinars to educate users about its products on its website. Users can obtain useful information on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, and SlideShare, where the organization has a social media presence. Visit the FAQ page to see whether your problem has previously been addressed before contacting the support team with a general question.

Agile CRM Review Summary

That’s all there is to it! We hope you now have a better grasp of Agile CRM, which is a cost-effective option for small and mid-sized enterprises. It covers a wide variety of areas of customer relationship management pretty well. Agile CRM also maximizes your sales by combining multichannel data into a single system and producing complex reports to help in the creation of the ultimate marketing and sales automation process.

One of the advantages of this integration system is a better awareness of each contact’s preferences and the channels in which they spend the most time. As you develop your relationships with your contacts and prospects, you may use these insights to make informed decisions.

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