10 Best CRM for Small Business UK

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Here's the 10 best CRM for small business UK to help you find and compare what's best for you.

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Are you looking to make the most of every customer contact to grow your sales? You’ll need to use a CRM system to build a database of clients and contacts and automate your marketing. This guide will show you the 10 best CRM for small business UK.

If you’re a startup, check out this list of the 5 best CRM for startups.

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What Is CRM For Small Business UK?

Having a CRM System in place for your small business will help you managed your day-to-day sales and marketing operations, as well as improve your customers experience. The best CRM for small business UK offer tools to manage sales contacts, orders, email marketing, and collect your customer data you can analyse.

This enables you to gain insights into your customers sales behaviour, create forecasts and manage your team. 

More importantly, it also allows you to safely store your customer’s information, allowing for remarketing opportunities in the future. CRM for small business will store this information in central system, which could be anything from contacts, profiles or previous sales history.

If you have a sales team, or even just run a small business, having a CRM in place is an essential piece of business technology.

Why Is CRM Important For Your Small Business?

CRM is hugely beneficial to your business, and essential to any customer sales conversion strategy. Here’s a summary of points on how a CRM can benefit your business:

Understand your customers

An effective CRM tool or strategy will help your business learn about your customers. It will tell you who they are, what their purchase history is, why they purchase your products, as well as any trends in customers purchases.

With this information, businesses are able to predict the needs of their customers to provide an effective service, and in turn satisfy their customers. As the CRM data collected will allow a business to provide the right promotions and marketing to the correct customers.

This means you can target customers who will most likely respond to your marketing / promotional efforts.

Organise your business better

A CRM strategy allows businesses to streamline the process of maintaining customer relationships through organising and automating aspects of the process. Instead of manually collecting data, and wasting employee time that could be allocated elsewhere, your CRM can do it for you.

All in all, it provides a streamlined process, and collects essential, easy to understand and implementable data. As a result businesses become more efficient.


Customer interactions can be very complex. At face value it can be difficult to manage. However, with CRM the process of customer interactions becomes optimised. It streamlines and simplifies customer interactions into manageable chunks.

Through this, businesses can understand the needs of their customers despite all the complexities. In turn, this helps improve customer satisfaction and keeps them loyal to your brand.

Now you know how beneficial CRM software for small business can be. We recommend you look for a CRM system as soon as you can – but what is the best CRM for small business UK?

10 Best CRM For Small Business UK

1. HubSpot – Free CRM For Small Business!

best crm for small business uk
HubSpot CRM

Try HubSpot free!

HubSpot is a well known CRM tool, and that’s because it’s one of the best. This CRM platform is free to use on it’s basic plan and is easily integrated with other HubSpot sales and marketing tools.

HubSpot is a quick and simple way to pursue better leads and interact with your clients in a more meaningful way. Plus, it also integrates well with your other apps like Outlook and Google Workspace enabling you to stay on top of all your email marketing insights.

It’s also great for those who aren’t particularly tech savvy, as it’s easy to navigate, letting you see everything from your team activity, to your most recent sales insights and marketing results.

Its free version is good for small and medium sized businesses, but if you’re growing into something big you may want to check out one of its paid plans below, or some of the other CRM on this list which offer more advanced features.

Check out our full HubSpot CRM review to learn more. We think HubSpot is one of the best CRM for small business UK.

HubSpot CRM Prices

Here’s the different pricing plans for HubSpot CRM for small business:

 Price per monthPrice per year and saving Features
Freemium£0£0Real-time view of sales funnels, track performance of sales, log customer interactions automatically across all platforms, see all your leads in one place.
Starter£42 per month£403.20 per year, 20% savingFreemium features, plus, automation features, quotes, revenue pipeline scheduling, enhanced customer connectivity features, track your team’s sales progress.
Professional£328 per month£3,936 per year, 20% savingStarter features, plus, organise your teams better and workflows, gain more data on your team’s sales activities, schedule follow-up marketing emails, build product libraries that can report on the sale of each product.
Enterprise£990 per month£11,880 per year.Professional features, plus, additional business scalability features, build

Visit HubSpot to start a free trial

2. Salesforce – For Advanced Users

salesforce dashboard crm for small business
Salesforce CRM

As a market leader in CRM for small businesses, Salesforce can link up with a variety of apps, including its own features that you can add and remove.

This gives you the best overview of your customer and businesses’ data. You’ll find pretty much every feature you could ever want from a CRM tool on Salesforce.

The platform can track and manage all sales opportunities, manage and assign tasks to your team, send and manage your email marketing campaigns, and add customer support call features.

However, there are a couple of downsides to Salesforce’s CRM. Despite it being a comprehensive and effective CRM tool, it’s very expensive and somewhat complicated to operate for small businesses.

For that reason, Salesforce CRM is not ideally suited to small businesses but to larger or growing businesses operating at scale. As they will have the budget to pay for the CRM, and the expertise to use the more advanced features.

Check our full Salesforce review to learn more, and compare HubSpot vs Salesforce.

Salesforce Prices

Here’s the different pricing plans for Salesforce CRM for small business:

 Price per month/billed annually per userFeatures
Essentials£20Account, contact, lead and opportunity management, email integration, access to salesforce mobile app.
Professional£60Essentials plan, plus, Lead registration, and rules-based lead scoring to capture and follow up on the right leads at the right time, forecasting features to help you manage sales expectations.
Enterprise£120Professional plan, plus, workflow, and internal business automation procedures.
Unlimited£240Enterprise plan, plus, 24/7 customer support.

3. Freshsales – Simple To Use With A Free Plan

best CRM for business UK
Freshsales CRM

Get started free!

Freshsales is easily one of the best CRM for small business UK as it is built specifically for smaller companies. It’s a simple yet functional and effective CRM software that is trusted by over 40,000 customers worldwide. It provides you with an easy-to-use CRM dashboard which will show all your sales leads, ranking them from best to worst.

From customers who exhibit sales-ready buying behaviors, meaning you can easily know when and who to target with your marketing campaigns. 

Similarly, it also has great email tracking software, tracking each email click and detailing which customers are the most interested in the different emails you’re sending out.

Ultimately, Freshsales is all about simplicity. It doesn’t throw intense analytics and complicated data at you, it’s smart and knows what you want and when you want it. Without all the fancy tables and charts found on other CRM platforms.

Despite its simplicity , it still allows you to create customised reports for each contact or opportunity you’re making. With your reports, you can put together a trendline showing the progress of each of your sales strategies.

Although it doesn’t work that well with third-party applications, like digital banking and accounting tools, Freshsales can instead integrate with the Freshdesk helpdesk and marketing applications. This means you can use the CRM, marketing, and helpdesk features in tandem to build a more comprehensive marketing strategy.

Overall, because of Freshdesk’s simplicity it’s one of the best CRM for small business UK. To learn more check out our full Freshsales review.

Freshsales Prices

Here’s the different pricing plans for Freshsales for small business:

 Price per month per userPrice per month/billed annually per userFeatures
Sprout£0£0Lets you track leads, contacts, accounts, email, mobile, information but does not let you build data reports.
Blossom£30£12Sprout features, plus, visual sales pipeline, 2-way integration email sync, lead scoring, and marketplace apps.
Garden£30£20Blossom features, plus, 250 bulk emails sending and email metrics, 10 workflow automation, 5 sales sequences, 10 teams, smart matches to prevent lead duplication, and advanced reporting.
Estate£55£40Garden features, plus, 1000 bulk emails per day, 25 workflows and team automation, reports dashboard, smart forms and event tracking, multiple currencies compatible, and sales goals.
Forest£65£65Estate features, plus, 5000 bulk emails per day, 1000 workflow automations and 50 teams,  EEA data centre access, IP whitelisting, and audit logs.

4. Zoho – Great Features & Low Cost

zoho crm
Zoho CRM

Visit Zoho to get started!

Zoho provides small businesses with a CRM allowing them to easily interact with customers across all channels and provides notifications of when your customers engage with your business. 

The platform’s comprehensive automation features are what sets it aside from other CRM’s on this list. Zoho lets you automate every aspect of your lead nurturing process, to prevent you from duplicating leads. This enables you to take advantage of priority leads, and schedule marketing emails to your contacts.

Plus it also has great social media functionality enabling you to find new leads based on mentions, likes, interests, and engagements on social media. Although its model is best suited to medium-sized businesses, it does offer a plan specifically for small businesses, called Bigin.

This is a more streamlined version of its main plans and removes the complexity of CRM, empowering you to view all your customer engagements and information in a simple yet engaging format. At only £5 per month, it is one of the best CRM for small business UK, sole traders and helps greatly with marketing your business.

Zoho provides a massive amount of other tools including: software for HR management, finance and accounting tools, stock and inventory management, surveys, a webinar platform, smart landing page builder, a checkout for collecting customer payments, a recruitment platform for hiring staff, and even security systems.

Based on it’s cheap prices and huge amount of features and tools, we think Zoho is one of the best CRM for small business UK.

To learn more check out our full review of Zoho.

Zoho Prices

Here’s the different pricing plans for Zoho CRM for small business:

 Price per month/billed annually per userFeatures
Bigin£5Simple UI lets you track and pipeline your leads, customer information, and interactions, built-in telephone features, automated workflows, task management, and send and receive automated emails.
Standard£10Scoring rules, automated workflows, build custom pipelines to show customer data and sales processes, mass email execution, and custom dashboards.
Professional£16Standard features, plus, real-time customer notifications, case file support ticketing to ensure you follow up leads, and inventory management.
Enterprise£30Professional features, plus, AI platform, full customisation, multiple user portals for customer and vendor and build and distribute mobile applications.
Ultimate£36Enterprise features, plus, advanced analytics software, highest possible feature limits, and 30-day free trial.

5. Pipeliner – Excellent Visuals

Pipeliner is probably one of the best sales CRMs on the market and takes a more visual approach compared to other CRMs on this list. 

Pipeliner presents itself with excellent graphics and visuals showing you all your leads in a neat easy to read format. That is tailored for the salesperson looking to capitalise on their sales leads. Plus its drag and drop features make it  super easy to use!

Pipliner comes with a built-in automation engine that lets you build workflows to easily automate processes. Thus eliminating manual tasks to free up your work schedule and enable you to focus more on winning sales. The automator works by building a flowchart that can help streamline the process. 

For example, Pipeliner can send emails if a certain action happens, or create an automatic invoice if a client engages with your services. It’s a really neat way to save time in the workplace, and is an effective CRM tool.

Pipeliner Prices

Here’s the different pricing plans for Pipeliner CRM for small business:

 Price per month/billed annually per userKey features
Starter£20Comes with basic sales, accounts, leads,  and contacts management tracking software, Automatizer included, task management, email automation, and mass email tracking, Microsoft and Google integrations, and data security suites.
Business£50Starter plan, plus, full CRM functionality, full metric customisation, workplace productivity features, opportunities and lead pipeline view, and onboarding consultancy and customisation features.
Enterprise£65Business plan, plus, advanced CRM reporting, advanced customisation and better professional onboarding, onsite training, prioritised technical support, forecast reports, sales insights, and auditing.

6. Monday.com – Best CRM For Project Management

Visit Monday.com to get started!

Monday.com was built as a project management platform, enabling team leaders to manage their employees better. Although, it has expanded its outreach to offer CRM features through what it calls a “Lead Management Board”.

Through this CRM feature you can see all your customer information and interactions in one place. Although, Monday.com is not the best fully functioning CRM tool and lacks a lot of the features other CRM systems have.

Despite this, what’s great about Monday.com is that it integrates with its project management platforms, meaning you can automatically distribute tasks to your sales teams, as new leads or opportunities come in.

Furthermore, Monday.com also enables you to directly connect to your clients through its tailored forms that will collect and turn all your customer’s information and feedback into actionable items in Monday.com’s leads dashboard.

If you’re looking for more of a project management tool with some light CRM features, we recommend Monday.com as one of the best CRM for small business UK.

Read our full review of Monday.com to learn more. If you’re looking for project management tools, check out Paymo and Asana.

Monday.com Prices

Here’s the different pricing plans for Monday.com CRM software for small business:

 Price per month per userFeatures
Basic£7Lets you track leads, build forms, communicate with customers and your teams, iOS and Android compatible, marketing forms and requests, and 1 dashboard.
Standard£9Basic features, plus, timeline and calendar views, share boards with your tea, advanced search facilities, 250 automations per month, 250 different app integrations per month, 3 dashboards.
Pro£14Standard features, plus, project tracking features, time tracking, formulas to automate processes and make calculations on your data, 25000 automations and integrations per month, 10 dashboards,
EnterpriseQuote available on request.Pro features, plus, enterprise scale automations and integrations, security governance, advanced analytics and reporting, tailored onboarding, prioritised support and 50 dashboards.

7. Agile CRM – Great Value For Money

Agile CRM, although not the most comprehensive CRM on this list, is by far the best value for money. 

It’s CRM is ideal for sole traders and startups looking to save cash. With its free version you’ll get access to a ton of features you would normally end up paying for with other CRM platforms. 

However, there is a catch, as you’ll only be able to access its cheaper prices if you pay 2 years in advance. But the upside is that its annual prices are well priced!

With Agile you can build your contacts list, storing information about how your customers operate and what channels they operate through. You can also manage your sales teams to ensure they are working in sync with Agile’s project management tools.

Agile also integrates well with social media, allowing you to interact better with your customers on your social platforms. You can also use it to build website landing pages, something that other CRM tools don’t offer!

Agile is one of the best CRM for small business if you want to save money and still have most of the features that other platforms offer.

Check out our full Agile CRM review to learn more.

Agile CRM Prices

Here’s the different pricing plans for Agile CRM software for small business:

 Price per month per user billed yearlyPrice per month per user for 2 yearsFeatures
Sales£0£0Store 50,000 contacts, put together custom data fields, lead scoring, unlimited deals, tasks and documents, appointment scheduling, custom deal milestones, email tracking, 1 web app plugin, and 2-way email integration.
Marketing£9.99£8.99Sales plan features, plus, email campaigns, web engagement, analytics on your contacts, form builder to get more contacts, email templates builder, landing page builder, send 5,000 emails, marketing automation, 3 web app plugins, and social media monitoring.
Service£39.99£29.99Marketing plan features, plus, a customer helpdesk service, tickets, and grouping service to make customer service more streamlined, pre-formatted customer service responses to streamline and answer FAQs, 50+ third-party integration, and better reports on your customer data.
Extras£64.99£47.99Service plan features, plus, 50+ third-party integrations, email and phone support, Shopify and Stripe integration, and email reports included.

8. Salesmate – Excellent Communications Features

Visit Salesmate to get started!

Salesmate is a great option for those that want to have better communications with their clients, offering a wealth of features that enable you to directly interact with your customers on their preferred platform.

You can send SMS messages, and smart automated emails, and follow up emails, that you can track and store in your leads dashboards, to see which emails are being opened and engaged with.

Plus Salesmate helps you build engaging emails and store these as templates for future use to get better engagement. 

It is a great platform to conduct your email marketing out of. As a very simple and easy to use CRM tool, it is great for those who are less experienced with technology and marketing. It guides you to the information you need through its easy to use navigation systems.

This is one of the best CRM for small business UK as it’s not overbearing and doesn’t pile on heaps of unnecessary data and analytics when you’re looking through your sales reports.

Learn more by reading our full Salesmate review.

Salesmate Prices

Here’s the different pricing plans for Salesmate CRM software for small business:

 Price per month per user billed yearlyFeatures
Starter£12Contact and activity management, calendar sync, full customisation of your data fields, email automation features, text and voice calling features, sales automation limited to 10 workflows and 250 users, standard reporting features, and chrome and third-party app integrations.
Growth£24Starter plan features, plus, product services management, goal management, email, text, and phone call management, 3 person team inbox and unlimited email storage, 25 workflows, customisable data reports and dashboard, email marketing analytics, and email template usage analytics.
Boost£40Growth plan features, plus, additional team management systems, 5 person team inbox, smart customer support phone queuing systems, 50 workflows, full integration with third-party applications.

9. Converge Hub – Ideal For Marketing

Everyone loves having all their information in one place, right? It can sometimes be annoying having to jump around to access your QuickBooks account to see an invoice and then bounce back to your MailChimp account to manage your email marketing.

Converge Hub’s CRM solves this problem by ‘converging’ all your sales marketing and billing features into one platform, giving you full visibility of all your marketing and financial data.

Although it’s user interface can seem a little cumbersome on the outset, you’ll quickly get used to managing your leads and email marketing systems on the platform. Plus it is a powerful, fully scalable, platform that will help your business to grow and grow with it. 

You can build and nurture customer interactions, speed up workflows using its single platform to manage all customer-facing functions. You can integrate your CRM platform with a variety of third-party apps like QuickBooks, DocuSign, and webinar software like GoToWebinar.

It’s one of the best CRM for small business UK if you’re looking to improve your marketing performance.

Converge Hub Prices

Here’s the different pricing plans for Converge Hub CRM software for small business:

 Price per month per user billed yearlyFeatures
Starter£9Manage 500 leads, accounts, and contacts, 2 email marketing templates, manage 500 customer service cases, full third-party app integration.
Pro£29Starter plan features, plus, 500 leads, accounts, and contacts, unlimited email campaigns to 5000 targets, 10 email templates, 2500 customer service cases, unlimited knowledge base, data, and analytics reports included.
Boost£59Pro plan features, plus, unlimited leads accounts, and contacts, email templates, email targets, customer service cases, full billing services including quotes, invoices, and payments included full administration set up included.

10. Microsoft Dynamics – Best For Existing Microsoft Users

A CRM designed for larger organisations, operating on the full Microsoft 365 suite, Dynamics offers intricate automation and data reporting tools. These tools can help you get the best insights and deliver the best sales experience to your customers.

However, its pricing plans are somewhat complicated. You’ll want to know what sort of features you’re looking for, as Dynamics has a separate CRM sales package, marketing, and a customer service package that all offer great tools to help your business grow. Here we’ll just focus on the CRM package.

The features included in its CRM package are extensive. For example, you’ll be able to identify the best leads, to create a more personalised sales process for these customers, and increase your sales.

All while using the platform’s sales playbooks that provide you with repeatable sales techniques that can help you convert more sales. One other great feature is its predictive forecasting that uses its intuitive seller-generated projections to predict how many deals and sales you’re forecasted to close.

It’s definitely a comprehensive CRM tool for businesses looking to accelerate their sales performance. However, the CRM might not be suited to most companies.

Microsoft Dynamics is the best CRM for small business UK if you’re heavily reliant on other Microsoft products already.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Prices

Here’s the different pricing plans for Microsoft Dynamics CRM software for small business:

 Price per month, per user for the user’s first Dynamics 365 app Price per month, per user for subsequent qualifying Dynamics 365 appFeatures
Sales Professional£49£15.10Unlimited users, lead and opportunity management, marketing lists and quick campaigns, quotes orders and invoices, office 365 integration, and reporting dashboards.
Sales Enterprise£71.60£15.10Professional plan, plus, forecasting, sales playbooks, competitors management, partner relationship management, knowledge management, full customisation, and workflow automation.
Sales Premium £101.80£101.80Enterprise plan features, plus, contextual insights including email intelligence, pipeline intelligence, predictive forecasting, predictive scoring, relationship analytics, call transcription, keyword analysis, seller behaviour analysis, and competitive brand analysis.

Summary – The Best CRM For Small Business UK

Every business whether small or big can benefit from using CRM systems that are optimised to your needs. Depending on the size of your business and the number of customers you have you’ll want to think carefully about the type of CRM you purchase.

For smaller businesses that need lots of features, the best CRM for small business UK is Zoho’s Bigin CRM which is affordable and simple to use. 

For startups and those on a budget, we recommend HubSpot or Freshsales as the best CRM for small business UK due to their free plans.

For medium to larger businesses take a look at Salesforce and try its 30-day free trial to see if it suits your businesses’ needs.

Compare CRM prices and features below to find the best deal.

Did this review of the best CRM for small business UK help you? If so please recommend DigitalSupermarket. 

Compare The Best CRM For Small Business UK

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