27 Best Free Video Editing Software

27 Best Free Video Editing Software

best free video editing software
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Here’s the best free video editing software of 2021, ready for you to download and try today.

Do you want to edit footage on your phone, trim down several videos at once, or add a cool new filter before uploading it to Instagram?

This list of the best free video editing software will help you edit videos exactly as you want them.

In this review…

Looking for a premium video editing software? Compare the prices here.

Best Free Video Editing Software For Desktop

best free video editing software



  • Great for social media users or content creators
  • Library of royalty-free music and clips
  • Supports many of the most popular web formats


  • Can only save files as MPEGs
  • A complicated interface
  • Free version can only export up to 720p resolution

Key features

  • Non-linear editing
  • Background file importing
  • Real-time effect previews

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Lightworks is one of the most powerful free options out there when it comes to video editing, on par with the professional options offered by Adobe.

It’s a non-linear editor, meaning that it’s non-destructive and won’t affect any of your original files.

This is particularly useful given that you can also import footage in the background – you can import the same clip into multiple projects and everything will ‘just work’.

Lightworks is also fully aware that most people will be using it for online platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, which is why they offer both preset resolutions optimised for those sites as well as access to royalty-free audio and video clips.

These features combined mean it’s easy to spice up old vlogs or gaming clips for some extra views.

You can still do serious work with it too, of course.

Lightworks comes with a fairly simple interface that’s highly customisable, letting you add in extra shortcuts for the features you find yourself using the most.

This does make it slightly harder to use than other programs, but it makes up for that in its power at editing multitrack videos or previewing video effects in real-time – no more waiting for something to render only to find you don’t like how it looks.

You can get Lightworks on all major platforms.

It also comes with a premium version called Lightworks Pro that comes with extra features, like uploading videos directly to YouTube or exporting files in different formats.

Hitfilm Express


  • Wide selection of in-depth tutorials
  • Non-linear editing – you can’t accidentally delete your work
  • Over 400 effects and presets


  • No Linux support
  • High system requirements

Key features

  • Blends video editing and VFX
  • Works with 3D models and animation
  • Unlimited tracks and transitions
  • Built-in voice recorder

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Hitfilm is a unique software package that aims to mix video-editing with visual effects software.

It is one of the best free video editing software for for taking raw footage, cleaning it up and adding visually-interesting effects without having to jump back and forth between different programs.

It even comes with some 3D editing capabilities.

Like most good editors, it’s non-linear, meaning that none of your changes affect your original files (unless you explicitly tell it to do so, of course).

Another nice feature in this vein is that it has an unlimited number of layers, meaning the only cap on the final product is your imagination – well, that and your computer.

One of the main downsides to Hitfilm is that in bringing video editing and VFX together, it sucks up a lot of system resources.

Eight gigabytes of RAM is recommended – not an insane amount, but not something you’ll find in a laptop or notebook.

This makes it harder to recommend for casual editors who only want to make simple changes to a few videos.

Something to note is that Hitfilm doesn’t support Linux.

This is understandable, as most professional video-editors work on Mac or Windows instead, but it’s still annoying if you regularly use a Linux system as your daily driver.



  • Completely free and open source
  • Can import media with drag-and-drop
  • Can handle .webm for trendy content creators


  • Modular interface causes some confusion
  • Doesn’t have any thumbnail preview for transitions
  • Have to add new layers manually

Key features

  • Cross-platform video editing
  • Codec independent
  • FFMPEG-based video handling

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Shotcut has had a strange history for a video editor – it actually began as a Linux project before eventually moving to the more traditional Windows and Mac platforms.

A nice consequence of this is that it’s also open source: there’s no secret premium version out there with extra features.

You can get absolutely everything Shotcut has to offer with a single download.

Something new users might find difficult is adapting to the interface.

Shotcut works with a modular design, meaning you can add or remove parts of the UI as you like.

Shotcut is one of the best free video editing software for power-users who want flexibility over their workspace, but if you’re only interested in basic edits it’s easy to feel intimidated.

Movie Maker Online


  • No installation or set-up needed
  • No watermarks (unusual for free web apps)
  • No sign-up needed to use


  • Annoying advertising – will detect adblockers
  • Have to upload/download files
  • Only exports in MP4

Key features

  • Completely web-based
  • Vertical editing timelines
  • Royalty-free music and images provided

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (web-based)

What makes Movie Maker Online unique is that rather than downloading it to your computer, it runs in your web browser, just as easily as the page you’re reading right now.

You don’t even have to register an account to start working on your files – just upload them and get to work.

This makes it one of the best video editing software for working with video no matter where you are or how fast your computer is.

To work on a clip, you have to wait for it to upload and then to download again once it’s done.

As for actually using it, Movie Maker Online comes with all the standard features you’d expect.

You can crop, trim and reorder video clips easily – once you get used to its rather unconventional vertical layout, anyway.

The interface is very basic and doesn’t look particularly professional, but it’s still impressive that you can edit videos on a near-professional level in your browser for free.

An additional bonus is that it comes with built-in access to stock photos and royalty-free music, which are handy tools for when you need to quickly add some life to a project.

VSDC Video Editor


  • Drag-and-drop media imports
  • Supports DVD burning
  • 4K and HD support


  • No Mac or Linux support
  • Hardware acceleration not available in free version

Key features

  • Built-in upload to numerous social media sites (Instagram, YouTube)
  • Easily add charts and text for expressive slideshows
  • Captures video directly from webcams

Platforms: Windows

VSDC Video Editor is one of the best free video editing software with one of the nicer interfaces out there for newcomers to the editing software world.

It’s based on the ‘ribbon’ design that most people are already familiar with from products like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

This makes it easy to pick up and use, even if you’re not that familiar with video editing principles.

In terms of functionality, it hits all the major notes, like non-linear editing, transitions, blending and masking.

There’s even an interesting stabilisation tool – if you hate how shaky the clips you capture on your phone are, VSDC will be able to improve them significantly.

VSDC comes in both a free and a premium version, and while the calls to upgrade are mostly unobtrusive, there is one very annoying feature: in the free version, you can’t use hardware acceleration when you’re exporting videos.

This can significantly increase how long it takes to get your videos ready for upload.

Adobe Spark


  • No Adobe account required
  • Easy to pick up and use
  • Provides royalty-free images and music


  • Not many advanced editing features
  • Not all templates are free
  • Can only share directly with Facebook and Twitter

Key features

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile

Adobe Spark is a web-based video editor that brings together several of Adobe’s old projects under one roof.

Despite the branding, it’s not part of Adobe’s core line-up, so you don’t have to pay their monthly Creative Cloud subscription fee to use it.

Spark definitely cares more about a painless user experience than giving you lots of control over your editing.

The app is template-based, meaning you choose at the start whether you’re planning to upload your work to Facebook, Instagram or elsewhere.

This is a nice bit of convenience for the casual user, but unfortunately, not all templates are free – a sneaky way to get money out of people for a service that advertises itself as free.

The actual video-editing is fairly basic compared to other options on this list.

You’re limited mainly to zooming, trimming and re-ordering clips, making it more comparable to a slideshow editor.



  • Very focused on working with .gifs
  • Surprisingly amount of editing options


  • Can’t create .gif directly from YouTube links
  • Small filesize limits – only 6MB max per file

Key features

  • Online .gif editing
  • Converts videos into .gifs
  • Filesize shrinking and optimisation

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (web-based)

EZGIF is focused solely on working with .gifs – small videos that you can share in many more places than other file formats.

It lets you convert pre-existing videos into .gifs and apply a wide number of edits, like resizing it, reversing it or adding a vignette filter.

You can even ‘optimise’ your .gif to bring down the filesize, at the cost of quality.

That matters, because EZGIF has a 6MB limit on files – something you can easily blow past if you’re working with anything big enough to not look blocky or muddy.

EZGIF is the best free video editing software for working with GIFS.



  • Very powerful 3D tools for enhancing 2D videos
  • Open source – completely free, with no premium version
  • Lively community with lots of unofficial support


  • Massive depth that can be intimidating
  • Sometimes confusing menus and interface
  • Lots of features not related to video editing

Key features

  • 3D-focused video editing
  • Video masking
  • Colour grading
  • Audio mixing, synching and scrubbing

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Blender isn’t actually a video editor at all, technically – it’s designed for creating 3D renders and movies, like Pixar films.

Despite that, it’s still very usable for editing 2D clips and applying effects to them.

Adding some 3D effects might even be what your project needs to stand out.

Because it’s one of the oldest and most powerful tools in the 3D rendering software market, there’s a lot of features here to learn about and get used to.

It’s not the best choice for complete newbies, but if you’re already familiar with it for other work it makes a perfectly good video editor as well.

DaVinci Resolve


  • Premium version is a one-off fee
  • Up to 2000 audio tracks
  • Contextual editing tools take the frustration out of minor tasks


  • Quite steep learning curve
  • Overwhelming amount of features
  • Resource-intensive – you might need a strong computer

Key features

  • Detailed colour management options
  • Supports OpenFX plugins for extensibility
  • ‘Fusion’ page produces visual effects and motion graphics
  • Integrated digital audio workstation (DAW) for post-production

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

DaVinci Resolve started off life as a colour grading tool, and you still have an incredibly detailed amount of control over the HDR, contrast and saturation of your videos today, plus many more options.

It comes with fully-featured editors for video and audio, as well as collaboration features for when you want to share the work with someone else.

If you need to improve video colour, contrast and saturation, it is one of the best free video editing software.



  • ‘Simple’ and ‘Advanced’ views available for different skill-levels
  • Lots of customisable keyboard shortcuts
  • No watermarks or resolution export limitations


  • Very slow at times
  • Lots of frustrating bugs and crashes
  • Not lightweight – recommends 16GB of RAM

Key features

  • Keyframe animation system with bezier curve support
  • FFMPEG-based codec support
  • Supports more than 70 languages
  • Unlimited editing tracks and layers
  • Integrates with Blender for animated 3D titles and effects

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Openshot is a cross-platform editor with a long history that aims to be simple and easy to use.

It uses a very conventional approach of having layered tracks to represent your video and audio clips, but you can also bring up separate windows to quickly add titles, credits or other screens to your video.

Despite being around since 2008, it can get extremely slow when adding more than a few effects to your video at a time, and occasional crashes mean it’s possible to lose your work.



  • Almost the entire program lives on just one screen
  • Makes simple edits quick and painless
  • Hidden depths for tech-savvy scripters


  • Barebones interface – most features hiding in menus
  • No standard timeline
  • Not powerful enough for large projects

Key features

  • Very advanced import/export encoding options
  • ‘Joblist’ for bulk processing projects automatically
  • Custom scripting support for even faster batch-processing

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Avidemux is different from most video-editors: it doesn’t have a timeline where you can arrange clips.

For that reason, it’s best for making small edits, like trimming videos down or changing how it’s encoded.

Rather than including stylish transitions or video filters, it focuses more on the technical side of deciding what format and quality you want your video as.

This makes it one of the best free video editing software for power-users who need total control over their projects.



  • Friendly and helpful support staff
  • Multiple aspect ratios tuned for social media


  • Very limited audio options
  • Text-to-speech engine isn’t very powerful

Key features

  • Converts blogposts to videos
  • Template-based creation process (1500+ available)
  • Text-to-speech for converting text posts to audio
  • Royalty-free photo and video libraries

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (web-based)

InVideo is a web-based video creator that lets you create simple, snappy clips for social media from pre-made templates or text.

If you have a blogpost, script or report that you want to display with more energy than a normal slideshow, InVideo is a good choice.

There are some flaws.

While most of the video is highly customisable, you can’t add sound effects to specific moments – just one music track for the entire piece.

Since their text-to-speech solution isn’t particularly advanced either, it’s not a very accessible option for blind or short-sighted viewers.

Still, if you need something quick and simple for social media, InVideo is one of the best free video editing software.



  • Syncs with iPhone and iPad versions for mobile editing
  • High focus on simplicity – no tutorials or manual needed
  • Lots of built-in templates and effects


  • Only two video tracks
  • Lackluster clip organisation tools
  • Only on Apple devices

Key features

  • Integrates with other Apple devices and platforms
  • File management system to keep clips in tune with your project
  • Autosave – no more losing work due to a power outage

Platforms: Mac

Apple computers have always had better built-in video editing software than Windows, and the latest version of iMovie is living proof of that.

In standard Apple style, the interface – while not very customisable – is intelligently designed and never overloads you with information.

It’s a very slick and stylish way to edit videos.

There are areas where it goes too far in the name of simplicity, like only letting you work with two video tracks at a time.

Even amateur projects can need many more than that. There also aren’t many options for categorising your clips, like ratings or geographical location.

If you’ve just got back from a shoot and want to sort through your clips, you’ll need another program.

Machete Video Editor Lite


  • Up to four audio streams for any video
  • No extra codecs need to be installed


  • Limited audio editing functionality on the free version
  • No transitions, filters or other standard features

Key features

  • All editing is lossless – no re-encoding or quality loss
  • Quickly remux a video to strip it off metadata, subtitles – get the ‘pure’ A/V

Platforms: Windows

Machete Lite is a very simple, barebones video editing software.

Many features of the paid version have been cut out, like several export file formats or being able to edit audio tracks at all.

Despite that, it’s a clean and simple tool that almost anyone can use with ease.

Beyond the basics, like cropping or trimming videos, you can also edit a file’s metadata or save individual frames as images.

If you want something easy to use, Machete Lite is one of the best free video editing software.



  • Can export directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr and other sites
  • Features for video stabilisation, image sharpening and more
  • Users can add voice-overs directly in the app


  • Very limited templates library
  • Free version comes with limitations

Key features

  • Can pull video directly from camcorders and cameras
  • 2D-to-3D stereoscopic conversions
  • 3D and 360-degree video editing

Platforms: Windows, Mac

VideoPad comes in both free and paid versions; the main limitations in the free version is that you can only use two audio tracks at once and can’t use any third-party plugins to extend the program’s functionality.

All in all, it’s a good video-editor with a fairly standard, yet clean, interface.

Despite some strange decisions, like a somewhat half-baked templates library, this is a good choice for someone who’s used a video-editor before but just wants a little bit more power.

Freemake Video Converter


  • Converts between over 500 different formats
  • Intelligently converts subtitles when transcoding video


  • Strange three-day delay on some features
  • Adds Freemake logo to videos without paying

Key features

  • Embed your videos directly into websites
  • Rips from and burns to DVDs and blu-ray discs
  • Uploads directly to YouTube and other sites

Platforms: Windows

Freemake Video Converter is less of an editor than a video converter and downloader, but it does allow you some basic features like cropping and trimming clips.

It’s most useful as a way to convert videos from one format to another so that you can upload them to websites like YouTube.

One unusual and somewhat frustrating aspect of Freemake is that several features, like converting YouTube videos, are locked when you first download it.

You have to wait three days to receive a free Web Pack that will unlock more of the program’s functionality.

Best Free Video Editing Software For Mobile

best free video editing software for mobile



  • Handles up to 200 clips and images at once
  • 80+ free songs included, and you can import your own
  • Preset aspect ratios and orientations for social media
  • Clips can be customised with your own themes, fonts and filters


  • Only twenty or so themes
  • Very little control over the finer details of your video
  • Maximum video length of 60 seconds

Key features

  • No-effort slideshow creation from your photos
  • Entirely automated video-making
  • ‘Flashbacks’ feature creates slideshows of your past 24 hours

Platforms: iOS, Android

Quik is an almost entirely automated video editing app.

You can simply give it your photos and it’ll create a video with transitions, effects and music with almost no further work needed.

Quik is the best free video editing software if you want to make simple slideshows from lots of pictures very quickly and don’t know much about video editing.

Adobe Premier Rush


  • Comes with a detailed tutorial for first-time users
  • Can convert directly from files on DVDs or other media


  • No intuitive way to see where your projects are on the local storage
  • Timeline only usable in portrait mode
  • Only four transitions – none, cross dissolve, dip to black and dip to white

Key features

  • Integrates with the rest of Adobe’s Creative Cloud ecosystem
  • Able to record video voice-over right in the app
  • Publishes directly to YouTube, TikTok and Facebook

Platforms: Windows

Rush is Adobe’s entry into the app-based video-editor world.

It’s aimed at YouTubers and other content creators who need quick editing features on the fly, but don’t want to get slowed down with complicated technical details.

It does require a Creative Cloud account, which lets you sync files between devices but means tying your work to Adobe.



  • Basically no UI – as easy to use as your default camera app
  • No thought required – it does one thing and does it well
  • Great for outdoors shooting


  • Free version can only record 15 second clips
  • Free version clips all have watermarks and advertising splash screens
  • Android version slightly lags behind the iOS port

Key features

  • Can replace default video-recording on your smartphone
  • Prevents you from ever recording in portrait mode

Platforms: iOS, Android

Horizon has one main goal – to stop you from ever accidentally recording in portrait orientation.

Vertical videos are ugly and distracting, so Horizon uses your phone’s gyroscope to rotate and crop your video into a horizontal aspect ratio, no matter how you hold your phone.



  • Over 12 million (!) video clips and templates
  • Very active and helpful support team
  • Comes with online documentation and training webinars


  • Somewhat small library of available music
  • Occasional freezes when used online
  • Can’t have two text boxes in frame at once

Key features

  • Video creation for B2B marketers and B2C advertisers
  • Natively publishes to multiple social media sites

Platforms: iOS, Android (web-based)

Promo.com is an online video-creator site targeted at marketers and advertisers.

It is one of the best free video editing software for video clips and templates.

Rather than personal projects, it’s best used for creating short social media clips that drive viewers to your site or to buy your products.

The app and web interface are both easy to use without any video editing experience, helped by their very wide library of premade templates.



  • Ten selectable themes for quick editing
  • Adds automatic themes, music and effects for automatic video-editing
  • Can edit non-GoPro clips


  • Doesn’t have the depth to fully edit a movie
  • Paid subscription needed for unlimited cloud storage

Key features

  • Links with GoPro cameras for file transfer and management
  • Transfers GoPro camera footage wirelessly to your phone
  • ‘Horizon Levelling’ corrects visuals to keep footage from bikes or drones level

Platforms: iOS, Android

GoPro acquired the Replay Video Editor app in 2016 and rebranded it as their official product.

It integrates with their paid subscription service, which lets you store an unlimited amount of footage on their cloud servers.

In terms of features, it’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to manage your GoPro camera, edit your recordings and get them ready for uploading.

You can even use it with non-GoPro clips to make your own unique content.

If you have a GoPro, this is one of the best free video editing software you can use.

Best Free Video Editing Software Apps For Instagram

Instagram video editing apps



  • Large selection of free music
  • Very easy to use – upload your photos and it does the rest
  • Works on both desktop computers and phone apps


  • Need to create an account to start
  • Sometimes crashes while accessing camera roll
  • Constant nagging to upgrade

Key features

  • AI-driven video creation
  • Shares natively with Instagram and other popular social media sites

Platforms: iOS, Android, online

Magisto is one of the best free video editing software apps for social videos.

Magisto is an AI-driven video app from the company that runs Vimeo, an online video-sharing site.

It’s focused on presenting a simple interface to non-techy users, and will create a full video after you select just the music and visual template.

Its artificial intelligence is great at choosing the best transitions and effects that make your clips pop.



  • Shares videos to Instagram and Facebook right from the app
  • No account or sign-up needed
  • Only 11MB download – can get started in seconds


  • Persistent bug where videos won’t save properly
  • Only records 2 seconds at a time
  • Can’t change how long it records for

Key features

  • Create short, looping videos similar to animated .gifs
  • A one-button app that does everything for you
  • Developed officially by Instagram

Platforms: iOS, Android

Boomerang is a quirky app designed for Instagram and other video-based social media sites.

Rather than letting you record video directly, you press a button and it quickly snaps ten photos and stitches them into a looping video for you.

Boomerang is one of the best free video editing software apps for creating short, funny recordings of yourself or your friends.



  • Very simple interface – basically just your camera’s viewfinder
  • No account needed to use
  • Tiny download size


  • Limited editing features – you’re best off sending videos to the main Instagram app
  • No social features – you have to share videos manually
  • Feels like it should be part of the main Instagram app
  • Doesn’t work on pre-existing video clips

Key features

  • Makes timelapses of videos from 1x to 12x speed
  • Developed officially by Instagram
  • Built-in image stabilisation for smooth, professional videos

Platforms: iOS

Hyperlapse is an official Instagram app that creates timelapses from clips of moving objects.

It’s about as minimal as you can get, with almost no user interface to speak of.

Simply find something moving, hit the main button and you’re rewarded instantly with a silky-smooth timelapse.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t record audio and has very few video-editing features beyond letting you tap your screen to adjust the video’s lighting.

Still, it’s one of the best free video editing software for timelapses.



  • Videos can be up to 10 minutes long
  • Nearly 40 collage templates to work with


  • Several features locked behind optional monthly fee
  • Some features not available on older iPhone versions

Key features

  • Mixes video-editing into photo collages
  • Shares content natively with Instagram and other social media sites
  • Portrait and landscape collages supported

Platforms: iOS, Android

PicPlayPost is at its core a photo-framing app that lets you place, rotate and scale photos to create interesting collages that look appealing on social media.

But what makes it stand out is its ability to bring videos in, letting you create collages of multiple videos for truly impressive visuals.

You can include up to 6 videos in nearly forty different layouts – more than enough to create something unique every time.

PicPlayPost is one of the best free video editing software for collage templates.

Apple Clips


  • Very powerful real-time captioning
  • No hidden features – everything’s on the main screen
  • Very small download size (only 50MB)


  • You can only make square videos – no resolution options
  • No social sharing options from within the app itself
  • Very limited audio editing

Key features

  • A fully-featured mobile video editor
  • Voice-transcribing and auto-captioning
  • Uploads to Instagram, YouTube and Facebook
  • Can use pre-recorded videos

Platforms: iOS

Clips is Apple’s version of a mobile video editor, and it’s a pretty good effort.

For a free app it has surprisingly deep editing options, though there’s no way to pick a different aspect ratio.

There’s also a strong focus on creating automatic captions for your videos, which makes it a great go-to tool for content that’s meant for sites with auto-muted videos like Twitter or Facebook.

Clips is one of the best free video editing software for Apple users that want a basic, easy editor.



  • Store lets you buy premium features one at a time
  • Very in-depth editing options for a mobile app
  • Picture-in-picture option lets you lay one video over another at any size you like


  • Free version videos have a large watermark
  • Only lets you work with a single layer of video
  • Not many transitions or effects

Key features

  • Ready-made video templates for quick clips
  • Blank canvases and in-depth editing tools for more serious projects
  • Shares to the most popular social media sites, including Instagram

Platforms: iOS, Android

FilmoraGo is one of the best free video editing software for mobile.

FilmoraGo is essentially split into two halves – templates and projects. The former are ready-made projects with images, titles and soundtracks already set up for you to put your clips into.

More interesting is the projects section, where you can trim down videos, adjust their speed, create freeze frames or any number of other effects.


Is free video editing software good enough?

Free video editing software is more than good enough for most tasks.

Unless you’re a professional editor or working on Hollywood-grade video, you won’t need the extra features of paid software.

The best free video editing software tools have identical functionality in almost all the cases regular users care about.

How do I choose video editing software?

You should choose a video editor based on how complex the work you’re doing is.

If you only need to make a few simple edits, like cropping a video or adding a sepia filter, you’re best off using one of the best free video editing software tools in this article.

But if you need to do more serious work, try the free editions of desktop programs with premium versions.

These usually have the most advanced features and will make the best use of your computer’s resources.

What video editing software features should I look out for?

One of the most important features you should check for in a video editor is whether or not it’s a ‘non-linear’ editor.

This means it won’t affect any of your files or video clips while you’re editing, meaning you won’t need to worry about accidentally overwriting your old work or losing important files.

What is the easiest free video editing software?

The easiest free video-editing tool is probably Adobe Spark.

It’s a web-based editor centered around producing clips for social media sites.

It only comes with the most important features, like cropping videos or adding filter effects, which makes it very easy to pick up and use.

What do most YouTubers use to edit their videos?

Some of the most common video editors that YouTubers use include iMovie, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.

They use these tools for their power, flexibility and how easy they make it to add interesting effects, or other video elements like title cards and credits.

Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro aren’t free, sadly, but Lightworks is a good substitute, and is viewed as being one of the best free video editing software.

What is the easiest video editing software?

The easiest video editing software overall is likely Avidemux.

It has relatively few editing features, which lets newcomers focus on the most important actions, like cropping or trimming videos.

Instead, its many encoding options mean you can export your video to any format you like.

This avoids the frustrating situation where the video that the editor exports doesn’t work on your computer or the website you want to upload it to.

Compare prices of video editing software here.

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