10 Best SEO Tools

10 Best SEO Tools

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The best SEO tools can help massively to improve your organic rankings on Google, which will help you increase your sales.

They help you to research which keywords to target, and also track and target the optimal keywords for your content.

SEO tools can also be used to identify any technical issues that may be affecting your SEO rankings.

SEO can be one of the most powerful marketing tools for your business if utilized in the right way. 

New to using SEO tools? Don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted!

Keep on reading to learn about the importance of SEO and how it can help to grow your business.

We’ve also put together a top 10 Best SEO Tools list so you can find the right one for you and your business. 

What is SEO?

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation 

SEO is the process of optimising your website to increase organic traffic, by improving where your website ranks in Google searches. 

The basics of SEO involve producing content optimised to rank as high as possible in organic search results on Google, or SERPS (Search Engine Results Page). 

best seo tools
Example of SEMrush – one of the best seo tools

Why is SEO Important? 

While you may be able to funnel traffic to your website through paid ads, SEO is an option that can be even more effective, if done correctly.

While paid ads will generate traffic while you are funding them, a well maintained and optimised site will create a gradual growth in traffic that is easier to sustain than other methods of driving traffic.

An effective SEO strategy can drive long term results and convert people who are genuinely interested in your websites offerings.

As you work on your SEO, your website’s rankings will improve over time, giving you greater search engine visibility and higher traffic. 

The best SEO tools will also help you improve your website design.

Now you know a bit about SEO and how it can help your business, carry on reading to find the best SEO tools for you! 


Visit SEMrush and get started today!

SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools on the market. It is an all round SEO workspace, with big focus on keywords and on-page SEO.

Its ‘Keyword Magic’ tool allows you to type in the keyword you want to rank for, and in which country.

The keyword finder will then give you a huge list of suggested keywords for your site, along with their search volume, yearly trends and how difficult it is to rank for it.

It’ll also show you popular questions related to your keyword, known as long tail keywords, which tend to be easier to rank for.

For example, if you type in ‘SEO tools’ it might suggest you use a question such as ‘What are the best SEO tools?’ instead.

Because they’re so prominent, featured snippets can gain you a lot of traffic, so it’s worth looking for opportunities within SEMrush.

There’s a free version of SEMrush, but it’s quite limited.

The paid version starts from $99 per month, and offers a complete SEO analysis and research tool.


Visit Ahrefs and get started today!

Ahrefs is another well-known SEO tool with an extensive keyword research feature.

This feature is one of the biggest keyword databases on the market, and can be very useful in finding good keywords that you could realistically rank for.

With Ahrefs, you can also run a ‘content gap’ analysis, which shows you keywords that you don’t rank for and your competitors do, or vice versa.

Understanding what your competitors rank for is valuable for creating an SEO strategy, so you’ll know the best keywords to optimise your content for.

Whether you want to compete for the same search results as your competitors or exploit some niche terms, Ahrefs helps you make an informed decision.

There’s no free version of Ahrefs, but you can get a 7-day trial for $7.

After that, prices start from $99 a month.

As one of the best SEO tools currently on the market, it’s worth the price. 


Visit KWfinder and get started today.

If you’re relatively new to SEO, KWFinder (also known as Mangools) could be one of the best SEO tools for you.

Being similar to SEMrush and Ahrefs, but KWFinder has simpler features and an easy-to-understand dashboard which is colour-coded.

This makes it more straightforward to use for someone who cannot dedicate their time fully to SEO.

One of the main benefits of KWFinder is that it’s competitively priced compared to other tools out there, with packages starting from $29.90 per month.

A 10-day free trial is available, so it’s worth trying out if you’re looking for a cheaper tool.

It may be one of the best SEO tools for you if you’re looking for a cheaper tool to aid you in your SEO strategy.

Google Keyword Planner

Visit Google Keyword Planner and get started today 

Google Keyword Planner is Google’s free and simple keyword tool.

It is a quick and easy way to search for keywords that are beneficial to target with your SEO strategy.

It allows you to enter up to 10 keywords (single keywords and longer phrases) and gives you the average search volume per month, along with how competitive the terms are to rank for.

If you’re looking to apply keywords to your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign as well as your organic content, you can also see the lowest and highest PPC bids to help you understand whether you want to target those keywords in paid ads as well.

Otherwise, the tool will simply show you whether the search volume is ‘low’, ‘medium’ or ‘high’.

If you want a SEO tool just for keyword research.

Google Keyword Planner is the simplest of the best free SEO tools available.

Long Tail Pro 

Visit Long Tail Pro and get started today!

Long Tail Pro is a SEO tool which specifically focuses on long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are search queries that are very specific to what the user is looking for, so they’re often not very competitive terms to rank for.

For example, if someone’s looking for digital marketing agencies in their area, a long-tail search might look like: ‘Best SEO agencies near me’ instead of a generic search term like: ‘SEO agency’.

They also convert well because your searcher has already typed in everything they’re looking for, so they know your content is relevant for them and the user intent to convert is already there.

Long Tail Pro also has competitive analysis features and a rank tracker, so when you start to target these keywords, you can measure how well they’re working for you.

Long Tail Pro is a paid tool, starting from around $25 a month for the starter package. You can also get a 7-day free trial.

This SEO tool may be best for you if you are going to struggle ranking for competitive keywords. As the tool will give you insights into specifically long tail keywords which are less competitive.

Moz Pro

Visit Moz Pro and get started today!

Moz Pro is another great SEO tool with a comprehensive keyword research feature.

Similarly to SEMrush and Ahrefs, Moz Pro has a keyword explorer with a large database that shows you search volume, keyword difficulty and more.

It also gives you a ‘priority score’ per keyword, which automatically prioritises the keywords you should target based on the other metrics available in the platform.

This can help those who are new to SEO know which terms to prioritise targeting.

Moz Pro also features the convenient ‘MozBar’, which you can install on your internet browser.

This tool gives you quick metrics and easy access to tools such as a ‘keyword highlighter’, so you can pull out useful keywords on the page without having to navigate to the platform itself.

You can get 10 free searches a month with Moz Pro, or the paid version starts from $99 a month.

This is a nice alternative and is up there with the best SEO tools out currently.


Visit SEOPressor and get started today!

SEOPressor is an all-round SEO tool for WordPress sites only.

Its main emphasis is on optimising your WordPress site for three main keywords (the main things you want to rank for), as this helps you become a topic expert, which can mean you rank better in search results for those specific keywords.

The tool will give you simple, actionable suggestions to improve your on-page SEO including readability, keyword suggestions and it helps you avoid common SEO mistakes such as ‘keyword stuffing’, where you may have overloaded your content with keywords to try and increase rankings.

SEOPressor costs $9 a month, so it’s one of the cheaper tools on the market. But remember, it’s only compatible with WordPress.

This SEO tool may be best suited to small businesses that want a cheap alternative to the main SEO tools on the market and importantly have a wordpress website.

SEO PowerSuite

Visit SEO PowerSuite and get started today!

Unlike other SEO tools, SEO PowerSuite is a downloadable SEO software rather than an online platform.

As another all-round SEO tool, SEO Powersuite can help you with technical SEO, site audits and link building, as well as keyword research.

This tool also has advanced local research features, which are ideal if you’re a location-based business who needs to rank in local searches such as ‘SEO services in London’.

It also has a ‘content optimiser’ tool, which reviews your content and gives you top tips based on your competitors’ websites.

You can download the tool for free, but to use its features, prices start from £259 a year. This SEO tool may be best for those who know a bit about SEO and want to improve their websites technical SEO.


Visit AccuRanker and get started with this tool today!

AccuRanker is a SEOtool with keyword research features and tools for auditing sites for their organic potential.

This helps you pick out specific issues with the content or build of the website that might be hindering your rankings.

This tool also has some interesting metrics to help you measure your current rankings.

For example, it combines click-through rate and monthly search volume of keywords you rank for to give you a ‘share of voice’ score.

This can help you determine how you line up against similar sites, and gives you the ability to track your overall keyword performance.

With these insights, you’ll have a much clearer picture of which keywords to focus on.

AccuRanker also connects to Google AnalyticsGoogle Search Console and Google Data Studio, so you can report on your keyword research and your search performance.

You can get a 14-day free trial of AccuRanker and, after that, prices start from around $100 per month.

This SEO tool is great for businesses who want to comprehensively track their SEO campaigns and continually improve upon it.


Visit Ubersuggest and get started today!

Ubersuggest is similar to the other SEO tools discussed in this guide as it concentrates on keywords.

There are also a lot of features in Ubersuggest that are free, so it’s great for those who aren’t looking to invest in a paid tool

Ubersuggest can also give you ideas for content you might want to write about based on keywords you’re likely to have success with.

You can type in a keyword and receive a list of relevant content ideas you might use, based on other popular content that ranks well and that people are engaging with.

You can use lots of Ubersuggest features for free, but the paid version of the tool starts from £29 per month.

It’s one of the best SEO tools to introduce businesses into the world of SEO, and teach you the basics.

Most of it can be used for free!

FAQs: Best SEO Tools

What are SEO tools?

SEO tools are programs or apps that help websites increase their rank in search engine results.

There are many things that they can do, such as auditing your backlinks to track how well-connected your site is to other places online, as well as testing how optimised your site is for SEO traffic, known as on-page optimisation.

Some of the best SEO tools are also available as WordPress plugins.

Compare all SEO tools here, or compare WordPress plugins.

Which are the best SEO tools for a beginner?

The best SEO tools for beginners are free and easy to use, such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console.

Google Analytics is a great choice for beginners because it’s a set of free tools you can use to measure website traffic, how long people spend on your website’s pages and track specific conversions, like signing up for an email list or downloading a particular file.

Similarly, beginners should also check out Google Search Console.

Rather than providing analytics that tell you how many people are using your site, GSC is focused on checking how well-suited your site is for SEO.

It helps you optimise your site’s content and see how it’ll be interpreted by Google itself, as well as other search engines.

Are SEO tools worth it?

The best SEO tools on this list are absolutely worth using.

They make the process of optimising your website much quicker and easier, and they can automate many tasks that would be difficult or even impossible otherwise, such as checking the health and validity of your site’s backlinks.

How much is SEO per month?

Assuming you’re working with a dedicated marketing agency, you’ll generally be paying around £1,500 a month and above for proper, industry-grade work.

As your business grows, naturally, that price will also rise as you expand into more media channels.

High-end SEO for large companies can reach into the realm of £7000 for each project.

Although that price tag might seem steep, it’s worth remembering that SEO often has one of the best returns on investment for any marketing strategy.

It’s absolutely essential for getting your name out there, and for that reason it’s a bad idea to cheap out on it.

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