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Looking for business broadband? This review will help you compare BT Business Broadband and find the best deals.

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For small businesses looking for a reliable, high-speed internet connection, BT Business Broadband could be a great option. In this review, we break down the different price plans that BT offers, what you can expect from their broadband, and how they compare to other providers.

In this review…

BT Business Broadband Review

BT Business Broadband offers a range of packages for both standard and fibre-optic broadband. They have some of the fastest speeds available via their Full Fibre lines. For example, the Halo for Business full Fibre 900 package offers amazing download and upload speeds of 900 Mbps / 104 Mbps.

Therefore, if you need ultra-fast connections for multiple users in an online-orientated business, BT could be a great choice. They also provide Essentials packages that offer a basic set of features that could be suitable for small businesses just establishing their offices.

This business broadband provider also has some useful features such as their 4G EE backup, BT Business Smart Hub 2, and fixed price plans. The 4G EE backup makes sure you have a continual internet connection, while the Smart Hub 2 makes sure that you have an excellent WiFi connection for your employees.

About BT Business Broadband

BT (British Telecom) is one of the most recognizable telecommunications companies in the UK. It has been a household name for decades and is one of the largest broadband providers in the UK. The BT Group also offers subscription television and IT services. In recent years, they have also moved into sport with their successful BT sport channels.

BT Business Broadband benefits from the excellent BT infrastructure that has been developed in the UK for years. You can easily spot BT telecoms cabinets on many streets throughout the UK. They are also one of the first telecommunications companies to implement a nationwide fibre broadband network.

Plans, Prices & Features

BT Business Broadband is split into two main plan types – essential and halo. The essential set of packages is the basic price plan and is typically cheaper than the upgraded Halo plans.

The plans are relatively complicated and you have to first factor in the choice between Essential or Halo, and then the speed and type of broadband connection you require. This is because BT Business Broadband offers a range of standard and fibre connections and speeds. We have listed the different price plans below: 

See all BT Business Broadband deals.

  • Essential: Superfast Essential + Digital Phone Line – £25.95 per month
  • Essential: Full Fibre 300 Essential + Digital Phone Line – £34.95 per month
  • Essential: Full Fibre 900 Essential + Digital Phone Line – £47.50 per month
  • Halo: Full Fibre 150 + Digital Phone Line – £34.95 per month
  • Halo: Superfast + Digital Phone Line – £34.95 per month
  • Halo: Ultrafast 2 + Value Line – £44.95 per month
  • Halo: Full Fibre 500 + Digital Phone Line – £49.95 per month
  • Halo: Full Fibre 900 + Digital Phone Line – £54.95 per month

We have provided more information about the different price plans below.

Essential Plan Features

The Essential range of plans offers a more basic broadband service. Included in this package you get the BT Business Smart Hub 2, free guest WiFi, unlimited broadband data, and a digital phone line. If you just need a high-speed internet connection without a host of extra features, the Essential plans could be a good choice.

In terms of speed, the Essential plans range from a simple 76 Mbps connection, up to the fastest Fibre 900 connection which boasts a fantastic 900 Mbps.

Halo Plan Features

The Halo series of plans generally have a wider range of features and more benefits for businesses. These could be suitable for small businesses that are more reliant on their internet connection and need the best reliability and service.

Halo plans include the BT Business Smart Hub 2, 1 free static IP address, improved 24/7 customer support, and complete WiFi for your business. This is a great feature – you can add a number of WiFi signal boosters to your premises to make sure that you have a fast WiFi connection in each room.

The Halo plans also provide a hybrid connect feature. In the event that your broadband connection is unavailable, the router will automatically switch to the backup EE 4G network so you still have coverage.

In terms of download/upload speeds, the Halo packages range from 75 Mbps up to 900 Mbps, and 19 Mbps to 104 Mbps for upload speeds.

BT Business Smart Hub 2

One of the main aspects of both the Essential and Halo plans is the BT Business Smart Hub 2. This is an upgraded broadband hub that is meant for business use. It features an improved connection and should provide excellent WiFi coverage throughout your business’s premises.

It is relatively easy to set up and also has some extra features to help maintain your business WiFi. For example, it has an advanced series of filters that help reduce negative interference that could impact your WiFi connection.

BT Business Broadband Pros & Cons

So you can easily see if BT Business is right for you, we have listed the main pros and cons below:


  • The BT Business Smart Hub 2 is high-quality.
  • Fixed price guarantee for Essential and Halo packages.
  • EE 4G backup for Halo packages.
  • Excellent fibre-optic broadband speeds
  • Great WiFi coverage



Firstly, the BT Business Smart Hub 2 is an excellent device. For those who do not have great technical knowledge, the Hub is easy to install and set up. Also, Halo packages can benefit from an on-site visit to set up your broadband.

The fixed price guarantee is also a reassuring feature for new businesses. This means that you cannot get hit with random price fluctuations due to changing economic climates, for example. 

If your business is heavily reliant on its internet connection, the EE 4G backup for halo plans is also a huge plus. This means that you will always have some type of internet connection available, even if BT broadband services are unavailable.

Obviously, a 4G connection is nowhere near as fast as fibre broadband. However, in an emergency, and as a backup for a short while, until BT services are restored, this should be more than adequate.

Lastly, the broadband service and speeds themselves are great. Even if you only opt for the basic essentials package, you still get a decent download speed of 75 Mbps. This should be more than enough for a variety of business activities, and multiple users concurrently.

We also like the WiFi coverage – you should easily be able to get WiFi coverage for your entire premises without any black spots.


Although BT Business Broadband does offer a great service, it is not without its drawbacks. One of the main issues for small businesses is the minimum 24-month contract. Two years is quite a long time to be tied into a broadband package – especially for new businesses that are just getting established.

Also, BT Business Broadband is not one of the cheapest providers available. Some providers like Sky do have cheaper options available for basic business broadband packages.

Is BT Business Broadband Right for my Business?

We hope you have found the information in this BT Business Broadband review useful. But is this broadband provider right for your business? This depends on your type of business and what you require from broadband service.

For small businesses who need a stable internet connection, the basic BT essentials plan could be a good choice. This is a little more expensive than some other providers, but the download speeds are great at 76 Mbps, and the other features like the BT Business Smart Hub 2 are great. However, some may be put off by the minimum 24-month contract.

BT Business Broadband really excels for small to medium-sized businesses that rely heavily on online activity. The Halo packages, in particular, are great options for this type of business. This is because you can firstly benefit from superb fibre-optic speeds of up to 900 Mbps depending on the package you choose.

Also, the 4G EE backup and WiFi boosting capabilities will also help you get great WiFi coverage throughout your business premises. 

Compare BT Business Broadband

So how does BT Business Broadband compare to other providers? Overall, BT is on par with most other providers but it does excel in some areas.

  • BT offers faster speeds than Sky and Vodafone with up to 900 Mbps connection.
  • BT also includes a 4G backup at no extra cost in its Halo packages, whereas some providers have this as an additional paid extra.
  • The Essentials basics package is on part in terms of cost with Sky and Virgin, but more expensive than Vodafone’s basic package.
  • It only offers 24-month minimum contracts like Sky and Vodafone.

Check out all the latest BT Business broadband deals here.

Compare Business Broadband

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