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best web hosting for small business uk
Here's the best web hosting for small business UK.

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Business hosting (web hosting) is an important part of running your website or online store. If you intend to create a new website and want it to perform well, you’ll need to choose the best web hosting for small business UK.

In this guide to business hosting, we’ll help you choose the right service for your new site. Compare business hosting using our free comparison tool to find the best prices.

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What is business hosting?

Business hosting for small business involves a dedicated web server and storage location on which you upload your website pages and files. When customers type in a web address like Digitalsupermarket.com – they are directed to that server location and access your website.

Important aspects of a web hosting package are storage space, uptime, bandwidth, and security.

Storage is important as this dictates how many files, images, and media you can upload to the server. Uptime represents how often your website is accessible – ideally this should be 100%!

Bandwidth is important for connectivity, page loading times, and user experience. Finally, security is vital to give customers a secure browsing experience on your site.

In this guide, we compare 5 of the best web hosting for small business UK so you can start an online business, create a new business website, or a blog

The Different Types of Business Hosting Explained

First, let’s look at the types of web hosting. There are four main options – shared, cloud, VPS, and dedicated. Shared hosting is usually the cheapest but also offers the least in terms of features.

Shared hosting

You are essentially buying an allocated slot on a server and are sharing storage and resources with other websites. This is a cheap, simple hosting choice that is popular with new blogs and websites.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting

Similar to shared hosting. You are still buying a slot on a server and sharing with others. However, you are buying a virtual server. This means you are allocated dedicated resources and are not competing against the other websites.

We highly recommend Digital Ocean as one of the best web hosting for small business UK, if you’re looking for a VPS server.

Cloud hosting

Uses distributed cloud servers to provide hosting.

This means that your files could be distributed over a network of servers that provide redundancy and can cope with traffic surges. You can also pay for private cloud hosting services, which is a bit more specialised.

Finally, dedicated business hosting offers the most stability and best performance, however dedicated servers are also more expensive. Essentially you buy a complete web server – this means that you are not sharing any resources and you can configure the server as you wish.

1. Cloudways – Best Business Hosting

cloudways hosting


  • Simple site migration process
  • Has a free trial before making a purchase
  • Great bandwidth speeds


  • No telephone customer support option

View Cloudways Hosting Plans or Compare Web Hosting

Price: Cloud hosting from $10.00 per month


  • Dedicated firewall and two-factor authentication
  • Auto-healing to resolve site issues
  • Excellent WordPress support
  • Automatic backups

Cloudways is a cloud hosting provider that works with a number of cloud services including VULTR, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services. Their prices are reasonable, and their services are excellent if you envision expanding your business over time.

The plans vary depending on which cloud provider you choose, however they all have 24/7 customer support, a free SSL, and free migration services for those who have an existing website.

We also like the auto-healing feature. This means that any website issues are automatically detected and resolved which improves usability and uptime. You can also set up your website on WordPress, or a range of other development platforms.

They also provide fantastic website security which includes a dedicated firewall, and advanced two-factor authentication for business hosting administrators.

In our opinion, the best business hosting for small business UK is Cloudways.

Visit Cloudways to see hosting pricing plans.

2. Liquid Web – Best Business Hosting For Uptime

liquid web hosting


  • Excellent array of different hosting solutions
  • Fantastic uptime
  • Automatic site backups


  • More expensive than other options

Visit Liquid Web to see pricing plans.

Price: VPS hosting from $15 per month


Liquid Web is one of the best web hosting for small business UK if you’re looking to grow your business on a budget. Their cheapest plan starts at $15 per month, however, you get an excellent array of features and some of the best customer support available.

Their services are also versatile as they have shared, dedicated, VPS, and cloud hosting packages. In terms of uptime, you are guaranteed 100%.

When paired with their fantastic site speeds and bandwidth, these hosting packages are ideal for those who want to build a thriving online storage with a large customer base.

Also, the security is top notch and you get a daily backup allowance of up to 100GB! This is paired with multi-level DDoS protection, and proactive security monitoring. If you are looking for a dedicated business hosting plan so you can customize your web hosting, Liquid Web is one of the best choices.

They may be more expensive than others, but the quality and reliability is hard to beat. Read our full Liquid Web review.

3. eUKHost – Best Business Hosting For WordPress

business hosting


  • Optimized hosting for WordPress websites
  • Unmetered data transfer
  • Includes a free domain and 25 mailboxes
  • 24/7 phone & live customer support


  • Basic packages may lack storage capacity at 5GB

Visit eUKHost to see web hosting plans.

Price: WordPress hosting from $3.33 per month


  • Host up to 5 WordPress websites
  • Free domain name included for 1 year
  • Free WordPress migration for existing sites
  • Daily backups

eUKHost is an excellent option for those who intend to create or migrate a WordPress website. It actually has hosting options for WordPress, Windows, and cPanel. Also, it has dedicated business hosting for those who intend to grow their platform.

The basic WordPress package starts at just $3.33 per month and has a great set off features. However, you must bear in mind that this starter pack only provides 5GB of storage – this may not be enough for extensive websites or eCommerce websites.

Therefore, the standard package at $8.33 per month may be a better option with 20GB of storage. In their WordPress shared hosting, you get unmetered data transfer, a free domain name, and 25 mailboxes.

Also, the hosting server and environment themselves are optimised for WordPress websites which results in faster performance and uptime. There is also a handy WordPress toolkit that allows you to easily manage the platform and install updates.

4. Namecheap – Best For Multiple Websites

namecheap hosting


  • Decent migration services
  • Includes access to a free website builder
  • Also includes a domain name
  • Great security and SSL installation


  • Not as many features as some other services

Visit Namecheap to see web hosting plans

Price: Shared hosting from $3.48 per month


  • Automatic site backup and storage
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • WordPress and cPanel integration
  • Personalised email service

Namecheap offers many services including security, email, domain names, and web hosting. They have a range of hosting options included shared, VPS, and dedicated – all are reasonably priced.

The shared hosting offers the cheapest prices starting from $3.48 per month – there is a stellar package at $0.84 per month, however we do not feel this is suitable for small businesses – just personal use.

For that price, you get 50GB of SSD storage, and an unlimited number of websites. This is ideal if you have a range of ventures in mind and envision creating a selection of sites.

Also, we love the automatic backups – this means you don’t have to worry about setting a weekly backup and can ensure your files are safe. The bandwidth is unmetered which means these hosting packages are also suitable for growing businesses that will have more traffic.

You also get an SSL certificate installed as standard, and access to the Namecheap website builder.  

5. Bluehost – Cheap Web Hosting For Small Business



  • Incredibly cheap prices
  • A good variety of shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting packages
  • Most packages include free domain name


  • Lacking in site migration tools

Visit Bluehost to see all hosting plans.

Price: Shared hosting from $2.11 per month


  • Reliable uptime of 99.99%
  • Basic packages start with 50GB of storage
  • WordPress setup
  • SEO tools for analytics

Bluehost is often regarded as one of the best web hosting for small business UK. It has an excellent range of packages and the prices are some of the cheapest available.

Despite the inexpensive prices, you get an impressive uptime of 99.99% and fantastic bandwidth speeds. If you are building a WordPress website, Bluehost has an automated WordPress setup.

Also, once you have your website built and traffic starts flowing, you can utilize their tools for SEO to see where you can improve your SEO. For small businesses, the basic plan at $2.11 per month is a solid choice. For this, you get 50GB of storage which should be enough for most online stores.

Also, you get a free domain for 1 year, an SSL certificate, and fantastic customer support available 24/7. If you want to pay a little more, for $3.90 the PLUS plan offers unlimited storage, unlimited websites, and access to Microsoft Office 365 for 30 days!

Check out our Bluehost review.

How to choose the best business hosting

Think carefully about your requirements – how much storage do you envision needing? Do you need a higher bandwidth allocation to cope with a busy online store? How much control and customisation do you require?

By thinking about these factors, you should be able to decide which is the best business hosting.

What is the best hosting for small business uk?

Here’s a summary of the best business hosting for small business UK

The options we have listed above all make excellent choices. The best web hosting for small business UK really depends on what you need for your website. The information above should provide you with enough to make the right choice.

For an alternative, you may also want to look at 123 Reg and GoDaddy. Although the best business hosting is listed above.

Did this review of the best business hosting for small business help you? If so please recommend DigitalSupermarket.

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