Call Hippo Review

Call Hippo Review
Looking for a VOIP system for your small business? Check out our CallHippo review to see if they are a suitable option

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Virtual phone systems, or VOIP phones, such as Call Hippo, are excellent for small and big businesses that constantly receive and make phone calls. However, with these systems being more popular each day, you have tons of options to choose from when looking for one. 

Read this page if you want to know if Call Hippo is a decent option for you!

In this review…

Call Hippo Summary 

CallHippo offers more products apart from its business phone system, but this is still its most popular product. This company focuses on helping businesses and office workers improve their productivity by using smart products that simplify some parts of their job. 

callhippo dashboard
CallHippo Dashboard

Business Phone System

Virtual phone systems include many features, but each one of them is different from the other. CallHippo’s business phone system is cloud-based, safe for companies, and easy to set up, so starting to use it doesn’t take a lot of time from its users. 

Speech Analysis AI 

The second product offered by CallHippo is its Speech Analytics AI, which features effective coaching, agent evaluation, and an overall faster call QA. Using it allows companies to evaluate and analyze all calls and interactions made by workers and clients. 

Call Tracking Software 

Starting a marketing campaign blindfolded is one of the worst things someone can do for their business. Companies need information of all kinds to understand what works and what doesn’t, and using call tracking software helps marketing teams track marketing campaigns by studying business calls. 

Voice Broadcast System 

The last product this company offers is Voice Broadcast System, and it’s excellent for companies that send daily messages to their customers and commercial allies. What this feature does is allow its users to record and send automated voice messages via phone call to anyone they want.

As you may have noticed, these four products complement each other and give you different insights that can make your company’s productivity improve like never before, or at least that’s what they try to make you see. 

Are they that useful? If you read what each one of them does, you can see that buying them all offers you the possibility to manage all the information you need to boost your marketing strategies. The information each function offers helps you communicate faster with your employees and customers and study what each call says about your leads and prospects. 

We understand if you don’t trust this company right away, though. Keep reading to know the benefits and disadvantages of using these products!

CallHippo Pros & Cons 

Buying the services CallHippo has to offer has, like everything in life, its pros and cons. Regardless of that, we don’t consider there’s a major setback that could keep you from using CallHippo in your company. Here are the brand’s pros and cons:


  • It’s easy to set up
  • It offers innovative features
  • The company’s products complement each other
  • Optimized call forwarding
  • It lets you study phone calls
  • It can record voice messages


  • It doesn’t offer mail drop nor SMS sequences
  • Connections can drop at times
  • It doesn’t offer a free trial

As you could see, the number of benefits this virtual phone system offers is way bigger than the cons of getting it. Apart from that, most disadvantages consist of the lack of some features that users would like the product to have. Those missing features could be included in future updates. 

However, everything depends on what your work style is and what your company needs, so if one of the cons is a deal-breaker for you, you may not want to use this virtual phone system. 

CallHippo Features 

All virtual phone systems are different from each other, but they must have some essential features to do the job companies buy them to do. 

CallHippo has excellent functions, such as cloud-based systems and fast call management, but it also adds some others that make remote working a lot easier for everyone. 

Knowing the features that a product has to offer is fundamental if you want to make a purchase you don’t regret in the future. Here are the main things CallHippo has to offer: 

Power Dialer 

The CallHippo’s power dialer feature helps companies reduce the time workers take to call customers and potential leads. What this function does is automatically dial pre-uploaded lists of numbers that are assigned for different marketing campaigns. 

Global Connect 

Small companies may not need this, but international businesses tend to have customers all around the world. Calling them all can be difficult at times since all of them live in a different time zone, and contacting a lead at an awkward or inappropriate time can make you lose that lead at all. 

This brand’s Global Connect Feature tells you the best time to call your global leads, prospects, and customers. 

You can check what’s happening in your customer’s country before you call them, as well as determine if it’s a good time to call at all. Users can use that to apply different marketing approaches depending on when they call customers. 

Smart Call Forwarding 

Forwarding calls is one of the most essential features of phone systems, both virtual and traditional ones. The Smart Call Forwarding function of CallHippo lets you forward all incoming calls to the number that best benefits your company, and it only takes a few seconds. 

CallHippo – Prices and Plans 

Compared to other virtual phone systems, CallHippo has some of the most affordable prices on the market. One of the reasons for that is that it offers three different plans, so you can choose the one that best fits your budget and company’s needs.

  • Bronze 

The first and most inexpensive plan is the bronze one, which costs £14 monthly. This plan is ideal for startups since it’s not that expensive, and it includes all the essential features a virtual phone system needs to help the company that gets it to improve its productivity and sales. 

Skill-based call routing and forward-to-device features are the best ones of this plan, but it also includes some others, such as a free number for each user, a shared inbox, and voicemail features. 

However, companies with bigger teams may want to consider paying for the next plan of this company since the bronze one only offers the basic functions that virtual phone systems can have. 

  • Silver

CallHippo’s silver deal is the overall best for companies since it’s not that expensive and has enough features for you to keep using it for a time without needing to upgrade it after a few months. 

You have to pay £20 a month to use it, and its target audience is small teams. Buying this plan allows you to record calls, use call queuing, make call reminders and internal team calls, and many other features. 

  • Platinum 

Naturally, the platinum plan offers everything the silver and bronze ones give you in addition to a dedicated account manager, power dialer, voice broadcasting, call transfer, and the possibility to transfer a call to multiple devices. 

We only recommend big marketing teams to buy this plan since it costs £32 a month. 

Other Options and Competitors 

As we mentioned before, CallHippo is not the only virtual phone system on the market, so it’s important to compare the prices this brand offers with the ones from its competitors. 

Dialpad, for example, costs £12 a month, and it allows you to transcribe conversations. Aircall is more expensive, costing £25 a month, but it offers more advanced features, such as support to sales teams. 

Regular virtual phone systems with only the basic features these systems must have tend to cost between £10 and £12 a month. 

All the features those products offer are available in CallHippo’s silver plan, so going for it is an overall more profitable alternative in the long run. 

CallHippo – How Can It Help Companies? 

People who have never used or bought virtual phone systems don’t know the benefits these products offer them, so they don’t understand how helpful they are. 

VOIP phone systems give you an advantage over traditional phone systems because of the time you can save by using them. Even if you just save a few seconds, doing it every day can save you hours at the end of the month. 

Using these systems simplifies office working a lot and helps marketing teams improve the company’s marketing campaigns. 

Speaking about marketing campaigns, some companies only get virtual phone systems because of the additional features they offer businesses. The possibility to analyze each phone call and the marketing channel it comes from is priceless, and it can represent a huge investment in the future. 

CallHippo Review Summary 

As you may have guessed by reading this article, we recommend you pay for CallHippo if you want to improve your company’s productivity. The features this virtual phone system offers you are more than useful for both growing businesses and already successful ones.

However, we consider big companies can take the most advantage of all this product’s features since it gives them valuable information that can be helpful to get to even more public. Regardless of that, it also helps new businesses improve their productivity and overall performance. 

You may also want to check out this guide to business video conferencing systems.

If this CallHippo review helped you, please recommend DigitalSupermarket. 

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