Crowdfire Review

Crowdfire review
This review will help you decide if Crowdfire is the best social media marketing tool for your business.

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Getting social media marketing right is now more critical than ever for your business. Platforms like Crowdfire have become the primary platform for all sorts of marketing and PR. In these fast-evolving times, finding suitable and powerful social media management tools requires a lot of energy. This review of Crowdfire will help you decide if it is the best match for your needs.

Social media marketing tools help all sorts of businesses and entities. Whether the size of the business is small or big, these tools help creators to grow online and show their presence. 

This review is a detailed overview of Crowdfire’s features, pricing, plans, comparison, and much more.

In this Crowdfire review…

Crowdfire Overview

Crowdfire is a social media management tool that helps brands, individuals, agencies, and businesses enhance their social media presence and manage the tasks. These tools primarily aid in increasing the engagement rate and provide better analytics. 

Crowdfire works with multiple platforms and helps content creators to grow in that space. Some of the platforms are listed below: 

  • Facebook 
  • Youtube 
  • Instagram 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Pinterest 
  • Medium 
  • Shopify 
  • Vimeo 
  • WordPress 
  • Etsy

This tool provides you with one platform that can help discover and schedule content, Moreover, you can manage all your social accounts from one single place. The major features offered by Crowdfire include: 

  • Mentions 
  • Content 
  • Publish 
  • Analytics 

Crowdfire also allows you to automatically modify your content and make it bespoke according to your needs. This can be automatically done for all your social profiles instead of getting into the hassle of separating posts from every social profile. There are almost 19 million users of Crowdfire worldwide. 

Some of the leading competitors of Crowdfire are Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, and a lot more.

Crowdfire Pros and Cons 


  • Easy to use scheduling tools
  • Time-saving through seamless content sharing
  • Option to increase followers and engagement 
  • Best in class topics and content recommendations


  • Limited account linking options 
  • Fewer options in the basic plan
  • Calendar view scheduling only available in premium

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Crowdfire Features 

The major features of Crowdfire are listed above for an overview but in this section, we will look at these features in detail. 

Let’s look at the first feature is Content Curation. This tool helps you curate and organize content from the web using a lot of sources. This feature helps the individual or the business to focus more on the content strategy and leave curation on this tool. This makes it time-saving and efficient. Along with content curation, this tool offers image curation too. Making this by far the only social media management tool that recommends images for your Instagram.

The second feature is Publishing which helps its users in many ways. You can publish your content anywhere, anytime. You can easily schedule the posts that you want to publish and then when it’s time, your content will be published on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or wherever you need it.

You don’t have to even worry about customizing it according to the social networking site because Crowdfire does that for you. Every post will be tailored according to the platform it’s being posted on. There is an option to preview the posts before publishing. Queue Meter is also available in this tool, which helps you see whether your posting timeline will look active or not in the next week.  

Now we will talk about Analytics because they are very important for a brand or a business. The analytics of this tool will assist in making and sharing a custom professional report with the data that you want. All the data points that are important for you can be added to the report which can help you measure your lead generation, growth, and returns. Crowdfire offers you competitor analysis too. You can easily compare where you stand against your competitors then devise a strategy to improve. 

Last but not the least, Mentions. This is a life-saver tool that your team might be looking for and Crowdfire is fully equipped to provide you with this. This tool helps you trace and track every comment, mention, or reply. Nothing will go unnoticed because this tool will help you monitor your social media all the time. This will further help you to reply instantly and never miss out on any potential customer or collaboration. 

Crowdfire supports only a few kinds of systems that include Cloud, SaaS, Web-based, Android, iPad, and iPhone. This tool doesn’t support desktops like Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook. 

Compare Crowdfire 

Several other social media management tools are being used worldwide. Some have better features than Crowdfire and some have their downsides. But before making a decision, you need to look at all the competitors and then decide which one is best for you. 

  • Hootsuite is another social media management tool. This tool is used and trusted by more than 18 million users which explain this being at the top. It offers services like Crowdfire which are scheduling posts, tracking performance and increasing engagement, etc.

    If we compare both these tools, the features are somewhat the same but Hootsuite is more expensive than Crowdfire but is better at meeting the requirements of the users. Moreover, Hootsuite is considered a tool that is easier to do business with. 
  • Another competitor is Buffer that lives by its name. It is because you don’t have to wait for your posts to buffer. After all, if you have stopped the tool then your posts will be automatically shared. This can happen throughout the entire day if you schedule your posts accordingly.

    This is what you get in Crowdfire too. Crowdfire is relatively simpler than Buffer but there are fewer features and variations which makes Buffer more advanced. Buffer is seen here as refining on their main feature whereas, Crowdfire has cool features but they are not essential. Buffer is more expensive than Crowdfire. 
  • Next on the list is Sprout Social which is one of the best in this area. Sprout Social has the availability of data visualization, external integration, and keyword tracking which are not offered by Crowdfire. Another major thing that Crowdfire doesn’t have is social media monitoring and this service is provided by Sprout Social. On the other hand, Crowdfire has the option of importing data that the other doesn’t have. However, Sprout Social is more expensive than Crowdfire but it is still better at support.  

Crowdfire Prices

Crowdfire offers four plans to its users. One of these plans is a limited free plan and the other three are paid plans. 

  • The free plan offers you three accounts. This further includes 10 scheduled posts per social media account, image and article curation, and social and advanced analytics. This plan is ad-supported. 
  • The second type is the Plus account. This costs $9.99/mo and this includes 5 social accounts and 100 scheduled posts per account. You have the option to upload multiple image posts, video posts, custom posting schedules, and advanced analytics for 30 days. 
  • Premium plan costs $49.99/mo which gives the users 10 social accounts. This again has 100 scheduled posts per social account and all other features that were in the Plus plan but enhanced. 
  • The last plan is the VIP plan which costs $99.99/mo. The user can link 25 accounts and can have 800 scheduled posts per social account. You can connect to 25 feeds in this plan. You can also get 90 days of data from advanced analytics in this plan.  

Hootsuite is expensive because its basic plan costs $19/mo and the business plan with only 5 users is worth $599/mo. Moreover, Sprout Social is also more expensive than Crowdfire because the cost of its Standard plan is $89/mo, the Professional plan is $149/mo and the Advanced plan costs $246/mo. 

Crowdfire Customer Support 

There’s no apparent chat service available for Crowdfire which makes instant communication difficult. They have provided an email that can be used for any queries and complaints. The email is present on their website and easily accessible.

You can also give your honest feedback and informed review to which the team can get back and have a detailed discussion. A free account can also help you understand how the tool works and you can clear your confusion there. The frequently asked questions are also well addressed on the website and they have given the option to select a combination of different questions according to your issue.

The major thing that can’t be seen is a direct number or helpline for instant queries. 

Crowdfire Review Summary 

To conclude, Crowdfire is one of the best social media management tools that can help you with your social media tasks and take away a lot of burdens. The features are good and the plans are very reasonable as compared to competitors.

It helps you schedule posts and has many accounts linked to it for overall analytics. There are several other options available but this review can help you identify if these are the features and payment plans you are looking for. This is overall a good tool if all your needs are being met.

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