EE Business Deals

EE Business Deals
Here's the latest EE Business Deals for UK customers on mobile and broadband.

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EE Business Deals could help your small business save a lot of money, so we have done a little digging on your behalf.

Here’s the latest EE Business Deals for UK customers.

EE Business Deals Summary

  • Business mobile broadband starting from just £7 (excluding VAT)
  • Unlimited mobile data for £47 per month (excluding VAT)
  • 100GB SIM-Only Offer – 24-month contract at £14 for 12 months, then £19 per month
  • The upfront cost of only £8.33 (excluding VAT) on a range of business phones, tablets, smartwatch, and laptop contracts

Mobile Broadband from £7

This EE Business deal offers mobile broadband devices starting as low as £7 (excluding VAT) per month. The range of deals goes up to £47 per month, which you can find details of below. Right now, let’s take a closer look at the cheapest EE business deal.

Deal Pros and Cons


  • Low monthly cost
  • The upfront purchase cost of only £10 to get the router
  • Option to choose between 5G and 4G, depending on what devices you use
  • The router is covered by a lifetime guarantee
  • Includes European roaming add on


  • Only one GB of internet data included in the plan
  • Any usage over the included data switches to slower broadband
  • Insufficient plan for multiple devices

Deal Features

Like most of the EE business deals, this mobile broadband package includes several guarantees to avoid becoming disconnected from your clients. The lifetime router replacement guarantee and “stay connected promise” ensure a small business is not left without data for very long.

When the included GB is finished, EE switches the plan to a lower speed connection until renewed.

Other key features include:

  • One GB of ultra-fast connection
  • 24-month contract and plan
  • Free roaming in Europe
  • 100 text messages included in the plan


There is only one payment plan option available on this deal. The total monthly cost comes to £8.40 after VAT and the contract lasts for 24 months. Buying the router requires an upfront one-off payment of £10, with no hidden charges further down the line

Deal Comparison

  • O2 mobile WiFi dongle: 24-month plan at £15 for two GB of data (4G), also with an upfront cost of £10
  • Three mobile broadband: 24-month plans starting as under £5 per month for two GB of data, or unlimited data-only mobile broadband for under £10 per month
  • Plusnet Business Broadband and phone packages start at £18 per month (no upfront cost) on 24 months contracts and include unlimited GB

Unlimited Data for £47 (excluding VAT)

Small businesses that wholly rely on the internet to run successfully should consider an unlimited data package. EE for business offers several data plans that fit this bill, all for £47 before VAT. We have detailed the ins and outs of the unlimited business mobile broadband offer.

Deal Pros and Cons


  • Choose from a range of mobile devices or mobile broadband devices
  • Connects to one of the best 5G networks in the country
  • Includes free roaming in Europe
  • Supports BT Sport app


  • Over £50 per month once VAT is added
  • Set to a 24-month plan

Deal Features

As far as unlimited mobile broadband packages go, the included features here are fairly standard.

  • Unlimited data
  • Router replacement guarantee
  • 24-month plan
  • Free European roaming
  • 100 text messages included in the plan


This is a 24 month deal with a £10 upfront payment for the router (no recurring cost from that side) and monthly payments of £56.40. It is not a flexi plan, and the agreed payment plan must be withheld as stated at the time of purchase.

Deal Comparison

  • O2 150 GB: Not quite unlimited, but close enough! 24-month plan at £31 per month with no upfront router purchase cost
  • Three Hub: Mobile broadband home hub with unlimited data for either £22 per month (4G) or £30 per month (5G). Zero upfront cost on either hub.
  • Plusnet Business: Unlimited broadband and phone packages start at £18 per month on 24 months contracts without an upfront cost.

100GB Sim Only Offer

Already got the hardware and looking to give it a boost? The sim only offers from EE for businesses are excellent. This particular deal stands out because of the high GB count and low monthly cost.

Deal Pros and Cons


  • Flexibility to use with the device of your choice
  • Enough data to support various mobile devices
  • Reduced payments for the first 12 months


  • Must buy phone or tablet separately
  • Short-term promotional deal

Deal Features

The nature of sim-only deals is inherently flexible. Because of this, the features are designed to work across a whole spectrum of devices and uses.

  • Compatible with any phone able to access the EE network
  • Unlimited texts and calls within the UK
  • 24-month plan with a discount applied to the first 12 months
  • European roaming included free of charge


Normally, the 100 GB sim only from EE is £19 per month over 24 months or £27 over 12 months. The current promotion reduces the price to £14 for the first 12 months, but it only applies to the two year contract.

Deal Comparison

  • O2 150 GB sim only business deal: £18 per month for 24 months
  • Vodafone unlimited sim only: £22 per month for 24 months, first six months are half price
  • iD Mobile sim only deal: 24-month contract unlimited data for £16 per month

£8.33 (before VAT) Business Devices

Almost any business device from EE is available (with a contract) for £8.33 upfront. Choose from an impressive selection of phones, laptops, tablets, and more without breaking the bank.

Deal Pros and Cons


  • Any device becomes affordable.
  • Choose a device that suits your needs, not just one with a good contract attached.
  • Everything is the same, so there is no pressure to buy one rather than the other.


  • Some providers charge no upfront cost on a long contract
  • Too much choice gets overwhelming!

Deal Features

It’s a pretty simple one- low cost devices with any contract: what’s not to love? Features of the deals include:

  • Uniform pricing
  • Multiple contract options available, from one month to 36 months


After VAT, a device connected to any of the EE business deals costs £10 upfront. It is a one off payment and is not refundable. Plans vary greatly depending on the device and the desired purchase.

Deal Comparison

  • O2 offers many contracts with no upfront cost
  • Three UK also waives the cost on all its more substantial contracts
  • Vodafone charges higher costs upfront.

About EE

Let’s talk a little more about the provider in general. EE is one of the most recognisable mobile and data providers in the country and has arguably become one of- if not the best. Since launching, the network has enjoyed a decade of growth, providing consistent connections and high-quality devices.

EE Pros and Cons


  • A well-established brand with a great reputation
  • One of the fastest and most widespread 5G connections in the UK
  • Partnered with BT Broadband
  • Excellent business program


  • Not one of the cheapest providers
  • No possibility for data rollover on almost all the plans

EE Features

  • Access to BT Business Smart Hub when signing up for broadband

BT is the foremost authority on broadband connections in Britain. Since partnering with EE, the network has grown substantially, and the service provided to joint clients is excellent. Wired broadband is highly beneficial for businesses with a lot of devices to cover, and the BT Business Smart Hub does it best.

  • Most plans come with free European roaming included

Since Brexit, EU roaming is no longer a given. In most cases, a person is charged several euros per day if they want to access their data overseas- even within Europe. EE business deals all include free coverage for workers who are frequent travelers.

  • Comprehensive business support, including digital solutions and consultants

EE provides services aimed at supporting small companies in their digital growth. This is something that sets EE aside from the other providers and gives it the edge to young businesses at the very beginning of their paths.

  • Customer support and user-friendly accounts

24/7 support is available to EE business customers via their online accounts. Everything is clearly displayed and easy to navigate, with options to update and rethink plans on the go. There is also a fantastic customer service line with some of the best representatives in the business. Someone is available seven days a week from 8 am until 8 pm.

Final Thoughts

EE business deals as a whole are very competitive. It may not be the least expensive provider, but it is undoubtedly one of the best. Fast connections, a wide range of plans and products to choose from, and extra support services for business clients: these are just a few of the things the make EE the top choice of many people for their small business needs.

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