FreshDesk Review

freshdesk review
This FreshDesk review will help you decide if this is the best chatbot for your website.

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There are dozens of different CRM solutions in the market. This review will help you to decide if FreshDesk Messaging, which is part of FreshWorks (Previously known as FreshChat) is right for your business needs.

FreshDesk Messaging has several features that elevate its value in the industry like third-party app integrations, chatbots, team inbox, advanced automation, and co-browsing to name a few.

In this FreshDesk review, I’ll tell you about important features of FreshDesk, its advantages, and disadvantages, and will discuss its pricing of subscription packages. 

In this FreshDesk review:

What is FreshDesk?

FreshDesk is a Software as a Service (SAAS) CSR messaging platform that integrates various apps into one platform and helps to improve customer service with its up to date features. 

USing FreshDesk, you will be able to track resolution time, enjoy up to 5000 bot sessions per month (depends on the subscription level), improve team performance with the aid of team reports, and even auto-resolve queries. 

FreshDesk can be used on both smartphones (Android and iPhone). It does not yet have a Desktop app available. 

FreshDesk Pros and Cons

FreshDesk’s messaging app comes with many advantages, and some limitations as well. Here is a list of the pros and cons of the software. 


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Less resolution time
  • Free subscription module
  • Good ticket management feature
  • Highly user-friendly
  • Excellent reporting features
  • Provides agents with Single-Sign-On (SSO) 


  • Lacks customization in the customer portal.
  • Social media messages are kept for numbered days. 
  • Workload analysis by agents is missing.
  • IOS FreshDesk messaging app needs improvement

FreshDesk Pricing

FreshDesk subscription packages range from ‘Free’ to ‘Enterprise’ and include a range of services for small businesses to large companies. The subscription packages are as follows:

  • The free subscription package is priced at 0 USD. It can be used by up to 100 agents and includes features such as Chatbots, Conversation Labels, and WordPress.
  • Growth is priced at 18 USD per agent per month. In the annual package, it will cost you 15 USD per agent per month. This package is popular amongst small business owners looking for fast growth. It offers additional features such as ‘Assignment Rules’, ‘Offline Experience’, and ‘User Segmentation’. 
  • The Pro subscription package is priced at 59 USD per agent. In the annual package, it will cost you 49 USD per agent per month. This package is popular for accelerating performance. It offers additional features such as ‘WhatsApp Business’ integration, Apple Business Chat, and Team Performance Report. 
  • The Enterprise subscription package is priced at 95 USD per agent. In the annual package, it will cost you 79 USD per agent per month. As this is an enterprise-level package, it is highly suitable for large organizations. It offers additional features such as allowing domains, IP addresses, and User Authentication.

A trial is available for all of the above-listed pricing packages. Additionally, it offers ‘add-ons’ at 75 USD per month for 1000 sessions. 

FreshDesk Features

The FreshDesk Messaging platform offers a variety of features. It has Messaging Channels that include various third-party integrations like Whatsapp Business Chat.

With the help of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), you can automate up to 60% of the queries. It also includes sending targeted messages when and if you decide to run a campaign, and offers multilingual support. 


Next to this, Chatbots save your time and resources by replacing robots with human customer service representatives. Chatbots offer automated resolutions, reduce handling time, digitize Interactive Voice Response System (IVRs), and increase Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) by inducing canned responses to common questions. 

Team Inbox

Popular features like Team Inbox refers to the integration of all messaging channels in one place. It increases efficiency by reducing time switching between tabs and applications. It includes sub-features like prioritizing tasks and making teams, and Live Translation allows translating in a customer’s preferred language in real-time. 

Visitors Intel

Technology like Visitors Intel tracks visitors’ navigation behaviour on your website to improve overall CRM, and IntelliAssign assigns users with conversations based on load and skill level. This automated system helps save management’s time constraints and improves overall performance. 


Lastly, reporting features such as Team member reports present response rate, chat volume handled, and ratings by customers: Performance reports present conversation trends and track productivity metrics, and Custom reports are also available that you can customize using Business Intelligence (BI) tools according to your team’s requirements. 

Additional features include integrating Application Programming Interface (APIs), assignment rules, and customizing permissions based on the roles of your employees.

FreshDesk Integrations

FreshDesk supports third-party app integrations under the following platforms:

  • Bots and Workflows include support for apps like Calendly, Guru, and Outgrow
  • CSR, Sales and Marketing include support for apps like Hubspot CRM, Pipedrive, and Salesforce. 
  • Chat and Video communication include support for apps like Teamviewer, Upscope screen sharing, and Download Transcript.
  • ECommerce includes support for apps like Pagato, Cartloom, and Shopify.
  • Payment, Accounts, and Billing include support for apps like Bigcommerce, Shopify, and Cartloom. 

Besides the above-listed integrations, the FreshDesk messaging platform supports a lot more integrations. You can use them according to your business model for optimum results. 

FreshDesk Dashboard

FreshDesk Dashboard comes with the following widgets:

Agents: This widget presents the number of customer service agents logged into the FreshDesk messaging application, and active on IntelliAssign.

Team Inbox: This widget shows the number of assigned, pending, and unassigned tasks for the whole team. 

Speed of Response: Measures response time with different metrics such as resolution time and response time.

Customer Satisfaction: Shows average customer satisfaction ratings for 24 hours, and includes satisfactory and unsatisfactory interactions. 

Incoming Conversations: The graph for incoming messages for ‘today’ is shown in this widget. This also compares incoming messages of today with the volume of messages received last week.

First Response Time: It is defined as the time taken by an agent to reply for the first time. 

Wait Time: It is defined as the time taken to send the first message by an agent when the conversation is assigned to them. 

Response Time: This refers to the time taken by the agent to respond to subsequent messages. 

Resolution Time: This refers to the time taken to ‘resolve an issue’. It is shown in the form of average and median percentile values in the form of a graph. 

Comparing incoming conversation vs other metrics: In this widget, you can compare response time features vs incoming conversations. Each comparison is shown in the form of a graph. 

Labels: This shows a graph with the number of queries by customers under a certain topic. For example, 3 customers have asked for ‘pricing features’ while one complained about setting up an integration. The difference will be evident in the form of a graph. 

FreshDesk Comparison

  • FreshDesk vs Zendesk Support Suite: Zendesk’ strongest feature is its mobile user support. On the other hand, it is slightly more expensive compared to FreshDesk. 
  • FreshDesk vs Front: Front has limited subscription packages compared to FreshDesk, and is highly expensive. 
  • FreshDesk vs Hubspot Service Hub: Hubspot is better at providing customer support but it has weak mobile user support. 
  • FreshDesk vs Kustomer: Kustomer has weak social media integrations compared to FreshDesk, and is highly expensive. 
  • FreshDesk vs HelpScout: Helpscout is highly user friendly, and is easier to set up but comes with a very weak live chat support feature. 
  • FreshDesk vs Zoho Desk: Zoho Desk’s strong feature is customization in live chat but its pricing feature is not suitable for startups and small businesses. 
  • FreshDesk vs Intercom: Intercom has a strong popup live chat feature. On the other hand, its weakest features are customization in the live chat. 
  • FreshDesk vs Salesforce Service Cloud: Salesforce is more expensive compared to FreshDesk and has weak attachments/screencasts. 
  • Freshdesk vs Live Agent: LiveAgent is better at Customer Support, and is cheaper compared to FreshDesk. 
  • FreshDesk vs HelpShift: Helpshift has a weak notification feature for its live chat compared to FreshDesk but has a strong conversation archiving feature. 

FreshDesk Customer Support 

FreshWorks has 12 offices in different countries. The customer Support team can assist you in various ways. If you are a beginner or even an expert, feel free to avail the following options. Feel free to call on the given numbers to register and get replies to your queries. It also presents a user documentation guide including how to use FreshDesk features and has a video library that includes product tours. 

Furthermore, it has community support which includes discussion platforms, an email inquiry box, and you can also send a separate email query directly. FreshDesk also has a Chatbox for getting instant replies from a chatbot. 

FreshDesk Review Summary

FreshDesk messaging application is a cloud-based CRM software that aims to accelerate and improve your CSR performance with the help of its various matrices, features, and widgets. It is a highly user-friendly app, the dashboard has an interactive UI design. The cherry on the top is that it offers a lot of useful free features for small businesses. 

Install the FreshDesk app to make use of canned responses, hit your monthly resolution goals, and improve the overall value of your business. 

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