GoDaddy UK Review

In this review of GoDaddy UK we'll show you everything you need to know about the World's biggest web services provider, so you can decide if it's the best web hosting provider for your business. Compare web hosting and domain names using our free comparison tool.

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In this review of GoDaddy UK…

What is GoDaddy UK? 

You have to give credit to GoDaddy UK, they do know how to market themselves, as almost everyone has heard the name GoDaddy before. But what does GoDaddy UK actually do?

GoDaddy UK is many things. As well as being a website host and domain registrar, it offers several features for those looking to set up an online presence. If you’re looking to set up a website, picking the right host for you can be a difficult task.

With so many great options out there, you may feel overwhelmed by all the technical jargon and pricing gimmicks. There’s a reason why approximately 1 in 20 Websites are hosted on GoDaddy UK.

The service provides you with all the tools you need to set up a website online, as well as helpful customer service to ‘hold your hand’ through any technical difficulties.

Let’s take a look at some of GoDaddy’s services.

Domain Registration

To build a website you need to have a catchy domain name. A domain is the cornerstone of your website, so choose wisely and do your research on how to pick a domain name that will bring more traffic to your website. 

Either way, as GoDaddy UK started their journey registering domains, you’ll already know that they are probably one of the best, most affordable domain registrars in the business, offering domains for as little as 99p for your first year! But there is a catch.

One of our main criticisms of GoDaddy UK is that they love to upsell! So a lot of services that may be included with other providers, are additional extras with GoDaddy UK. If you’re registering a domain outright, you’ll pay the reduced fee for the first year, after that, your domain fees will hike up to around £16.14 depending on the domain you’re registering. 

You can also sell domain names through GoDaddy’s broker service – which comes at a cost.

Web Hosting 

Here comes the techy bit. Web hosting can be a bit of a faff to understand, especially if you’re a beginner to all this.

Compare website hosting plans here.

GoDaddy UK has 5 main hosting services

  1. Shared hosting – this option is low cost and a great place to start if you’re website is new.

2. WordPress hosting – best if you’re looking to run your site through WordPress and is the next step-up from shared hosting if you’re getting more and more traffic to your site

3. Business hosting – if traffic is increasing and you’re shared plan site is starting to struggle, opt for one of GoDaddy’s business plans which can be tailored to the type of business you run. 

4. VPS server hosting – the private VPS server is for those with in-depth experience managing websites catering to an online site that has a lot of traffic. You may also want to check out Digital Ocean for great VPS hosting.

5. Dedicated hosting – the expensive option, not for the small business owner, these are made for big-time businesses and corporates that require extra server space and cyber security

Check out this guide if you’re looking for private cloud hosting.

See GoDaddy’s hosting plans.

Which GoDaddy UK hosting is best for you?

If you’re just starting out with a small website, we recommend purchasing one of the shared hosting packages. Compared to the other options, the shared packages can do everything you need initially for a great price.

Once your online presence grows and gains more traffic, you can upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting which will support the increased traffic going through your website.

Click here to find the best website hosting for your business.

GoDaddy UK Shared Hosting

As a great starting point for most online businesses, GoDaddy UK can offer you a range of affordable shared hosting plans packed with a variety of features to help get your online presence up and running. If you’re looking for something basic, check out the basic Economy package, starting at £3.99 per month.

It’ll let you start up one website, with 100gb storage and 10 databases, enough for you if you’re just starting out. But if you’re already fairly well established and are looking for something with a bit more bells and whistles, we recommend the Ultimate package.

For £7.99 per month, you’ll receive everything in the base package, but you’ll also get double the processing power, unlimited storage, unlimited databases, and unlimited websites. This package also comes with a free 1 year SSL Certificate helping to keep your site’s visitor’s data safe when they navigate to your page and a DNS feature, that helps boost your site’s availability to people on the web. 

Plus all GoDaddy’s shared hosting plans come with 1-click WordPress install, a free domain for the first year, and a free Office 365 email account for the first year too! But GoDaddy’s hosting plans are guilty of upselling again as it does not include a backup feature in their shared hosting packages.

Instead, the site will charge you an extra £1.99 to back up your site data each day, which may be worth it despite the annoying hidden cost. Plus compared with its competitors, GoDaddy isn’t the cheapest hosting option on the market. Sites like Hostgator, Hostinger, 123Reg or iPage offer a much cheaper hosting option, although they lack the features of GoDaddy.

Starting priceRenewal priceFeatures
Economy£2.97£5.9924/7 support, 100GB storage, 10 databases, 1-year free email, free domain
Deluxe£4.99£7.88Economy features, plus unlimited storage, unlimited websites, and 25 databases.
Ultimate£7.99£12.99Deluxe features, two times the processing power, 1-year free SSL certificate, unlimited databases. 
Maximum£9.99£19.99Unlimited features, double processing power and speed, a free SSL certificate for the full term. 
GoDaddy’s shared hosting packages. 

GoCentral Web Builder 

Not many people know the importance of having a stylish, user-friendly website. Ultimately it shows off your brand and gives visitors a taste of the brilliant yet efficient service they can expect. Having a great website design can also help improve online sales!

If your site is clunky and hard to navigate, people won’t want to use your services. Well if you’re like me and have never designed anything in your life before, do not fret, as GoDaddy’s beginner-friendly website builder, GoCentral, can help you build a swanky looking website in under 15 minutes. 

There’s no technical jargon, no web coding to be done, all we had to do was follow a step-by-step wizard, choose a cool template, and add a few themes in and we had the basis of a slick new website or blog site. Depending on what sort of service you are offering, GoCentral has hundreds of templates available for all sorts of businesses.

Plus depending on your business type, you may want to choose the website building pack that is right for you. Yes, that’s right, sadly it’s not free and comes as an additional price to your hosting plan. 

Plus if you’re a bit more experienced when it comes to designing websites, GoCentral only has a limited number of themes and widgets available for you to add to your site. For instance, we were disgruntled to find you can’t add an author tag to the blog posts you write. 

But there are some cool features included which make up for this. We especially liked how easy it was, to add credit card payment processors and an e-shopping cart functionality in the £19.99 ecommerce package. 

Overall GoCentral does provide an easy way to implement some rather technical features to get your website looking professional. If you’ve never designed a website before and are not very tech-savvy, GoCentral might be a worthwhile investment for you.

Marketing and Email Campaigns 

Godaddy UK
GoDaddy UK email marketing

One other good feature about GoCentral is that you can also use it to promote your brand to a wider audience. Purchasing one of GoDaddy’s web building plans will gain you access to a variety of marketing tools, including GoDaddy InSight.

This is GoDaddy’s new analytics software that can help you track and trace how many hits your website is getting. We found this tool particularly handy as it gives you advice on how to market your website, based on insights collected from other successful websites. 

With this information, we then easily implemented our insights into an email campaign through GoDaddy’s email marketing service. This service gave us even more useful stats, showing us how many of our emails had been opened and read.

The service even helps you see which emails are the most effective, helping you find an email marketing strategy that can build your online presence. 

Review of GoDaddy Email, Bookkeeping, And Admin Tools

Every business needs a full suite of software to run. Without an email address, how will you contact and respond to your clients? Without a bookkeeper how will you pay your tax

GoDaddy once again has the small businesses in mind, providing you with a full range of features helping you to manage all your business admin in one place from GoDaddy’s business hub. GoDaddy includes a free email domain with each of its hosting packages, but if you’re looking to get office 365 programs with GoDaddy as well, you can sign up for their £7.99 business premium package. 

The system is great because you can use it on your computer or your mobile device, meaning that wherever you are in the world you can send out invoices and pay any bills. Unfortunately, these features again come at an extra cost on top of your web hosting plan, yet like us, instead of using 3rd party companies, you may find it easier just to have in one place on the GoDaddy site. 

GoDaddy UK Support 

One of GoDaddy’s cool new features is that you can message their support team on WhatsApp to troubleshoot your issues. Granted, their response times were a bit slower than you would expect from their live chat services, but this novelty gave us more flexibility to ask a couple of questions instead of having to be logged in at my desk on live chat.

As per our previous experiences, our support agent kindly provided us with a very knowledgeable answer to our queries. Aside from this novelty, GoDaddy has a reputation for having a very good and fast customer support team.

Plus with their 24/7 live chat, phone lines, and WhatsApp services available, if you’re up late working on your site, you’ll be comfortable knowing that there is always someone a minute away who can help you if your site crashes. 

Plus how frustrating is it when you’re trying to fix a problem and you get paired up with a robot on live chat? Well, don’t worry about this with GoDaddy UK. When troubleshooting your issues on GoDaddy’s live chat, you’ll be met with friendly and kind support agents who know their stuff.

Whether it’s adjustments to your pricing plan or a technical fault in your website’s coding, each support agent is specially trained to handle all manner of issues. But if you want to try and solve the issue for yourself, you can also check out GoDaddy’s community site, to read FAQs and blogs on how other users have solved various issues they have encountered on the site!

Review of GoDaddy UK : What Others Say

GoDaddy UK is ranked at 4.1 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot, a pretty good score.
71% of those reviews are 5-star scores with the majority of users commending GoDaddy UKsupport as being “patient, helpful and polite”. 

But the reviews aren’t all great, with many reviewers claiming GoDaddy’s upselling and amendments to their pricing structure to be a bit of a scam with some users being disappointed at GoDaddy’s site being glitchy and hard to navigate. But underneath the majority of bad reviews, GoDaddy’s support agents are actively trying to engage with these aggrieved customers, to see if they can still provide a solution to their issues.

We loved this commitment to continual relationship building GoDaddy UK has with its customers, going out of their way to continue to support customers in such circumstances. 

Review of GoDaddy UK: FAQs

I’m a small business, looking to start a website without the hassle of all these costly add-ons. What is the best plan for me? 

We recommend starting at the base shared hosting plan which will give you access to a variety of tools, a free domain, and a GoDaddy email account to enable you to set up your website.

If you think your website has the potential to grow quickly, then go for the slightly more expensive Ultimate plan to give you greater speed, site security, and storage. 

Is GoDaddy UK a good web host for an online store?  

Definitely. If you’re looking to set up shopping cart services, paypal buttons and make your site secure for your customers, GoDaddy has a variety of features that can help you build a great user-friendly shopping experience. 

For the latest offers take a look at GoDaddy.

Did this review of GoDaddy UK help you? If so please recommend DigitalSupermarket.


Review Of GoDaddy FAQs

Here’s some simple, jargon-free answers.

GoDaddy charge a drastically lower price than their competitors for hosting a domain taking a loss with the reseller fee which is unlike most providers who charge more in order to be able to afford this reseller fee.

GoDaddy work this strategy to get more traffic and ultimately convert more sales at the beginning but ultimately after sign up, expect to pay for pretty much everything which is why they make their money back in the long-term.

Yes, GoDaddy offers 20 hosting plans. You can choose from WordPress, business, VPS and dedicated. Plans start from $2.99 per month up to $179.99 per month for dedicated plans.

Each plan builds on the previous set of features. WordPress hosting comes with additional automatic updates feature. WordPress hosting comes with a free domain (for 1 year+ sign up), free daily backups and built in signup forms.

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