hootsuite review
Looking to boost your social media presence? If so, check out our Hootsuite review to see what this social media marketing platform offers

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Hootsuite is a one-stop-shop for social media marketing. Every aspect of business marketing through social platforms can be managed with ease. In this Hootsuite review, we look at the ins and outs of what a subscription to the platform entails, including prices, plans, and features.

In this review…

Hootsuite Summary

Social media is at the centre of global communication and is a powerful tool for businesses in every industry. The potential customer base reachable via platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is enormous- and advanced marketing strategies are the best way to turn it into real income.

Hootsuite is targeted at businesses looking for an intelligent and creative way to boost their marketing strategies. It stands out from the competition by offering features that work across all the biggest social media outlets, excelling in advertising, lead conversion, and communication.

Hootsuite review
Hootsuite Dashboard

Hootsuite Pros and Cons


  • Multi-platform access
  • Everything is all in one place.
  • All-in-one controls
  • Full catalogue of compatible apps


  • Busy interface
  • A lot of features to figure out
  • Low-tier price plans lack a few of the essentials.


One of the most obvious advantages of Hootsuite is how many different platforms it works with. It is one of the leading software providers in the industry in this regard, integrating with more social media platforms than most of the competition.

Users can create marketing strategies on Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and Instagram, to name a few- but the list goes on and on. How many sites you can work with simultaneously depends on what package you subscribe to, starting at three with the free subscription.

There is a whole heap of features and controls available to Hootsuite users, and they can all be managed in one place. This is a big benefit for two reasons. Firstly, the sheer volume of marketing tools at your disposal is pretty impressive, and secondly, the tab-by-tab interface display makes it convenient to customize them.

You can organize the tabs by social media platform, customer account type, strategy level, message type, or however else you see fit to run your campaigns.

You can not only separate your tabs into bite-size sections for better control, but you can also view them side by side simultaneously. This is a great feature because it lets you quickly flick between campaigns, customers, profiles, and products without having to go into a different page.

Anyone who enjoys multi-tasking is sure to thrive when using Hootsuite, especially if they appreciate having a constant overview of all the moving pieces in their marketing movement.

Something unique about Hootsuite that earns a giant tick is the entire database included in the platform of compatible apps that users can download and link to automatically.

By downloading through the internal directory, users can merge new apps into their planning seamlessly and efficiently. The range of apps covers everything from places to upload video marketing to software to help track click conversion, so every base is covered.


While the multi-tab, multi-task interface is some people’s ideal scenario, for others it is a bit of a headache. People who are new to social media marketing strategies may find having all the information in front of them, all of the time, a touch overwhelming- to say the least.

If you have multiple things going on at once and are not great at handling a lot of on-screen info at once, figuring out what is going on can be downright confusing. Although it is an organized multi-tasker’s dream, it does not work for everyone.

Sure, lots of features and strategies are exactly what you should be looking for in your social media marketing software, but Hootsuite has so many it can take a while just to get to grips with what does what. Getting started is often the tricky part because people do not know where to start.

Experienced digital marketers or website owners may not find this to be much of an issue, but to the untrained eye-opening Hootsuite for the first time, it is certainly a lot to take in. Newbies trying out Hootsuite should be prepared to put a decent amount of time into learning and navigating the platform before starting any real work.

Nothing comes free in this world- especially not when it comes to making money! If you want the best features, you need to pay the highest tariffs. Hootsuite is not overly pricey at first glance (they even offer a free version of the platform), but the lower-priced plans do not have even close to the full works.

This is nothing new with marketing software, so it is not unexpected, but it is always good to know exactly what you are paying for and how you are using it.

Hootsuite Features

Hootsuite boasts an impressive core features package that lets people effectively manage every aspect of their social media marketing. There are plenty of other features available through add-ons and third-party apps, but the following five features are the central aspects of what Hootsuite is all about.

  • Post planning and scheduling: Effectively manage what you post and when you post it.
  • Team management feature: The higher tier plans include team organisational tools and role assignments that are easy to use.
  • Create, monitor, and promote content: You are in charge of every detail of your campaign from start to finish.
  • Analytical reporting: This is limited on the lower-priced plans but makes a huge difference to building strategy when you try to grow.
  • Apps and integrations: The third-party apps are an excellent and unique feature of Hootsuite. It makes everything possible, but they do come with an extra cost on most of the plans.

Hootsuite Prices and Plans

Subscriptions to Hootsuite vary immensely in price and product, and they also change quite often. One thing anyone interested in the platform should do before diving in is to look closely at what exactly is included in the price at the time of sign-up.

Two low-tier plans are very affordable, and two premium plans are on the pricier end of the market. It is worth noting that many valuable and useful tools are not available on the lower plans.

Free Plan

Hootsuite’s free plan is a great way for someone to test the waters before splashing out on the full package, but it is very limited. Although you can access all the core features (on a restricted basis), you can only connect to three social media platforms with a total of 30 scheduled posts per month. It may be fine for an individual promoting a single product, but it is insufficient for strategic business marketing.

Professional Plan (roughly £36 per Month)

The Professional Plan is aimed a solopreneurs, small businesses, and independent consultants that want to optimise their social media presence and capitalise on the potential customer base.

In addition to the basic features, the professional subscription allows you to:

  • Monitor and control your incoming and outgoing messaging.
  • Set up and connect 10 different social media profiles.
  • Schedule as many messages as you require.
  • Analyse the results in real-time whenever you need to.

Only one user is granted access through this plan, so it is not suitable for collaborative marketing teams.

Team Plan (roughly £96 per Month)

As you may have guessed, that takes us to the Team Plan for a little under £100 per month. Small teams (up to three users) can work together on one plan, making the price tag seem a lot friendlier already!

It also includes significantly more features to help grow a business through social media. They include:

  • The ability to assign team roles and organise collaborative projects
  • Recommendations on when to post based on previous tactics and outcomes
  • Fully customisable reports and analysis tailored to your business
  • Access to 20 simultaneous social platforms

Typically, this is the first stage for a small business that wants to work with Hootsuite. However, if up-scaling is on the cards, they should consider the final upgrade.

Business Plan (roughly £445 per Month)

The price of this monthly plan is enough to deter many an interested party, but consider what it includes:

  • Five users can access and work on this subscription.
  • Access 35 different social platforms.
  • Enjoy advanced campaign planning and management tools
  • Unlimited add-ons at no extra cost

You also have access to 24/7 technical support from the Hootsuite customer service team with this plan. It is the best choice for businesses in the throes of significant growth.

If this plan still sounds too small for your business needs, you can contact Hootsuite directly for a customised plan, but there is no information available about what it is likely to cost.

Hootsuite Review Summary

In short, Hootsuite is an advanced and effective social media management tool that allows entrepreneurs and businesses optimize their presence and marketing efficiency on popular sites.

The business plan is a perfect jumping-off point and supports collaborative working on a small scale, but be prepared to look at the top-tier package if you really want to see things take off.

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