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This Instapage page review will help you decide if this is the best landing page builder for your website.

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In this Instapage review, we look specifically at Instapage, the landing page builder that helps you increasee conversions. I.e. getting results from your online content whether this is attracting new customers, improving sales, or boosting webpage views.

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Instapage Overview

Instapage is a conversion and landing page service aimed at medium to enterprise-sized businesses. It may not be suitable for casual users or small businesses. This is due to the high monthly fee.

However, for these larger businesses, it can be an incredible tool. Firstly, it has a landing page editor. This is mainly easy to use and users do not require any coding knowledge. There is also a large range of professional templates if you need inspiration. The landing page creator has a host of features and tools, and it is comprehensive. 

Aside from this, Instapage also offers a myriad of tools relating to the landing page editor. These tools essentially combine together so that you can maximize the effectiveness of the landing page. For example, you can create customised user experiences and ad campaigns.

You can also integrate the landing page with other platforms like WordPress and Shopify.

Although the platform is easy to use, we feel that the mobile layout and mobile version editor could be improved. Sometimes it can be tricky to transform your desktop layout into a seamless mobile version. Also, there is no denying that this is one of the more expensive landing page creators available.

instapage review
Instapage Landing Page Builder


  • Drag and drop landing page editor.
  • Extensive range of templates for professional landing pages.
  • Data and analytical tools to refine your landing page.
  • It provides the ability to create unique content for different users.
  • Easily add widgets to your landing page.

Instapage Pros and Cons


  • The drag and drop page builder is relatively easy to use.
  • Instapage has a decent set of integrations like WordPress and Shopify.
  • Can create custom forms for the landing page.
  • No coding knowledge is required, but code can be added if needed.
  • Instablocks allows you to create reusable elements.


  • The mobile element of the landing page designer could be improved.
  • It may not be one of the cheapest platforms available.

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Instapage Review – What Can You Expect from This Platform?

Instapage has six specific products that combine together to give you a comprehensive solution for conversions. We look at each individual product, together with the overall performance of Instapage, its pricing, and features below.


Instapage has a varied set of tools that are based on conversions and landing pages. They are split into six specific categories. Overall, its primary use is the landing page creator and this tool is advanced with an array of features and customisation.

To give a quick overview, we have listed the main features of this platform below: 

  • Landing page creator to make an initial impact.
  • Personalization tools to give customers a specific 1:1 experience.
  • Testing and analytics to improve conversions.
  • AdMap – personalized ad campaign management.
  • Collaborative tools for teamwork.
  • Page speed testing and improvements.

The main reason why people would use Instapage is to create a landing page. However, the other features listed are incredibly useful and allow you to make an optimised landing page that should boost conversions to your website and products.


We need to get obvious out of the way. Instapage is NOT cheap. The pricing means that it is aimed at medium to large-sized businesses. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, or those who are creating a side hustle will most likely not find the large monthly cost warranted. We have listed the pricing below:  

  • Building: £199.00 per month.
  • Converting: Pricing based on your individual needs.

As you can see, this is a sizable amount. The £199.00 per month is also the discounted rate. If you pay on a month by month basis, the price increases to a rediculous £299.00 per month. As you can see, this pricing is very much for larger and established businesses looking to push their growth and drastically improve their conversions.

For small businesses and entrepreneurs, it would be far cheaper to simply use a website builder and an accessible analytics platform to improve their online presence. In time, an investment like Instapage could certainly be worth it. However, not at the start of your business venture unless you have a decent amount of capital available for online growth.

Landing Page Builder

The main part of Instapage is the landing page builder. At its core, this is an easy to use tool that has drag and drop elements. No coding knowledge is required. However, if you have coding experience, you can also add your own code.

Some of the landing page builder features include:

  • 200+ landing page templates.
  • Drag-and-drop interface for ease of use.
  • Page elements can be positioned anywhere (not restricted to grids or columns/rows).
  • Simple single-click previewing.
  • Excellent customization for individual elements.
  • Ability to add widgets.

It is a great builder and the only downside is that the mobile layout can be difficult to master. Your desktop layout may not always translate seamlessly to a mobile format and some tweaking may be required.

Overall, however, the landing page builder gives you excellent control and is also easy to use. You can then publish your website either via a connected domain, a WordPress website, or a Drupal website. The landing page can also be tested on a demo domain that is part of the monthly fee.


One of the strengths of Instapage is the availability of integrations. If you wish, Instapage can be used as a hosted service. This means that you build a landing page, and Instapge hosts it for you.

However, if you want more control or want to incorporate the landing page into your existing website better, this is where the integrations are useful.

For example, you can integrate your landing page with WordPress, a Shopify online store, and Zapier. These integrations allow you to get the most out of Instapage, but also make your landing page part of your business – not just a standalone piece of content.


Aside from the basic landing page editor, Instapage also has a host of widgets that you can add. Widgets are essentially self-contained programs/apps/code that perform specific functions. 

The range of widgets is good, but admittedly some other platforms do offer more. Examples of widgets you can use include embedding media like videos and podcasts, creating countdown timers for sales, and adding chat functionality. We like the widgets and they do allow you to improve the accessibility and utility of your landing page.

Analytics and Tracking

After creating your landing page, you then have access to a range of analytical data. This essentially allows you to see how the landing page is performing. For example, there is a useful heatmap that shows different areas of performance for the landing page – this is a great way to see where you could improve the design and content.

There is also a host of analytical data, and the platform integrates with Google Analytics too. We also like that you can run a series of tests for your landing page to see what affect different changes would potentially make to it’s performance.

Customer Support

Instapage offers decent customer support for paying customers. The response times are generally quick, and you can easily create support tickets or use the live chat. Support tickets are available to create via your account dashboard, but anyone can use the live chat via their main website.

As of yet, there is no phone line. The live chat uses a combination of AI intelligence and human customer service reps. Initially, you will get a series of messages from an AI bot, but you can eventually get connected to a rep. Also, there is a resource centre. This includes a resources library full of guides, blog articles, webinars, and videos. There is also a range of landing page examples for inspiration.

Instapage Review Summary

So what can we glean from the Instapage review? Instapage is a worthwhile investment for medium to large-sized businesses. Perhaps you have a business website, or online store, but want to drive more traffic to it, and generate more sales. Creating a landing page through Instapage could be a great way to do this. 

You can easily create a professional landing page with minimal experience. Also, the range of tools and data you can use can really allow you to tap into your customer base and appeal to them on a much more personal level.

The platform is not without its flaws, however. For example, the mobile design section does need improvement, and it may not have the largest selection of widgets compared to some other platforms.

Lastly, this is not really a service for casual users and small businesses. It has a large monthly cost that most casual users or new businesses will not be able to afford.

You can also check out other landing page builders such as:

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