KWFinder Review

kwfinder review
This KWFinder review will help you decide if it's the best SEO tool for you.

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In today’s digital world, SEO and ranking on search engines are still highly relevant. An aspect of this is finding the right keywords to rank for. This can be a difficult task, hence why services like KWFinder by Mangools are so beneficial. KWFinder is an advanced keyword research tool.

Using this service, you can effectively find relevant keywords for your business, find keywords that are easy to rank for, and even look at what your competitors are doing! If this sounds like something you would benefit from, we have created an in-depth KWFinder review.  


KWFinder Overview

KWFinder is essentially a one-stop-shop for all your keyword needs. It has an impressive set of tools for detailed keyword research and analysis. This includes finding competitor keywords, local keyword research, SERP analysis, keyword planning, and a host of other analytical information.

For small businesses, this may not be a suitable product due to the price and complexity. It may not benefit small businesses that only require a basic level of SEO. However, for businesses that use SEO and keywords as a cornerstone of their marking, KWFinder is definitely worth the investment.

It offers a large range of tools and allows businesses to be as detailed as they want in relation to keyword selection. If you have a decent understanding of SEO, and the intricacies of keywords, you can certainly put this service to great use, and use it to boost your business exposure. Some people may find the restrictions on the number of requests limiting, and the competitor research is limited. However, overall, this is a solid service with competitive pricing.  


  • Intuitive user interface that is easy to learn.
  • Has some excellent research options for keywords.
  • Effective and responsive customer support.
  • Competitive pricing for the services and tools provided.
  • Excellent analytics and keyword management tools.


  • Some may find the request restrictions limiting.
  • Competitor keyword research is not the most advanced.

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KWFinder: Features and Usability

So what can you expect from KWFinder? In this KWFinder review, we look at important factors like pricing and customer service. We also delve into the various tools and utilities that Mangools provides. After reading this review, you should have a clear idea if this service is suitable for your business needs.


KWFinder has a relatively simple pricing structure that is based predominantly on how much you will use the service. There are currently three separate plans – basic, premium, and agency: 

  • Mangools Basic: £29.90 per month.
  • Mangools Premium: £39.90 per month.
  • Mangools Agency: £79.90 per month.

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Each plan includes a set number of keyword lookups per 24-hours, keyword suggestions, competitor keyword searches, SERP lookups, daily tracked keywords, monthly backlink rows, and site lookups.

This may sound complicated, but it’s relatively simple and you should be able to estimate which plan is suitable for you, based on the size of your business.

The basic plan is a suitable choice for small businesses. For £29.90 per month, you get 100 keyword lookups per day, 200 keyword suggestions, 25 competitor keyword searches, 100 SERP lookups per day, 100,000 monthly backlink rows, and 20 site lookups per day. It should be noted that the basic plan also only allows for a single simultaneous login.

The premium and agency plans bump up the search numbers drastically, but the cost also increases dramatically. It should also be noted that if you pay monthly, instead of an annual subscription, the price is nearly doubled. For example, the basic package costs £49.00 per month (if paid monthly), whereas it works out at £29.90 per month (if paid annually). Some may feel that this unnecessarily ties you into a contract otherwise you are hit with a far higher price.


Now that you understand the pricing, we can look at the specific features you get for your KWFinder subscription. The following is a breakdown of the main tools available:

  • Long tail keyword research.
  • Competitor-based keyword research.
  • Question-based keyword research.
  • Effective keyword management.
  • Optimize keywords and filter unprofitable words.
  • Location-specific keyword research.
  • Access to detailed keyword and SERP analytics.

All three price plans have access to all tools – the difference is merely the number of available searches, etc. As you can see, KWFinder offers an extensive range of keyword and SERP tools for your website. For business growth and advanced SEO implementation, this is definitely one of the most comprehensive services available.

We love the detail offered. For example, if your business mainly operates within a specific region, you can use location-specific keyword research. This allows you to see search volumes for different keywords based on over 50k SERPs.

You can also concentrate on niche keywords as opposed to trying to rank for ultra-competitive keywords. For example, you could use the long-tail keyword research feature to find alternative keywords to the popular short-tail phrases.

The features are one of the main aspects of this service. We really feel that KWFinder gives you great control, and allows for some of the most advanced keyword research and utilization available.  


The usability is another strong feature of KWFinder. You do not need extensive SEO experience to use this platform. Whilst it will help to have some basic understanding of keywords, KWFinder has an intuitive interface that anyone can learn quickly.

The keyword search tools all start with a simple initial search box. This means you can immediately enter a keyword such as “Tech reviews” and dive into the action. From here, you can specify a range of filters and parameters. Also, you can utilize various search functions. For example, you can filter keywords by trend, search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, and PPC.

For each search, the results are shown, and a handy metric table is also displayed. This gives you a quick visual overview of the keyword including a graph and a clear color-coded difficulty rating – it’s just simple and easy to understand.

KWFinder dashboard

Keyword Management

Aside from the detailed search options, KWFinder also allows you to effectively manage your keywords. This helps improve your productivity, and easily keep track of important keyword data. 

For example, you can create keyword lists with a specific list name. For example, you could create separate lists for keywords relating to different parts of your business, or even different website pages. You can also filter the keywords within your lists by various parameters. Whilst the list feature may not be as extensive as some platforms like SEMrush, it still allows you to segment your keyword research and create targeted campaigns easily.

Creating lists like these would also be highly beneficial for companies that have multiple websites, or web development teams that look after a host of clients. 

Keyword Research Effectiveness

It is also important to look at how effective the tools are. Regardless of how easy they are to use, if they don’t give accurate results, they are redundant.

KWFinder certainly excels at keyword research accuracy and effectiveness. It utilities various metrics and information from Google and Google SERPs and we are confident the data provided is accurate. For basic keyword research and long-tail keyword research, this is an excellent choice. It’s right up there with the other top names like SEMRush and Moz Pro.

One area we feel could be improved, however, is the competitor keyword finder. This is a decent tool, but it lacks the detail and control of other platforms like Ahrefs. You can create keyword searches using the domain names of competitors. It will then show different keywords that they are ranking for. However, that is essentially the limit of this service. 

Customer Support

As you would expect from a digital company, Mangools only has online contact methods. There is no telephone line. The available contact methods are email or live chat. We tested the live chat and it was effective. We didn’t have to wait long for a response, although at the start, they do try and push you towards sending an email. However, the customer service rep was helpful, and they were able to answer our questions efficiently.

The email service also had decent response times. As a result, despite the lack of a phone line, we feel the customer support is still of a good standard.

Is KWFinder Worth It?

KWFinder is certainly one of the better keyword research tools available. It has an advanced set of tools for basic keyword research, long-tail keyword research, and location-based research. You can use the platform in as much or as little detail as you want, and you can certainly boost your SEO effectiveness.

The usability is also a plus for KWFinder. It has a simple interface that anyone can learn. However, if you have more time and experience, you can create detailed keyword lists, and filter them using an array of important parameters.

The pricing is also on par with other similar services. It may appear a little expensive for small businesses, but if SEO is the main aspect of your marketing, the cost is certainly warranted. A word of advice – an annual subscription is advisable due to the large price hike of a monthly payment. Overall, from this KWFinder review, we feel it is a great service that offers effective keyword research and planning tools. 

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