Landbot Review

Landbot review
If you need a chatbot or live chat feature for your website, check out our Landbot review to see if this is a worthwhile solution.

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More and more companies are using conversational chatbots on their business websites to reach customers in a more personalised way. Landbot is an application that allows you to interact with your audience, using an interactive drag-and-drop builder, multi-channel web interactions, and UI elements to interact with your users – all without writing a single line of code.

In this Landbot review, we discuss the features, pros and cons, and pricing of this chat feature builder, so you can decide if it’s the best tool for you.

In this review…

Landbot Summary

Landbot is a no-code method for designing conversational applications, which are a natural progression from chatbots. These apps incorporate elements of an engaging chat interface with rich user interface features while automating complicated data procedures.

As a result, they fulfil a company’s needs to reach out to its potential clients and process automation. In other words, Landbot helps you improve all stages of the user journey.

It is built for any business that wants to communicate more with its website visitors with fully engaging chatbots that successfully serve users, clients, and leads.

Landbot review
Landbot main dashboard

Landbot Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Includes an auto-assign feature
  • A high number of integrations
  • Great customer support
  • Good value for money
  • Free version available
  • Highly customisable


  • Adding WhatsApp is expensive
  • Complex chatbots may take longer to save
  • Landbot is not available in other languages
  • No custom icons for reply buttons

Visit Landbot to get started

Overall, Landbot is an excellent option for those looking to add conversational elements to their websites and is easy to use, so even those with no coding experience can create interactive chatbots in no time.

This tool had a few disadvantages, apart from greater saving time for more complex chatbots, limited language options, and calls for customisation options.

Landbot Features

Landbot boasts an impressive list of features. Below, we review each element in detail, so you can get a good idea of what the chat builder has to offer.

User Interface

An array of functions would be meaningless if you cannot figure out how to use them. This is why we took a closer look at Landbot’s user interface to determine whether it is indeed easy to create a chatbot.

Fortunately, we discovered that Landbot has a very user-friendly interface. It has a clever drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create your communication channel through blocks.

A block represents one chatbot element. You can also apply certain criteria to your sequence and convey information based on the responses to a particular query.

There is one disadvantage, as can be found with most flow builders. If you have several streams, the quantity of alternatives becomes overwhelming, and you can easily lose sight of the big picture. This is why Landbot came up with Bricks. Bricks let you divide your streams into shorter ones, allowing you to stay on track.

Another great Landbot feature is that it allows you to test the chatbots you create within the interface. It lets you preview the chatbot at the touch of a button, which can come in handy. There are two options for previewing your chatbot.

The first is PC mode, and the second is a mobile mode, so you can see how your chatbot appears on both types of devices. Landbot, like Chatfuel, includes a help button in the upper right-hand corner if you get stuck, and you may browse their help articles on the interface, which is a great feature to have when you are stuck.

Reaching Users

It’s straightforward to include custom fields to reach specific people with Landbot. The chatbot builder lets you ask visitors questions, and their responses are saved in input fields that you can later analyse. Sadly, adding specific tags to individual users or creating specific user segments is not an option with Landbot.

You can provide a site visitor with a personalised message depending on their response to a question. However, sending a message to a visitor based on several custom fields isn’t allowed with Landbot.


Landbot offers a wide range of components for creating your own chatbot. There are just five things they don’t have, which is still impressive for a chatbot builder.

Here is a summary of the elements that Landbot offers:

  • Attachments
  • Video
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Delays           
  • Images
  • Emojis
  • Buttons
  • Fast replies  
  • Persistent menu      
  • Email and date validation  

One of the significant elements that Landbot does not offer is free text input. It only allows you to obtain information through prepared questions. This means that the user cannot simply ask a question of their choosing while engaged in a chat.

However, this isn’t always a bad thing. An advantage of this approach is that the consumer is always in the same flow of conversation.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Natural language processing is a software’s capacity to interpret written and spoken human language. If your user inputs a specific keyword into Landbot, you can immediately respond. Global Keywords and Keyword Jump are two integrated Landbot NLP/AI features that help with this.

If a person poses a question, Landbot uses Keyword Jump to determine when the consumer is asking a question and then directs the consumer to the appropriate message.

With Global Keywords, you can pre-set keywords that are applicable for the entire stream. Additionally, you may also integrate Landbot with Dialogflow if the use of keywords is insufficient. 


One drawback to using Landbot is that it does not allow you to transmit sequences or broadcast messages. This is understandable, given that Landbot is utilised chiefly for online chatbots.

You can add conditions with Landbot’s Conditional Logic and create a chatbot in just about any language, allowing you to reach potential clients around the world.


One of the most important integrations that Landbot has is its human override integration, where you can take over the conversation and liaise directly with your client, which is a handy feature for a chatbot creator. Here are some of the other integrations Landbot allows:

  • Google Sheets
  • Livechat
  • Integromat
  • Zapier
  • Webhooks


Landbot excels at website chatbots but can also provide excellent tools for other channels such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp. The truth is that most of its competitors do not support WhatsApp, so Landbot is a great tool to have if your target market prefers WhatsApp communication. 

Marketing Features

Because the chatbot builder’s Facebook integration is currently in beta, it doesn’t currently support Facebook Ads, auto-replies to comments on Facebook, or the use of one-time notifications.

It does, however, offer landing pages and widgets that you can embed into your site with the help of a basic script. Here are some of the marketing features you can expect with Landbot:

  • Landing pages
  • Custom URLs for chatbots
  • Native widget
  • Facebook widget


Landbot’s metrics are rather rudimentary. It has a dashboard that displays the number of visitors engaged with the chatbot, the number of leads you received because of it, and the number of potential leads who completed the chatbot conversation.

The tool also presents a tab that indicates the number of people who utilised your chatbot (along with their attributes), which are all standard features that can be expected from chatbot builders.

One of the most impressive analytics features is Flow Analytics. It offers precise data on the number of people who responded to a particular step, a feature unheard of in its rival’s list of features.

Landbot Prices and Plans

Below is a summary of Landbot’s pricing and plans:

  • Sandbox – free (basic features only)
  • Starter – starts at €30 per month (Sandbox plus additional features such as A/B testing)
  • Professional – starts at €80 per month (Starter plus additional features such as dynamic data)
  • Business – custom pricing and features

Landbot offers a free subscription called the Sandbox plan that remains free indefinitely. It lets you engage in 100 chats every month and up to 30 blocks per chatbot. It’s a great starter plan for trying out the chatbot builder. In addition, if you register for any Landbot subscription, you automatically get a five-day free trial to try out all the premium features.

The initial Starter paid plan sets you back €30 a month. This bundle, however, does not eliminate the Landbot logo, which is a little unusual.

If you don’t want the Landbot logo on your chatbots., you must upgrade to the Professional plan, which costs €80 per month. One benefit of Landbot’s pricing system is that it is on a month-to-month basis. However, it does not offer customers a money-back guarantee.

Landbot Review Summary

Overall, Landbot is a great feature to use for building interactive chatbots. It is very easy to use when compared to its competitors and requires no coding knowledge. The tool has performed well on the market, earning itself an excellent reputation among its users, scoring high ratings on reputable platforms such as Trustradius, Capterra, and GetApp.

We love that it has excellent customer support, even for users with the free package, and were impressed with its Flow Analytics feature that none of its competitors included.

While Landbot may not be one of the most affordable chat builders on the market, its wide array of features and easy-to-use interface certainly makes it a worthy investment.

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