Landing Pages Design Guide

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This guide will show you everything you need to know about how to create effective landing pages.

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Want to increase your sales and get more customer leads? You’ll need to improve your landing pages design. In this guide we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

In this landing pages design guide…

There are many marketing strategies out there you can use to drive more sales on your site. One of which is by using landing pages design to funnel more traffic onto your sales pages – It sounds complicated but it’s actually very easy to do.

What Is A Landing Page?

landing pages design guide
Landing Page Design Example

You might think it’s the same as a homepage but in the digital marketing realm, a landing page has a totally different function. The purpose of a landing page is simply to catch users as they land on your website and funnel them in one direction towards a single call to action (CTA).

They are simple, sleek, and elegant webpages and unlike a homepage, they have minimal other distractions taking you away from the channel they want to push you in. But there are typically two kinds of landing pages you will want to utilize to grow your business.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

Also known as “lead capture” pages, these sorts of pages drive visitors to a CTA that involves some form of data collection. For example, Shopify’s free trial page is minimalistic in its design, with no other links on its page apart from the “start a free trial” call to actions, which require you to enter your email address.

You’ll also note that most lead generation CTAs will offer some sort of freebie or benefit for the person signing up. In this case, it’s a free trial! 

This is a simple example of how landing pages can gain you leads and can help you build up your email marketing mailing list. 

Click-through Landing Pages

landing pages

A click-through landing page (CTA), also known as a sales funnel, is slightly more simple. It is purely designed to have a CTA that takes those landing on its page directly to a sales page where visitors can purchase a site’s product.

Spotify’s Get Premium page is a great example of how brands are funneling visitors through a CTA, towards their premium subscription plans. But when actioning the sales funnel approach there’s a clever bit of psychology involved.

The goal for you is to get a sale, the goal for your customers is to have some sort of problem alleviated. Your aim is to make them aware you can resolve this problem, and drive them towards making a decision.

Like lead generation marketing, you may also have to entice the user to engage with your CTA by offering some form of reciprocity e.g. offering a month’s free trial to your service or offering free shipping. Similarly, other websites have opted for different methods to drive action by presenting positive reviews from other customers (social proof), showing some sort of reputability, i.e. presenting your trade registration stamp on the landing page, or encouraging people to act quickly on an offer that will expire soon.

Ultimately it’s these offers and incentives you might want to consider using when calling people to action.

Landing Pages Design: What Makes A Good Page?

There are a number of key features you should look to implement to make your landing page effective.

You Need A Killer Headline

In the marketing world, you only have 8 seconds to grab your reader’s attention (Movable Ink). That is why it is imperative you have a great headline, surrounded by eye-catching content which shows those landing on your page that you mean business.

Although the headline must provide some sort of hook for the reader that will peak their interest in what you’re looking to sell. Take IMPACT Conversion’s headline, “Free Guide: How to Generate Even More Leads From Your Blog.”

The title hooks you in with the power word “Free” but then peaks your interest by giving you an insight into a benefit you can gain from the site.

The Sub-Heading

Great landing pages will slowly build on their headline and drop more a little more information to the visitors through their sub-headings. Again IMPACT Conversion’s sub-heading, “Learn how to turn more of your blog readers into customers through conversion rate optimization” offers a slightly more developed insight at how you might go about generating more leads.

But note that it is succinct and not waffly, leaving the reader wanting to find out more.

Summary Of The Benefits

You should then include a summary, succinctly laying out how the product or service can benefit the visitor and why they should engage with this CTA. Remember you are looking to solve an issue that the customer has, so succinctly show them how your service can help them.

Going back to Spotify’s Get Premium page, you can see Spotify have briefly laid out the benefits of their platform clearly on the front page, saying “no ad interruptions”, “play any song,” and  “unlimited skips”, showing visitors how their product can solve their music streaming woes.

The Design

Text isn’t the only way to entice visitors to engage with your CTA.

Having a clean well-designed webpage, with seamless navigation and all roads pointing towards your CTA, is critical to acquiring better conversion rates from your visitors. Don’t fill up your page with navigational links enticing people away from the reason you brought them here.

Simply put your page should be sleek, minimal, and have no other links on it. The only links your page should have are the CTA and links to your social media channels.

The Call To Action

This is the most important part of your landing page as it is where you are going to convert visitors in your sales funnel to conversions. Take a look at Muzzle’s landing page which has a very simple yet bold CTA, with the power word “download” written in bold on it.

Visitors are almost immediately drawn to this language as they can immediately see the product they’ve come here to check out. Plus adding colour and animations to your CTAs will mean the link will stand out even more to visitors, something you should definitely consider when building your landing page.

Reciprocity And Testimonials

When it comes to drawing people to action, there is no better way to empower a decision than offering them a freebie in return. In turn for them signing up to your newsletter, you might say you’ll offer them a free guide or ebook similar to Don’t Make Me Zoom’s strategy. People can’t resist free stuff!

Conversion rates can also be heavily influenced by posting reviews on your site. One product review can increase sales by 10%, while 200 product reviews can result in a 44% increase in sales (3dcart). Ultimately by embedding testimonials and positive reviews on your loading page, you can increase the number of people engaging with your CTA.

Building Your Own Landing Page

You can build a landing page by either doing it yourself via your web hosts site-building tools or you use a landing page tool like Unbounce or Leadpages. We recommend the latter.

Firstly, although you will have to pay a substantive fee to use a landing page tool, the tool itself will save you heaps of time, allowing you to crack on with running your business. Building a landing page, from scratch through WordPress can be an absolute nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Plus landing page tools give you greater flexibility to test and see which pages perform the best, converting the most visitors to your site. Here are 3 great landing page tools we recommend you take a closer look at.


unbounce landing pages design

Click here to visit Unbounce

Unbounce is a bit of an allrounder when it comes to creating outstanding landing pages. Aside from its seriously handy community of blogs, it comes with a full whack of features that can help any small to medium-sized business build better sales and lead funnels.

The platform allows for full customization and comes packed with a host of templates you can use to quickly set up your landing page. One other great feature of Unbounce is that it allows you to run A/B tests, meaning you can build two different pages and test to see which one performs the best, allowing you to build a campaign around the best performing lead generator.

Although it is targeted as a solution for small and medium-sized businesses, Unbounce’s pricing was slightly extortionate for the features you receive. Despite the costs, it is still a very well rounded platform that can help you generate more leads and more sales.


landing pages

Click here to visit LeadPages

For those who are slightly less tech-savvy, Leadpages might be the best option for you as it is super easy to use, and if you’re looking for a barebones lead page generator, then this might be the best option for you.

Leadpages drag-and-drop builder provides limited customization options, plus its range of templates are very limited. But the main bonus of using Leadpages is that it has no restrictions on how much traffic you can have visiting your website, where on Unbounce you are limited to 500,000 visitors per month.

Despite it being slightly more restrictive on its customization, Leadpages is an affordable and easy to use platform that is perfect for those starting out that are looking to quickly set up landing pages with minimal traffic restrictions.


landing pages design guide

Click here to visit Instapage

What makes Instapage great is its usability, it is great again for those who aren’t experienced web developers and need to put together a landing page quickly. You can do exactly this through Instapage’s wide range of professional landing page templates on its simple drag-and-drop landing page editor.

One negative in comparison to Leadpages and Unbounce is that Instapage’s business plan limits its users to having only 30,000 users per month. Although this is scalable and even though you can opt to gain more in its Enterprise plan, this is still not a great value compared to Leadpages’ unlimited traffic allowance.

Aside from this, Instapages reporting tools and insights analytics help you to see what pages are creating the greatest conversions and the best results enabling you to reconfigure your landing pages to push for more sales and traffic.

Final Tips

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are currently generating 51.53% of the overall global web traffic (Statista). When building your landing pages, this is an extremely important stat to take into consideration, as you need to ensure your pages are all compatible with mobile devices, so that you can effectively funnel visitors to your CTAs and convert prospects into customers.

Keep Testing

Testing your pages regularly will give you better insights on the best performing practices and methods to help you gain greater leads. There is no one size fits all when it comes to sales funnel marketing.

Split testing, or A/B testing can help you figure out what can work specifically for your business, and is a tried and tested way to help you discover new analytics about how your business is performing under different landing pages.

Barack Obama even secured $60 million dollars for his 2008 presidential campaign, just from using split marketing! Looking for a more advanced content management system? Check out this list of the 29 best content management systems 2021.


Are landing pages effective?

Absolutely! You just need to consider your goals and objectives before you implement one on your website. Doing so will give you the ability to measure your expectations, and when testing different landing page formats, you can reconcile your data insights to see which style of page is helping you get to your goals.

How many landing pages should my website have?

As many as you want! But bear in mind that landing pages increase the number of conversions you receive on your site. Companies see a 55% increase in conversion rates when increasing their landing page tally from 10 to 15 (HubSpot) so you should consider definitely having more landing pages, to build greater leads, and drive more sales.

What is the best landing page to use, lead generation or clickthrough?

This depends on what sort of website or business you’re running. For example, if you’re running an online blog or a news site, it’s more likely you’ll opt to implement a lead generation CTA to gain more of a mailing following.

But for e-commerce stores and service providers, you are more likely to use clickthrough CTAs on your landing pages.

The Bottom Line

Landing pages can really help kick your business into gear. Optimizing your sales pages and driving traffic towards your sites, the marketing funnel technique employed by landing pages can certainly help you grow your business.

Just remember our top tips when building your page are, keep your writing succinct, create killer headlines, and optimize your landing pages for mobile users.

Once you have mastered the landing page marketing strategy, you’ll start to see huge results culminating in greater brand engagement and growth in your business. Click here to compare content marketing tools, or to compare landing page builders, click here to use our free tool.

Did this landing pages design guide help you? If so please recommend DigitalSupermarket.

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