Livestorm Review

Livestorm review
If you are looking to create video engagements for your clients, check out our Livestorm review to see if this online platform is suitable.

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Livestorm is a browser-based online platform that allows users to create professional video engagements for their clients. Businesses use Livestorm to keep in touch with their customers, and it seems to be filling the communication gap created between businesses and their customers by the COVID-19 virus.

The platform has grown increasingly popular in the past few years. This growing popularity brings on the need for a Livestorm review. This Livestorm review discusses the features, uses, pros, and cons of this product. We also explore how well this product performs compared to its major competitors.

In this review…

Livestorm Summary

Livestorm is browser-based. This means that neither the business owner nor the client, has to download an app before they begin to interact via this platform. The types of interactions that occur on the platform include the creation of professional video and every other workflow related to video engagements, such as sharing these video recordings, creation of landing pages, reminders, email marketing, sign-up pages, post-event triggers, and live features.

Some of the most important features of Livestorm include the ease at which one can create, manage and promote any business events online. The platform also makes it easy to create powerful landing pages, follow up on events, send business e-mails and reminders and perform analytics.  Livestorm is available in 81 languages.

One of the first things you may notice about Livestorm is the fact that it is browser-based software. This means that the entire experience of users depends on the internet connection of the host. A speaker with a poor internet connection hosting a webinar can impact the user experience of other users.  

Creating a Livestorm session

Livestorm Pros and Cons


  • Friendly User Interface
  • The platform is easy to set up and use
  • No need to download any software
  • The platform is professional and engaging


  • Handles a limited number of attendees
  • Requires strong computer power
  • Need a fast internet connection

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Livestorm Features

The type of end-to-end video engagements offered by Livestorm gives companies a chance to manage all their professional video engagements from one point. It also helps that the platform is designed to be integrated with tools such as intercom and Pipedrive which means that all communication with clients could indeed take place on this platform.

One can use Livestorm on Live or pre-recorded modes depending on what’s convenient at that moment. The platform also has an end-to-end analytics feature that helps businesses track and measure the level of engagement of their audience. Some of Livestorm’s most remarkable features include the following:

Reoccurring Events Mode

Livestorm allows users to host reoccurring events with more than one session. This feature is perfect for companies that host events regularly, for example, training sessions and product demonstrations. It allows interested participants a chance to select one session from pre-scheduled multiple sessions.

You can schedule these sessions in one sitting, alternatively, you can come back and schedule sessions later. This feature also allows one to edit and delete speakers, add team members and guest speakers and send email invites.

Participants could register for multiple sessions if they please. Other types of events that one can schedule on the platform include pre-recorded webinars, on-demand webinars, and an iFrame mode that allows you to integrate videos from other social media platforms into your Livestorm event.

Unfortunately, the platform only allows one to accommodate 3000 attendees per event on its highest-paid package. This figure is poor compared to platforms such as Zoom. Zoom accepts up to 10, 000 attendees on webinars.

Analytics and Reports

The platform has an in-built analytic tool on the dashboard that tracks and analyzes data after an event. It also captures the UTMs and referrers for everyone attending the events. This shows the number of people present at the events and gives detailed information about every attendee.

Intuitive E-mail Tool

The site has an e-mail logistics tool that enables you to import e-mail contacts and invite them to an event. With this feature, you can start email campaigns, send follow-up emails and get feedback on the delivery of all your e-mails.

Full Stack Video Solutions

With Livestorm, all you have to do is set up a webinar and let the platform handle the rest. Your webinars are automatically recommended and stored. If anything goes wrong during your webinar, the platform offers customer support.

Great User Experience

Livestorm offers a new kind of user experience by allowing you to host an unlimited number of HD events. If you have good internet bandwidth, you can host all these events in high definition. There’s also the option of screen sharing at the touch of a button. The best part is that one can do all this on a browser without downloading an app. There’s also a built-in chat option, an option for unlimited replays, a chance for participants to dial in and join the webinar by phone if they please.

Other Advanced features

The platform offers users a chance to host VIP events by creating private events. One can also create paid events where participants have to pay during registration. There is also an option to moderate your webinars so that not everyone can attend.

How Does Livestorm Compare to Alternatives

When you compare it to some of its most prominent competitors, Livestorm’s ease of use is the one quality that makes users love the platform. When compared with Zoho meeting and Starleaf, Livestorm appears better for a few reasons.

  1. No need to install any software or apps
  2. Livestorm is reasonably priced
  3. It allows users to integrate other apps
  4. On-demand functionality
  5. Much simpler user interface compared to Zoho meeting and StarLeaf

Zoom is also another prominent competitor for Livestorm, and while Zoom is consistent and stable, Livestorm has a lot more features and ultimately creates a better user experience.  However, Zoom defeats Livestorm when one compares the maximum number of attendees permitted to attend a webinar on both platforms

When compared to ON24, one could see that while ON24 offered an equally decent user experience, it cost nearly thrice as much as Livestorm. More still, it costs money to get any customer support on 0N24. The platform also only accepts videos in mp4 format. This format is outdated when compared to other similar software available today.

Livestorm Prices and Plans

Livestorm’s design makes it suitable for all kinds of video conferencing. Its design allows enterprise companies to use the platform for external and internal events that call for collaboration, organization, and ROI. The pricing plans come in three different grades as follows:

The Starter Plan

The starter plan is for newbies who want to discover Livestorm. It includes all of Livestorm’s features for free. People who subscribe to the starter plan would get an unlimited number of events, each event in this package lasts up to 20 minutes. One also gains unlimited moderators, meetings with up to four participants, and events that allow up to 10 attendees. For the starter plan, one can sign up for free, without having to enter their credit card details.

Premium Plan

The premium plan offers a premium experience with no such limitations as those found in the starter plan. This plan lets subscribers get the full benefits of Livestorm. The premium plan costs $ 99 per month for one host. The payment is billed annually. It is possible to register more than one host on this plan but each additional host costs some additional money.

It costs $198 to register two hosts, $297 to register three hosts, etc. This plan allows just 100 attendees to an event but also has an option of increasing the number of ‘live attendees’ for an event. It costs an additional $99 to invite 250 people and an additional $209 to invite up to 1000 people. Other features of this plan include unlimited events, unlimited speakers, up to four hours per event, and 16 simultaneous live speakers.

Enterprise Plan

This plan is designed to give business owners an enterprise-grade experience with grade-A service. This plan begins at 5 hosts and offers all features contained in the premium package. It also offers a custom package with additional services, numerous workspaces with unified billing, floating licenses, training with a Livestorm expert, an option for wire transfer payments, and 3,000 live attendees access

Livestorm Review Summary

Video conferencing has always been somewhat tedious however Livestorm seems to have done a pretty good job of taking away some of the strains of video conferencing. It has provided a platform for business owners to not only communicate but also collaborate with their clients. It has also considerably improved engagement by being super user-friendly.  There are a few things that could be improved about this platform, such as the limit of the number of webinar attendees; however, one cannot deny the fact that Livestorm is currently playing an important role in business communication.

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