Nextiva Review

Nextiva Review
If your small business is searching for a PBX and VOIP provider, check out our Nextiva review as this company could be the one for you.

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Nextiva is a PBX provider that offers a slew of additional services that bring several of a small business’ functional areas together under a single, manageable umbrella. Founded in 2006, the company has been providing VoIP solutions to businesses around the world to great effect.

In this Nextiva review, we zoom in on the features, pros and cons, prices, as well as other critical information surrounding Nextiva. Such information should help you decide if this solution is right for your business.

In this review…

Nextiva Summary

Nextiva aims to unify a host of organizational elements, such as customer relationships, collaboration, video conferencing, and VoIP services. The target market consists of businesses that may want a managed service that encompasses productivity, CRM, and communication needs. The design of the systems is not scoped to any special industry type. Therefore, the entertainment, food, and even the legal industry are just a few of the current users of Nextiva systems.

Nextiva voip
Nextiva Dashboard

Nextiva Pros and Cons


  • Integration with existing business-owned phones
  • 24/7 responsive customer support
  • VoIP with additional business functionality tools
  • Vast feature said to enjoy and explore
  • High scalability


  • The pricing model can get a bit complicated
  • Feature availability limited in some plans

Nextiva Features

Nextiva offers a host of useful features that are both relevant and add value 2 our small business. Below is a detailed look at some of these offerings, as you are likely concerned with how they fit into the picture of your organization.

VoIP Call Centre – Despite the name, Nextiva’s VoIP call centre is also suitable for other business types that may deal with high call volumes. It provides a definitive experience for customer support needs, including several automated features, such as self-service provisions.

With an automated attendant, call distribution, as well as routing and recording, it supplements the customer service team effectively, ensuring that current and potential clients receive the best in class where service is concerned.

Enterprise Phone Service

Just in case this may not have been made clear before, Nextiva’s enterprise phone system is a cloud-hosted option in the industry. It constitutes a host of useful offerings that are intended for consistent uptime and functionality.

Not only is the design conducive to high scalability, but its cloud presence effectively supports in-office, remote, and hybrid teams. Beyond traditional phones, team members can use any microphone-enabled device that can support the Nextiva application.

Deployment is incredibly straightforward, and your technical team has the support of detailed documentation and a customer service branch that is available 24/7 for any configuration queries that may come up.

Note that Nextiva also offers training to help your business ensure that the integration and uptake are all but seamless. The brand has a track record for its uptime, which feeds into its commitment of 99.999%. This is made possible thanks to Nextiva’s datacentres being outfitted with uninterruptible power sources that can tolerate electrical outages.

Not only do you get the core and advanced features such as call flows, but Nextiva systems are also built for integration with existing billing and customer support platforms that you may already be using.

Mobile and PC Application

Many of Nextiva’s competitors offer traditional IP phone functionality. While this is not necessarily a problem, it limits the number of people who can have access to the system and function to those for whom an IP phone has been purchased.

Of course, with applications such as Zoiper and InfinityOne, it becomes possible to extend functionality to those who may be remote and may wish to operate using their mobile phones and PCs. Nextiva allows you to achieve this configuration without a third-party application and license.

Its first-party software system is supported by both PCs and mobile phones, allowing users to maximize their productivity as they can work from any location. Of course, regardless of the device, features such as conference calls, chat, screen share, and even video calls are available.


The CRM offering is one of the areas in which Nextiva differentiates itself greatly from its competitors. Take AVOXI, for example. AVOXI is a well-known name in the cloud PBX industry that also supports CRM integration. The difference, however, is that Nextiva provides CRM functionality, which is not typical of a VoIP service provider. It never feels like a random addition either, thanks to its diverse feature set including account management, deal management, and multi-channel outreach.

The sales pipeline CRM stands on the foundation of artificial intelligence elements, such as keyword search analysis and satisfaction scoring. All this is done to tailor the business’ approach to the appropriate targeted customer journey for each client.

From qualifying leads to closing sales, the CRM provision has every pipeline need you could imagine. Of course, this means the engagement options include chat, email, phone, and survey alternatives.

CRM is an essential puzzle piece in any customer-facing business, which translates to its increasing implementation around the world. Note that if you already have a CRM system in place, Nextiva provides the integration you need.


This is another essential functional area that you tend to find VoIP systems not providing natively. Nextiva offers collaboration in the form of Nextiva Cospace. If you’ve ever used Zoom, Slack, or even Microsoft Teams, you know the importance of collaboration tools to keep teams on track.

Zooming in on Microsoft, you may need to use Microsoft Teams for your screen sharing, messaging, and video calling, while Microsoft To-Do may be your go-to for task management. Nextiva brings all these features together with Cospace, as well as sharing and scheduling functionality.

The overarching value of all of this is the ability to keep your business’ communication tools centralized. Not only is this a milestone from a billing perspective, but it also translates to greater efficiency for your IT team, allowing for greater availability to attend to other technical needs and challenges.

SIP Trunking

The usage of cloud technologies is allowing businesses to migrate their infrastructure-based systems, providing for cost savings and a transition from the CAPEX to OPEX for budgeting needs. As is the case with other industry leaders such as AVOXI, the elimination of the traditional PBX removes phone lines and supports internet-based functionality, such as voicemail to email transmission.

Nextiva Prices and Plans

Nextiva offers four pricing alternatives, which you can choose from depending on applicability and scale. Note that pricing is per user per month. While you can pay as you go, you can also register with a one, two, or three-year agreement. More users and a longer commitment generally result in lower costs.

Essential Plan

The essential plan is the cheapest and easiest to start with. It brings with it unlimited voice and video calling, auto-attendant, toll-free numbers, voicemail to email notifications, and contact integration with Google Contacts and Microsoft Outlook.

Of course, remote applications and 24/7 customer service are available to all plans. Depending on your number of users and commitment length, costs can range from $17.95 per user per month to $30.95 per user per month. Note that you can get a seven-day free trial of the essential plan if desired.

Professional Plan

The small team-focused professional plan is next, and it offers everything that the essential offering does. Additionally, you get unlimited conference calls with up to 40 participants, unlimited video conferencing with up to 250 participants, Call Pop for caller identification for up to 250 contacts, mobile SMS/MMS, and extended integrations with Zendesk, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

Note that if you wish, Nextiva assists with the configuration at this tier. Pricing ranges from $21.95 per user per month up to $35.95 per user per month.

Enterprise Plan

Nextiva’s enterprise plan is next on the list, and this is said to be the most popular option. Small and medium-sized teams can take advantage of this plan. All professional plan offerings are present here with a few changes. The numbered limits for video conferencing, conference calls, and Call Pop have all been removed.

Additionally, conference and call recording are introduced, as well as voicemail transcription and voice analytics, single sign-on, and further integrations with ServiceNow, Oracle Sales Cloud, and Microsoft Teams. Costing here ranges from $31.95 per user per month to $45.95 per user per month.

Ultimate Plan

Finally, there is Nextiva’s ultimate package, which is best suited to larger teams. All enterprise options are offered here, as well as sales productivity and pipeline management, automated service, customer journey analytics, and service productivity and ticket management. Costs run from $52.95 to $75.95

Nextiva Security Posture

Security with cloud platforms is always a business concern, considering the level of management that is turned over to the cloud service provider. To this end, Nextiva commits to spending millions annually ensuring its environment is secure.

Datacentres are physically protected from natural and man-made disasters, and they are set up to meet ISO/IEC 267001 security standards. Note that there is also compliance with Service Organizational Control 2, and most features are also HIPAA compliant.

The HIPAA compliance speaks to medical information security while the others speak to cyber and physical security.

Nextiva Hardware Offerings

Nextiva provides IP phones if your business wishes to sell or rent them. Again, you should note that your existing phones can very likely be used.

Nextiva Review Summary

Nextiva is no doubt a standout cloud VoIP service provider that is worth your time and investment. Its biggest selling point is the consolidation of business processes that it offers.

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