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Check out the top 3 no code website builders so you can benefit from simple drag and drop usability

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Today you can find a host of high-quality no code website builders suitable for creating small business websites. But what if you do not have any web development knowledge? Don’t worry. In this guide, we look at the top 3 no code website builders that require absolutely no web coding knowledge!

What are nocode tools?

Websites are built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a server language (such as Java, PHP or C#). In traditional website building, you had to manually write this complex code. Unless you were a qualified web designer, this would be virtually impossible.

Today, however, you can find no code website builders. These are platforms that offer a series of drag and drop tools that anyone can learn. For example, instead of typing code to insert an image into your web page, you can simply drag an image from a desktop folder and it is inserted automatically.

These platforms do the coding for you. When you use a specific tool – like inserting an image, the platform formulates the necessary HTML code for you. This makes website development incredibly easy and removes the need to learn several different code languages.

1. Webflow

Our pick for the best no code website builder is Webflow. This company provides an extensive website builder that removes the need for coding and lengthy web development times. It allows you to create a professional website that is feature-rich.

The first thing to address with Webflow is the pricing structure. It has an array of price plans that some may find complicated. There are site plans and account plans. Site plans are split into basic website and eCommerce plans. Account plans are split into individual and team plans. 

The site plans are more relevant for small business use. There are four different plans for a basic website that range from £12.00 per month, up to POR for the enterprise plan. For the basic plan, you get a custom domain name, 100 website pages, up to 25,000 unique monthly visitors, and 50 GB of bandwidth. This is admittedly more expensive than competitors like Wix, but you do get an amazing array of features and utility for your website.

The editor is the standout feature of Webflow. It takes care of the coding and back-end business for you so that you can concentrate on the design elements. The editor is also minimalistic and you can learn the controls quickly. We also like that you have full control over each website element – this includes parameters like padding, margins, and spacing. Essentially, you can use Webflow to create a website to your exact specifications.

Webflow also has a great range of templates. These are all responsive for mobile use and look fantastic. We also like that the SEO tools are relatively easy to follow. For example, you can easily add META title and description tags to your web pages.

As mentioned, the only downside is the complexity of the price plans. Also, the large number of features and customization can mean a longer learning curve.

Check out the full Webflow review.


  • Includes full maintenance such as version updates
  • Has a decent range of built-in SEO tools
  • Completely free until you are ready to launch the site
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A complete drag and drop website editor


  • Has a vast array of features for site customization
  • Gives you complete control over the design process
  • The websites have great performance and responsive design
  • Has a large variety of professional website templates


  • The variety of price plans can be confusing
  • Can be a steeper learning curve due to the volume of features

2. Bubble

Bubble is a no code platform geared towards the development of web apps as well as websites. Traditionally, developing web apps requires in-depth coding knowledge, and knowledge of things like deployment. Bubble removes this need and allows anyone to create web apps with automatic deployment and hosting infrastructure included.

The editor is incredibly easy to use. It has a simple tabbed system that contains main options like design, workflow, styles, and plugins. You can click on any element such as text and images and a pop-up appears where you can edit parameters like size and colour. It really does provide an easy experience. However, some rudimentary knowledge of websites and/or web apps is beneficial. This is because the editor is packed full of different options, tools, and menus.

The pricing of Bubble is admittedly more expensive than traditional website builders. However, it includes a lot more. The “Personal” plan is £25.00 per month. For this, you get the core platform, API, a custom domain, email support, 10 GB of storage, and automatic backups every 7 days.

We also like the extensive Bubble marketplace. This includes a large range of website and app templates. It also includes hundreds of plugins to improve the functionality of the Bubble editor and your content. Examples of plugins include PayPal checkouts, signature pads for digital signing, Google Maps, and embedded YouTube content.

If you want to develop web apps or a website for mobile use, Bubble is the best no code option available.


  • A comprehensive drag and drop editor for web apps
  • Also includes hosting infrastructure and deployment
  • Payment processing for eCommerce with payment integrations
  • Collaboration tools for multi-team developments
  • Has a large marketplace with templates and plugins


  • Easy to create dynamic content
  • Can facilitate the creation of multilingual apps/websites
  • Excellent security and privacy features
  • Supports over 800 plugins
  • Allows for the setup of automatic backups


  • Requires a little more effort than other builders to learn
  • The free plan includes Bubble branding
  • The prices are more expensive than simple website builders

3. Wix

Our last pick is Wix. This is one of the most affordable no code website builders available. If you are a small business owner and want to build a simple website, Wix is a great choice. You don’t have to spend a fortune but you can still benefit from the array of features, templates, and the no code editor.

Wix has price plans for both basic websites and eCommerce sites. The basic plans range from £3.50 per month to £19.00 per month. These are some of the cheapest prices available. For example, the “Unlimited” plan costs £9.50 per month and gives you 10 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a custom domain and web hosting.

Aside from the price, the Wix website builder itself is also excellent. It is a completely no code solution that uses drag and drop tools. You can easily insert new elements onto your web pages such as images and text. It is also easy to customize elements and add more advanced features like navigation menus, and contact forms.

For those who don’t have a clear idea of how their website should look, Wix also has a huge template library. This currently includes 900+ templates – both free and premium. The templates are of excellent quality and most of them have stylish, professional designs. You can also easily browse the template library and filter your search results by business type etc.

Lastly, Wix also has a great library of integrations. These are plugins and features that you can add to your website to improve its functionality. The App Market is easy to navigate and you can find integrations by different categories like marketing, selling online, design elements, and communication. Examples of popular integrations include image galleries, map widgets, Google Ads, social media icons, and analytical tools.

The only downside is that the SEO tools could be improved. Also, if you opt for the free plan, you must use a Wix subdomain, and the website will include Wix adverts. As a result, this may not be the most suitable for business use.


  • Over 900 professional website templates to choose from
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Has a range of SEO optimization tools
  • Also has a mobile app for on-the-go editing
  • Large range of 250+ website integrations


  • Incredibly affordable pricing
  • Great website security
  • The website editor is user-friendly and easy to use
  • Also has decent eCommerce options


  • The SEO tools could be improved
  • The free plan has a Wix subdomain and adverts

Which of the top 3 No Code Website Builders is best?

We hope you have found this guide on the top 3 no code website builders beneficial. We understand that not everyone has web coding knowledge. Also, we know that not everyone has the time or means to devote to learning things like HTML. This is why no code website builders are so beneficial! They remove the need to learn to code and make website builders accessible for everyone.

But which of the three choices is right for you? Wix offers the best option in terms of affordability. If you just want to create a simple business website for a minimum cost, this is the platform for you. On the other hand, Webflow is a little more expensive but is great if you want to build a feature-rich website. Lastly, if you want to develop web apps, Bubble is the top no code option.

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