Oktopost Review

This Oktopost review will help you decide if this is the best social media marketing tool for your business.

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Oktopost is a fully customisable and well-respected social media management platform. It allows businesses to build and manage a cohesive marketing strategy across multiple platforms, all in one user-friendly space. In this Oktopost review, we discuss what exactly the brand is all about, who it is best for, and how much it costs.

Oktopost Summary

Social media marketing is about more than hashtags: it is a detailed science with proven success methods and a serious amount of required planning. Oktopost aims to streamline the entire process, helping a diverse range of businesses to grow their brand, using social media as their ladder to the top.

By providing a uniquely tailored package to every customer, Oktopost stands out from the crowd, choosing personalization over mass appeal. Anyone that values the importance of attention to detail is likely to enjoy working with Oktopost.

Oktopost Pros and Cons

Oktopost may be one of the most recognisable names on the social media marketing scene, but that doesn’t mean it is right for everybody. Here are a few of the most notable benefits and drawbacks of using the platform.


  • Great customer support team
  • Easy to navigate and user friendly
  • Intelligent automation software
  • Controls multiple social accounts simultaneously
  • Free trial available


  • Inefficient recurring post-editing
  • Scheduling overlaps happen a lot
  • It takes a while to learn the system
  • No set monthly subscriptions


Even the most experienced marketing teams can sometimes find themselves in a bind and in need of assistance. One thing that a lot of marketing software lacks is a decent service team, but Oktopost excels in this area.

They are easy to contact, friendly to talk to, and know all there is to know about the platform, its features, and how to solve whatever issues you may face. It may be the first thing you look for when choosing a social media management platform, but customer support makes a huge difference.

Overall, the Oktopost interface is really well designed. Once you get the hang of things, navigating your way through the program is easy. The system is intuitive and intelligent, with a drag and drop organisation tool that helps everything makes sense.

Whether you are creating, editing, managing, or analysing your content or campaign, the Oktopost system makes things streamlined and efficient. Businesses or teams of any size can appreciate the importance of effective working.

Growing businesses and their owners are constantly on the moves trying to develop on all fronts, so they don’t have time to send out every push, promotion, and post by themselves. Having an automated system that works consistently and reliably makes all the difference.

Oktopost lets users schedule their campaign down to a T, then automatically manages it in their absence, sending out messages and recording data as it goes.

There are so many major social media outlets that growing businesses can capitalize on, but managing them all separately is just not feasible. Luckily, Oktopost lets you connect and control all your account in one place, with one-click posting and publishing across the entire interface.

Integration is key with multi-channel marketing. Yet again, Oktopost is at the front of the race on this one. Seamlessly merge your profiles through one umbrella campaign to minimise the time spent and maximise the impact had.

It is always easier to get on board with a service that offers a free trial before committing to the real thing. Get to know the system and see for yourself the potential it may have for your business, then decide if you want to unlock the full thing.

The Oktopost free demo does not give an entire picture of what the software does, but it provides a good enough idea of what it looks like and what to expect from a subscription.


One of the most common negative feedback about Oktopost is the inefficient editing processes on recurring posts. Rather than one edit updating across the board, users need to go into each one and manually make the change.

This is not the only editing feature users say needs to be re-thought, so if unwavering convenience is a deal-breaker, be sure to consider this before making your decision.

Although the scheduling features save a lot of time, they are not without error. There is currently no way to view what is already scheduled, so it is easy to overlap or miss something out.

If you work in a team, managing the scheduling is essential to ensure the feature is used to the best of its potential, rather than causing issues and missing out on opportunities.

Oktopost was not necessarily designed with beginners in mind, and it shows. Sure, the interface is very newbie-friendly, but some of the tools are a bit tricky to figure out.

Perhaps the knowledge of this downside is what encouraged Oktopost to develop such a solid customer service team, but it does not detract from the fact that it can be frustrating at first for those new users.

There are two sides to this coin, in that it is both a pro and a con. Oktopost does not advertise any set monthly subscription fees or packages: instead, it calls for potential clients to contact the team directly for a tailored quote based on their needs.

Some people love this, especially the larger business that know exactly what they need and don’t need, but for a lot of smaller businesses that are just starting out, it can be difficult to get it right. In those cases, it would be helpful to have a standard package to which people could add extras if they needed them.

Oktopost Features

Oktopost dashboard
Oktopost dashboard

Content Curation & Management

You are in complete control of everything that goes out on your business profile. Create and edit until your heart is content, then follow it on its journey to see just how well it all performs.

One-click tools and a drag and drop editor are just two of the handy features that make content management on Oktopost so appealing. It can even recommend content based on previous analysis of posts sent out already.


As we have already touched on, this feature is both a blessing and a curse. The actual feature itself is very valuable and has the power to completely change how a business presents itself on social media. There is, however, one major downfall that can potentially get in the way. As long as you can manage and control what scheduling is already organised and what still needs doing, this feature is a game-changer.

Automated publishing, tracking, and reporting software

There is not much point in paying for software to take your social media brand to the next level if you don’t actually keep track of the progress. Luckily, Oktopost does this automatically as part of the process.

You can even customize your analysis and reports to focus on specific target areas, demographics, or whatever else you require. Having one system to monitor this from end to end is a real asset.

Campaign and team management

Most marketing campaigns are not one-man jobs. A marketing team is vital to a company that needs to boost its profile and grow its name because they are the ones that can put it out there in the right way. Effectively managing that team is essential to a business owner or manager, and Oktopost makes it easy.

Assign tasks, review work, manage permissions, and maintain an overview at all times. Multiple people can work under one plan with Oktopost for a streamlined approach, but how many depends on the plan you agree upon with the platform.

Many integrations

You can’t get far in social media management of B2B marketing without strong integrations. Oktopost boasts one of the best selections of compatible apps and websites of any software in the market, which is definitely a bonus.

Oktopost Prices and Plans

There is very little information about how much Oktopost charges for subscriptions because they do not have a set price. Instead, they work on a case-by-case basis and offer individual quotes to anyone who asks. Love it or hate it- that is how it works.

Free Plan

Potential clients can sign up for a free demo of the software and platform. They get an idea of how it works, but they cannot work with it long term. It serves as an introduction to the Oktopost way of working rather than jumping in blind, so it is definitely worthwhile signing up for it if you are interested.

Tailored Quote

Every client must speak directly to an Oktopost representative to discuss costing and subscription inclusions. The prices are based on how many users need access to the platform, how many profiles you plan to manage, and what sort of software you want to use.

One business may prioritize the analytics and want the top-tier tracking program, whereas others are more focused on having the very best automation. What integrations you are interested in can also affect the monthly cost.

Oktopost Review Summary                 

To sum it up, Oktopost is an all-in-one social media machine designed to build a brand and help businesses use social media as the ultimate tool for growth. It is perfect for mid-size companies with pre-existing management teams in need of a software upgrade.

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