OptinMonster Review

optinmonster review
You want your website to convert visitors - should you use OptinMonster? This review will help you decide.

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If you want your small business, webpage, or blog to succeed, you may need an automated optimisation app to help you achieve that goal. There are many conversion optimisation programs on the market, in the form of email marketing services, plugins and landing pages. This OptinMonster review will help you decide if it’s best for your business.

You need to take some time to answer that question. Choosing the right conversion optimization software could be what decides if you end up increasing your views and sales or not. Read this review if you want to see if OptinMonster is a beneficial alternative for you!

OptinMonster Review Summary 

OptinMonster is a conversion optimisation software. That means its services aim to help you get more subscribers or sales on your website. Small businesses tend to use these kinds of apps to increase their popularity and leads. 

The app we are reviewing in this article does that by making your offers more appealing to your viewers. Apart from that, it gives you a wide catalog of templates for you to customise and adapt to your website’s aesthetic. OptinMonster has other features such as real-time tests, page-level targeting, analytics and insights, and other functions. 

OptinMonster Pros & Cons 

Before telling you the features and services this conversion optimisation software has to offer, it’s important you know the pros and cons of using this app.

We don’t consider there’s any setback that could make OptinMonster a bad choice for you, but there are some things you need to consider before hiring one of their plans. 


  • It’s compatible with almost all blog pages and websites.
  • Its interface is intuitive and easy to understand.
  • It offers you ready-made templates for you to use for your website. 
  • It gives you advanced information such as exit intent, scroll depth, time on site, and time on page. 
  • Its support team answers your questions and addresses your concerns responsibly. 
  • The OptinMonster developers often make updates to improve the app’s features and templates. 


  • It doesn’t offer many ways for you to compare the conversion rate. 
  • It could give you more technical information with its analytics feature.
  • You may need to change to a better plan after a time. 

As you could see, the advantages and disadvantages of this app are specific. That means they may benefit you or become a nuisance depending on your situation and priorities. 

OptinMonster Features 

Conversion optimization programs or platforms tend to share some features. That’s because some specific tools are needed to optimize your website or blog page. While OptinMonster is not an exception to this, it has some interesting and innovative features that can improve your experience with it. 

Many of OptinMonster’s features work together to achieve the app’s main goal, which is to increase your sales and get more subscribers to your website. This app has tons of small features, so we want to give you a brief on the most important ones to help you understand what this software has to offer. 

Here are the main OptinMonster’s features:

Campaign Types

All websites should be different from each other. However, some of them fit under a campaign type that defines how you deliver your information. After that, they offer to your clients and viewers. Deciding what you want your campaign type to be is essential to your conversion optimisation. 

OptinMonster has a feature that helps you make that decision. That’s because it offers you a decent range of campaign types for you to choose from. Additionally, it shows you how each one of them looks. 

Analysing how the different campaign types look helps you understand in which situations you should choose each one of them. The campaign types OptinMonster offers you are:

  • Content Locker. 
  • Coupon Wheel Options.
  • Floating Bar.
  • Countdown Timer. 
  • Slide-in Scroll Box. 
  • Sidebar Forms. 
  • Inline Forms. 
  • Fullscreen Welcome Mat. 
  • Lightbox Popup. 

As we mentioned before, some campaign types may be better for some clients than they can be for others. We consider OptinMonster provides you with a decent variety of campaign types that can be helpful for most situations. 

Try to study your target audience to decide which one can suit your website best. 

Targeted Campaigns

We said you need to study the target audience of your campaign. The good thing about OptinMonster is that it also has a feature that helps you do that. What most conversion optimization toolkits do is study the main public that visits your website and make campaigns for them. 

That for sure is helpful, yet, you can take a step further with OptinMonster. Its precision targeting campaign allows you to create a campaign for different types of viewers by analyzing some criteria and segmenting them under them. 

In simpler words, OptinMonster uses some factors and fits your viewers on some of them. After doing that, it shows them the optimal campaign type or services for them. The targeting strategies OptinMonster uses are:

  • Device-Based Targeting. 
  • AdBlock Detection. 
  • Cookie Targeting. 
  • Geo-Location Targeting. 
  • Referrer Detection.
  • Page-Level/Section Targeting. 
  • Custom Domains

Those are the main targeting strategies OptinMonster applies. However, some of them are just available for the Pro and Growth plans, which are the most expensive ones. 

Campaign Triggers

Apart from targeting your campaign and letting you choose a campaign type, OptinMonster also gives you different campaign triggers to avoid losing prospects. Those triggers are helpful to get visitors to stay more time reading your website or paying for your services

Like it happens with the campaign targeting strategies, some campaign triggers are only available for the best OptinMonster plans. That’s the reason we recommend you take some time to decide which one to choose. 

Here are the best campaign triggers this conversion optimisation app has to offer:

The Exit-Intent trigger is the most popular of them all. It’s even one of the most important OptinMonster features. 

Many businesses lose their clients because their visitors closed the website’s tab and never returned. The Exit Intent trigger gives them another opportunity to keep reading your content before they go out. That helps you keep your viewers from leaving your website. 

Drag ‘n’ Drop Builder  

The problem with many conversion optimization apps is that they don’t allow you to customize your website’s campaigns. That’s because they focus on giving you pre-made templates that only let you add your information to them.

If you can’t customise your website campaigns, you may end up having the same web pages as everyone on the internet. OptinMonster knows that, so it offers you its drag and drop builder for you to make your website appealing for everyone. 

This OptinMonster’s builder helps you create forms that are not boring to your viewers. Having creative and stunning forms increases your sales and subscriptions. 

That doesn’t mean you can create anything you want with this feature. OptinMonster guides you on what you can do to have an optimised conversion rate. To do that, it gives you some options you can take to choose them and customize them into what you want for your business.

If you want to know more about this feature, here are the forms and pages you can create with the Drag ‘n’ Drop Builder: 

  • Yes / No Forms.
  • Mobile Popups. 
  • Customization of premade Templates.
  • Canvas. 
  • Custom Success Messages. 

Actionable Insights 

Some people avoid the most technical information. Yet, analysing your website’s stats helps you see what you need to do to improve it. Taking action without knowing the analytics is like doing it while being blindfolded. 

Regardless of that, it’s true that some of the information some programs give you tends to be unnecessary and boring. OptinMonster tries to ease that boredom by only showing you the stats that matter. That allows you to see only what you need to do to increase your sales and subscriptions. 

Additionally, this conversion optimisation software lets you dynamically address your website’s problems yourself by using its features. To do that, it makes some tools available for you to use them. Here are some of them:

  • Smart Success tool to make offers for people who already bought something because of your campaigns. 
  • A/B tests for your ideas and future plans. 
  • Real-Time Behaviour automated personalisation. 

If you dislike reading the stats and analytics of things, this may bore you. However, since the website’s features are automated, you can enjoy the benefits OptinMonster offers you without taking action yourself. 

Seamless Integrations

One of the most important things a conversion optimization program has to do is successfully integrate with all formats and websites. If the app doesn’t do that, it limits the platforms on which you can use it. Fortunately, OptinMonster doesn’t have trouble doing that. 

The software allows you to create campaigns that can automatically adapt in real-time to the platform you are using. Because of that, you can effortlessly personalize your campaigns, segment your audience, and target your campaigns for new customers. 

These are some of the things this seamless integration feature allows you to do:

  • Lead sharing with your partners. 
  • Public and subscribers’ segmentation. 
  • Success tracking scripts. 
  • Personalisation of your website with smart tags and smart content. 

OptinMonster Prices and Plans 

Regardless of how good the features of a program are, you still need to consider the program’s prices and plans before making a decision. Not everyone works under the same budget, so this kind of software tends to offer different plans that vary in price to help the ones that can’t hire all the software’s features. 

When this happens, the most inexpensive pricing plan offers only the basic features of the app while the most expensive ones offer more. The same happens with OptinMonster. This app has four different plans available for you. 

OptinMonster doesn’t have a free trial nor a free version. That means you have to hire one of its plans if you want to use its features. However, what OptinMonster does have is an unconditional 14 days money-back guarantee. 

That means that if OptinMonster doesn’t work for you, or if you simply don’t like it, you can ask for a 100% refund. Not many companies offer that, so you can see that as a sign that OptinMonster is a reliable software. 

The plans OptinMonster offers you are:

  • Basic – $9/monthly: Access to all campaign types, page-level targeting, some target triggers, and basic integrations. One site availability.
  • Plus – $19/monthly: More target triggers, two sites availability, advanced builder features, and full reporting. 
  • Pro – $29/monthly: Exit Intent feature, pro integrations, mobile campaigns, advanced forms, almost all triggers available, advanced targeting and smart tags, two sub-accounts, and three sites. 
  • Growth – $49/monthly: All OptinMonster features and five sites available. 

OptinMonster plans are overall good compared to similar services. That’s because it gives you a fair number of services and a guarantee for a decent price. 

Mailchimp is more inexpensive than OptinMonster but focuses only on email platforms. Springbot offers you a social hub, email marketing, and account management, but it’s way more expensive than OptinMonster. 

Constant Contact offers similar features to OptinMonster and is slightly more inexpensive. Yet, the OptinMonster’s Plus plan is only three dollars more expensive than it, and it offers you way more features. 

To give you a clearer overview of the prices we just told you about:

Mailchimp: $10.

Springbot: $199.

Constant Contact: $15. 

Do Other Companies Hire OptinMonster?

Yes! Many famous companies use OptinMonster to improve their sales and subscribers. Knowing that gives you an idea of how much advantage you can take from this app’s features. Here are some of the companies and websites that publicly use OptinMonster:

  • Patreon. 
  • Harvard University. 
  • Pinterest. 
  • American Express. 
  • McAfee. 
  • Bare Necessities. 
  • Wpbeginner. 

OptinMonster Review Summary

Should you use OptinMonster? The short answer is yes.

OptinMonster is recommended by all the companies we mentioned before and social media examiners. Now we understand why. This app gives you tons of features regardless of the plan you decide to hire. 

That’s what we like the most about this software. You can see results by hiring any of its plans. However, you may need to hire a better one after getting to a certain point. 

We highly recommend you hire OptinMonster if you need to improve your website and optimize it. Yet, remember you can get your money back in case you don’t like it. 

If this OptinMonster review helped you, please recommend DigitalSupermarket.

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