Paymo Review

Paymo Review
Looking to organize your workflow and projects? Check out our Paymo review to see what this project management tool offers.

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Paymo is a project management solution for SMEs that operate a client-based business. It provides an effective and efficient way to manage a small team for maximum productivity and fluidity. In this Paymo review, we look into what the software can provide to potential clients and explore the ins and outs of the key features available.

In this review…

Paymo Summary

Small and mid-size enterprises are at their best when the core team is highly functioning and well organised. The same can, of course, be said about any operation, but SMEs rely on collaborative fluidity more than most. Paymo was designed specifically with this in mind to provide a user-friendly, all-in-one team and project management tools.

By tailoring the service specifically to businesses with fewer employees, Paymo differentiates itself from the competition. Rather than offering a range of features to assist companies of every size, it keeps eyes on the prize for the little guys.

Paymo dashboard
Paymo Dashboard

Paymo Pros and Cons


  • Every aspect of team management is covered
  • Billing and invoicing are easy and efficient
  • It is very affordable
  • Training and support are readily available


  • Customisation is not always user-friendly
  • Getting set up is a long-winded process
  • There is no possibility for guest access
  • Things are not always in sync


Financial, personnel, time, and task management all become easy and simple with a Paymo subscription. Managers can divide and assign tasks to their staff, track in real-time how long each task is taking, and assess progress on larger projects. Additionally, financial tasks including budget planning, expense management, and invoicing are all easily accessible on the system.

Overall, the management features are excellently designed and user-friendly. The systems are fairly intuitive and easy to follow, so you don’t need to waste too much time figuring things out.

Many team management solutions do not include any possibility for billing or invoicing, but this one is actually quite advanced. The templates look highly professional and are easy to customise for your clientele.

Because the billing is connected to the timesheet feature, you can avoid inaccuracies or mistakes, keeping everything tracked and ready to go.

Even the free plan offers more than enough features to manage a small business, and the paid tariffs certainly don’t break the bank. Monthly subscriptions are paid per user, which works well in relation to the size of a business.

Paymo offers great features on every tariff, changing mainly the maximum limits for different tasks. Even as your business grows and you add more people to the team, the price point is well worth it.

Although the platform is user-friendly, you can always benefit from a little assistance now and again. Paymo has a competent customer service team and offers live online training and various other training materials for every member.

Training sessions are well-planned and very detailed, helping users get the most out of the software and making sure they keep up to date with all the latest changes.


Sometimes when customising certain parts of your plan, the process can seem a little backward. Existing users have asked for updates to work out a few minor bugs that appear sometimes during the editing phase.

One definite downside of Paymo is the setup process. It takes time and effort to get everything up and running, but it is worth it in the end. Although it is counter-productive in parts and not nearly as streamlined as the features once they are ready, the attention to detail required certainly makes sure nothing gets missed.

If you plan to incorporate Paymo into your team management solution, be prepared for the tedious start-up. Try not to get frustrated and give up if you are using the free plan- it is worth the wait!

The timesheet feature is one of the things people seem to love most about Paymo, but it does not allow for guest access. As a freelancer or a business collaborating with a freelancer, this can be frustrating and leave the task feeling a little disjointed. There are ways around it, but it would be a lot easier if a guest member could also input their time tracking.

Some users complain that it takes time for everything to sync up after adding new information. It is not a severe enough problem to become a deal-breaker, but it can be frustrating if you are in a rush.

It also means to need to make sure your team knows if something is out of sync to avoid anything going wrong.

Paymo Features

Paymo is not short of features, that’s for sure! In fact, for a platform targeted specifically at businesses with small teams, their features are astounding. To list them all would go on for a while, so here are a few of the most important highlights.

Multi-user collaboration

Every member of your team can have their own profile and account and the manager can assign tasks and monitor working. You can have multiple projects on the go with different team members assigned to each for one well-oiled collaborative machine.

Whether you are a team of three or 30, being able to work together cohesively following one singular platform is an invaluable asset. Remote teams and office-based teams alike can benefit hugely from it.

Advanced time management

Timesheets are a fan favourite amongst current Paymo users. The possibility to track how long tasks are taking and assign time frames to projects helps to take the workflow to the next level.

Depending on what plan you sign up for, you can set live task timers to track progress in real-time, sending reminders and alerts when necessary to the team members involved. You can also (on some plans) access detailed time reports to see how long things are taking and who is working quickly in order to better plan your time in the future.

Paymo Kanban boards

The Kanban boards are also standout features for small organizations that want to boost collaboration within their teams. Map out your workflow and keep everyone in the loop in one, easy-to-read display. Think of a Paymo Kanban board as a big mind map/ mood board for the day or week ahead, but with more professionalism and productive planning.

Planning and scheduling on every level

Anyone who finds joy in planning needs to have Paymo in place for their SME because the scheduling and organisation tools are second to none. Everything from staff hours to finances and budgets can be planned down to the smallest detail.

Support for remote working

More people are working from home now than ever, with many businesses operating almost completely remotely. Paymo has plenty of features that help manage a remote team and maintain a streamlined, productive workflow.

Paymo Prices and Plans

Free Plan (£0 per month)

The Paymo free plan allows businesses and organisations with fewer than 10 members to create a detailed management solution with all the bells and whistles. It is an ideal package for student groups, school organisations, and small remote teams with a low budget.

As long as you do not exceed 10 users, you can organise an unlimited number of projects using all the available tools. You are, however, limited to 100 individual tasks per month, 250-time entries, and only three invoices or time reports.

Small Office Plan (roughly £7.50 per user per month)

Small offices that need a few extra features can pay around £7.50 per user per month to access unlimited task planning, time entries, reports, and templates. Considering the low cost, you get serious bang for your buck!

On top of all the standard package features included in the free plan (which are already enough to run a team successfully), you also get 50GB of storage space to save reports and plans, active task timers to get you up to date in real-time, and tech support built-in to your app subscription.

Business Plan (roughly £12 per user per month)

At the top of the pile, the Paymo Business Plan at £12 per month for every user account includes everything an SME needs to excel with team planning and management. The 50GB storage is doubled to 100, extensive on-boarding training is provided to all new members, and remote online assistance is on hand whenever you need it.

Another feature worth noting that is only available on the Business Plan is employee leave management and planning. It may not be necessary for the smallest organisations, but it may come into play as the company grows.

On both the Small Office Plan and the Business Plan, Paymo offers subscribers two free months if they sign up for an annual plan, bringing the price even lower and making the features even better value for money.

Paymo Review Summary                   

Paymo is the perfect tool for a small organisation or business that wants to restructure its management system and find a more advanced solution. Affordable and flexible, the Paymo platform is an intelligent choice for upgrading productivity and collaborative working methods. Large businesses, however, should look for a different solution since you pay per user.

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