Rank Math Review

rank math review

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One of the best SEO plugins for WordPress is Rank Math. In this Rank Math review we look at exactly what this plugin has to offer.

WordPress is one of the best platforms for integrations and third-party plugins. If you have a WordPress website, you can improve the functionality and performance using these plugins.

A useful category is SEO plugins. These have a range of tools that analyse your website content and show what SEO improvements you could make.

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In this Rank Math review…

Rank Math Overview

Rank Math is a comprehensive SEO plugin for WordPress. It is one of the most in-depth plugins available of its type and is often touted as the top performer next to Yoast SEO which is a similar product. Rank Math also has a free version that offers far more features and utility than any other similar free SEO plugin.

For basic SEO optimization, Rank Math can be used to great effect. For example, you can improve the META content of individual web pages. It also provides full SEO audits for single web pages or your entire website. This allows you to see where you need to make improvements.

This plugin has much more to offer, however. You can optimize SEO for your local business area, and integrate your social media accounts. Also, it has excellent support for schemas – specialized content layouts for things like products, restaurants, and videos.

For novice users, the only downside is that all of this may be overwhelming. It has a lot to offer and this can be confusing. Also, some of the image optimization tools may not be the easiest to use.

Rank Math review
Rank Math WordPress Plugin


  • Basic SEO optimization for web pages.
  • 404 error monitor.
  • Localised SEO tools.
  • Support for social media content and integration.
  • SEO overview and analytical data.

Rank Math Pros and Cons


  • Has minimal impact on the performance of your website.
  • Intuitive and relatively easy to use.
  • Excellent array of SEO data and analytics.
  • Great basic page SEO optimisation.
  • Good social media integration.


  • The array of features may be overwhelming for novice users.
  • Some image features may not be the clearest.

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Rank Math Review: Features and Usability

Rank Math is a complex product that has a range of different areas to analyze. In this Rank Math review, we look at pricing, its features, and the utility of some of its most important tools.


Rank Math has both free and premium packages available. The free version is enough to have a good impact on your SEO, but the minimal cost of the pro version is certainly worth the investment. Currently, Rank Math has price discounts for all three packages, so we have listed these discounted rates and the standard prices for comparison:

Launch Price Discount

  • Pro: £59.00 per year.
  • Business: £199.00 per year.
  • Agency: £499.00 per year.

Standard Price (No Discount)

  • Pro: £129.00 per year.
  • Business: £429.00 per year.
  • Agency: £999.00 per year.

It is important to note that only the business and agency packages support client websites. Therefore, if you were a web design agency or a business that created content for other companies, you would need to use one of these packages. 

The pro package is suitable for single businesses and at £59.00 per year, it is one of the cheapest SEO plugins for WordPress. For example, Yoast SEO has a minimum cost of £199.00 per year.


Rank Math has a lot of features. At first glimpse, it can be overwhelming. Novice users may find it difficult to know where to start and exactly what features to use with their WordPress content. We have listed some of the main features of Rank Math below:

  • Analysis of META data for website pages.
  • Integration with social media accounts.
  • Numerous tools for social media content.
  • A variety of SEO and keyword reports.
  • Simple SEO overview for entire website and pages within.
  • Tools for SEO localisation.
  • Various schema snippets for different types of content.
  • Rank tracker.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.

At its most basic, Rank Math has a detailed set of tools to improve the basic SEO of your WordPress website pages. However, it offers so much more than this too. The schema creator, for example, allows you to create specific layouts and templates for different forms of content – such as recipes, videos, and products.

We also like the detailed array of statistics and data available. You can easily see the performance of your pages, but also of your keywords and SEO rankings.

Rank Math also offers great functionality for social media. For example, you can integrate your social media profiles on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Also, you can create specific content for these platforms like Twitter Meta Cards.

Rank Math is essentially a service that can be as detailed or sparse as you like depending on the scope of your business and online content.


Compared to some other SEO plugins, Rank Math is relatively accessible. If you have no SEO knowledge or experience with plugins, we would advise using the free version first. This has much less information and tools to digest – the premium versions do have a lot more to comprehend.

However, once you have first installed the Rank Math plugin, it has an easy setup wizard. This takes you through the initial configuration and allows you to integrate it with your WordPress website perfectly.

The overall interface and utility of Rank Math are also quite good. The interface is minimalistic and clean. You can easily see important information, and it uses a range of colour-based indicators so you can easily see what needs improving.

Basic SEO Optimization for Web Pages

At its core, Rank Math has a solid set of tools for basic SEO optimization. Similar to Yoast SEO, it has a snippet editor. This shows a preview of how your site will display on search engines. Underneath this, it also has boxes for the META title, description, and website URL.

We like that it shows a colour gradient ranking and score for each META item. It also shows simple hints on how to improve the score – for example, if your META description is too short, or doesn’t contain the main keyword at the start.

This simple function allows you to easily optimize each page in your WordPress website to make sure the basic SEO is in place.


Creating structured data for your content is important today as search engines become more advanced. The schema generator of Rank Math allows you to do this. You can create individual schemas for a large range of different content types including events, job listings, products, restaurants, and articles.

The generator is again easy to use, and you can see previews of the different schemas and how they would appear on a Google search. This is a great tool if you have specialized content that would benefit from specific layouts to add distinction.

Social Media Integrations and Tools

If you have an active social media presence, Rank Math will allow you to integrate this with your WordPress website. To start, you can link your various social media accounts to your Rank Math plugin.

Also, it has a range of optimization tools for different social media content like image thumbnails, Twitter meta cards, and Facebook post authorship. We also like that it provides live previews of your social media content.

SEO Data and Analytics

Rank Math also has a decent set of analytical and research tools. Firstly, it offers a simple set of keyword comparison tools so you can find suitable keywords for your website. It also has a range of tools so you can analyze the current keyword content on your website.

Aside from this, Rank Math also has a useful SEO analysis tool. This is essentially a full SEO audit for your website. It uses 40 different factors to analyze the SEO optimization of your web pages.

The results are shown using various graphs and data – it’s easy to digest and you can quickly see where you need to make improvements. These reports can be generated either for your entire site or individual web pages.

Customer Support

Rank Math offers differing levels of customer support depending on which package you have bought. Regardless, all packages provide 24/7 support which is a great benefit.

Both the business and agency packages provide 24/7 priority support which means you will get much faster response times. However, Rank Math is generally known for having a good level of customer support regardless.

Due to its popularity, it also has an excellent community and you can easily find a wealth of information online on how to use the plugin. On the Rank Math website, there is also a knowledge base. You can search this knowledge base and it has a strong range of helpful articles and guides.

Rank Math Review Summary

If you want an SEO plugin for WordPress, Rank Math is one of the best options available. Its free version is comprehensive and is a great place to start. In addition, the premium versions are reasonably priced and have an excellent range of tools that are mostly easy to use.

If you want to use SEO software, but don’t want a WordPress plugin, we recommend you checkout AHREFs and SEMRush.

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