Revel Systems Review

Revel Systems Review
If you need a POS system for your store check out our Revel Systems Review to see if this provider is a good choice.

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Revel Systems is an innovative ePOS system many business managers use to take customer payments and manage inventory. In this Revel Systems Review, you can know more about all its features and find out if it’s the best option for your business.

In this review…

Revel Systems Summary

Revel Systems is a POS provider that operates exclusively on iPad, so it gives you the opportunity of taking your touch screen POS with you wherever you go. One of the best things about it is that it offers many different features, which is why it’s different from other brands. Additionally, you could either buy the hardware through Revel Systems or try to purchase it by yourself. 

Revel Systems POS
Inventory management dashboard

Revel Systems Pros & Cons


  • It’s immensely easy to use
  • It includes many different tools
  • Payment processor alternatives are very flexible
  • It integrates with QuickBooks
  • You don’t need to be online


  • You can’t use it on Android
  • Prices are somewhat high
  • Some people have experienced glitches
  • There have been customer support complaints

Revel Systems is an ideal POS for many different people since it’s very easy to use, and you get extra features such as loyalty programs and gift cards. You can build menus very quickly with its various tools, and you may integrate it with QuickBooks, along with other platforms.

At the same time, it’s locally installed and cloud-based, so it’s a hybrid model that doesn’t need for you to be online to use it.

Nonetheless, it has several disadvantages as well. Compared to other options, its prices may be rather high, and you can only use it on iPads, so it doesn’t work if you have Android devices.

In some cases, clients have experienced glitches and customer support problems, and you have to bill it annually. If you want the best price, you need to pay for a three-year plan.

Revel Systems Features

Menu Building

One of the essential characteristics you should keep in mind when paying for a POS is its menu-building alternatives. If you want to take advantage of it and ensure that your staff does as well, menus should be easy to navigate and manage.

Fortunately, Revel Systems offers wonderful menu-building options. You can easily construct the menus you want, use different alternatives to make them look how you wish, and much more.

Even though not all brands have top-quality features, with Revel Systems, you and your staff can use a variety of building tools to make your menus and upload them as spreadsheets.

Offline Features

With Revel Systems, you don’t need to be online to manage your business. If you have internet problems or if you’re on the go, you can still have control of everything you care about.

Furthermore, Revel Systems allows you to manage different things at once, which is why you can control various restaurants or sites from a single location. It’s practical and effective.

Real-time Data and Information Viewing

When you manage a business, you probably want to stay on top of things and ensure you have all the information you need at hand. However, you may not be physically present in all cases, so if you don’t have a useful ePOS system, you might have certain issues.

Revel Systems lets you view real-time reports of what’s going on in your business, and you can also visualise in-depth data of all the processes you need. Thus, you don’t have to be there to ensure everything’s going on well.

Straightforward Options for Staff and Customers

Using Revel Systems is a fantastic alternative for both customers and staff due to its many straightforward options. You could, for example, split checks very quickly, which is a crucial feature to keep in mind when you’re managing a restaurant.

Managers of other types of stores might wonder if Revel Systems works for them, and if you’re one of them, fear not. You can use it for more than just bill-splitting. The POS system is ideal if you want to create promotions, discounts, manage tabs, and much more.

Mobile Viewing of Your Business

You never need to worry about having a laptop if you use Revel Systems. It works exclusively on iPads, so it’s ideal if you prefer not to carry your computer around when you’re working.

Although not all POS systems are available on mobile, Revel Systems is specifically designed for you to use on the go. Therefore, it’s a fantastic alternative if you already take advantage of your iPad’s options to manage your business.

Restaurant-managing Features

Revel Systems offers several characteristics restaurant managers might not want to miss. If you have one or more restaurants to organise, this POS system might be one of the most ideal alternatives.

You could, for example, use it to quickly build menus and split bills, just like it has been mentioned before. However, it’s also ideal to automatise your kitchen processes: you can connect the front room of your business to your staff, which allows you to install automatic updates and several benefits.

This POS system also lets you manage deliveries and inventories, and that makes your business more effective and faster. Instead of having to go to your restaurant and see if your inventory lacks an item, you can review everything on your iPad and restock if you need it. 

Even though restaurant managers might feel happy with these features, if you have a different type of business, you may not find them very useful. Nonetheless, the characteristics are still innovative and convenient for many people.

Loyalty Programmes and Benefits

Business management is not only about ensuring your staff has the best options to keep your customers happy, but also about guaranteeing you’re offering incentives to your clients.

Therefore, if you want to increase client return and build strong relationships with your customers, you may need a POS system that allows you to build all the strategies you’re going to use.

Fortunately, Revel Systems is ideal since you can quickly construct loyalty programmes and offer benefits to your clients. Your best customers can receive gift cards, discounts, and promotions, and you can do everything from your iPad.


If you need to integrate Revel Systems, you may do so with different accounting and online ordering systems. 

Integrating your POS system is essential to ensure you optimise all your processes, and it’s an available feature for Revel Systems users, which is ideal to streamline many different features.

Industries that May Benefit from Using Revel Systems

Even though Revel Systems offers several features that are exclusively convenient for restaurant managers, you can take advantage of the POS system if you run a different business. Here are some of the industries that may benefit from it:

  • Retail stores
  • Pizza shops
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Coffee shops

Small and medium-sized business managers may make the most out of Revel Systems due to its features, but you should also keep in mind that it’s an ideal program if you have several sites or restaurants to manage.

User Friendliness, Hardware, and Deployment

Revel Systems is one of the easiest POS systems you could use. When you’re investing in new software for your business, you might want to ensure that it’s straightforward since it helps you save time and quickly train your staff. Luckily, this one may be what you’re looking for.

With Revel Systems, you can quickly manage staff profiles, visualise different aspects of your business, swap between tabs to see various processes at once, and much more. Moreover, you can build menus and offer clients all you want.

Currently, Revel Systems is only available for people with Apple iPads, which might be convenient if you have one already. However, Android users may have to invest in the devices or choose a different option, so it may not be the best alternative.

Even so, the familiar iPad touch screen may make many processes much easier, especially when it comes to managing transactions

Lastly, another convenient aspect that Revel System offers is that it’s a hybrid program, which means it’s locally installed but all your information is safe on the cloud. Thus, if your iPad crashes or if you have internet issues, you can never lose your progress, customer data, menus, or everything you’ve worked hard for.

Revel Systems Prices and Plans

Revel Systems starts at $99 per month per terminal, and you have to bill it annually. Compared to other POS systems like Vend or Sunrise, it’s much more expensive, so it might not be convenient for small-business owners or start-ups.

Additionally, Revel Systems does not offer a free trial, and it gives you the best pricing options if you pay for a three-year service. If you want a professional installation for your software and hardware, you have to pay a $649 minimum extra fee.

Revel Systems Review Summary

There are many POS options, but Revel System is a robust alternative that offers many different convenient features for business managers. It’s recommended for restaurant, retail, and shop managers who want to optimise their processes.

If this Revel Systems review helped you, please recommend DigitalSupermarket.

For other ePOS systems, use our comparison tool below, or check out Vend, Square or Shopify.

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