Sky Business Broadband Deals & Review

Sky Business Broadband is a great choice, but is it right for your business?

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Sky offers a range of different services for both consumers and businesses. This includes Sky TV and home broadband. There is also a Sky Business Broadband service for small to medium-sized businesses that could be of interest. In this review, we look at the different packages for businesses, their prices, and what features you can expect.

In This Review…

Sky Business Broadband Review

Sky is known for offering high-quality and high-speed broadband services for home users. But how does Sky Business Broadband compare? One of the downsides of Sky is that it is often seen as a premium service and their packages can be expensive. We see if this generalization is true in our below review.

About Sky Business Broadband

Sky is a household name in the UK. Many people have a Sky TV or Sky Sports subscription, and many also utilize Sky broadband. It is used by millions of people and the company generally has a great reputation. It has been providing telecommunications services in the UK for decades, and recently it has branched out to provide small business broadband.

This is Sky Connect. Sky Connect aims to provide fibre broadband to small businesses throughout the UK that is accessible and easy to set up.

Sky Business Broadband Plans, Prices & Features

Compared to some other business broadband providers like BT, Sky has a relatively simple set of price plans. It currently has just three business plans – Advantage, Advantage Plus, and Advantage Max. The packages are quite similar but each has one key addition. You can see the current price plans below:

  • Advantage: £39.00 per month (24-month contract)
  • Advantage Plus: £27.50 per month (24-month contract)
  • Advantage Max: £95.00 per month (24-month contract)

Advantage Package

The Advantage package is the basic business broadband package for Sky customers. Strangely enough, it is currently not the cheapest package as Sky has an introductory offer on the Advantage Plus package. Included in this package you get:

  • Download/Upload speeds of 63-70 Mbps / 30-35 Mbps.
  • Unlimited data allowance.
  • Network-level phishing & malware protection.
  • VoiceEdge call forwarding.

This is essentially the standard package and at £39 per month, it is more expensive than most other providers including BT for their comparative entry-level business packages.

The package is pretty basic but it is a solid option for small businesses who just require a stable, reliable internet connection for their employees.

Advantage Plus Package

The mid-range package is the Advantage Plus Package. This usually retails at £55.00 per month, but Sky currently has an introductory offer of £27.50 per month which makes it great value for money. However, this reduced rate only applies for the first 6 months. In this package you get:

  • Download/Upload speeds of 63-70 Mbps / 30-35 Mbps.
  • Unlimited data allowance.
  • Network-level phishing & malware protection.
  • VoiceEdge call forwarding.
  • Always-on-internet (4G backup).

This package is essentially exactly the same as the Advantage package, however, you get the addition of the always-on-internet feature. This is similar to BT’s 4G EE backup and will provide a backup 4G mobile connection in the event that your broadband goes down.

Aside from that, the speeds and other features remain unchanged. As a result, once the introductory price of £27.50 per month is finished, you are effectively paying £16.00 extra per month for the always-on-internet backup service. Whether this is worth it or not is up to you.

Advantage Max Package

Lastly, we have the expensive Advantage Max Package. Retailing at £95.00 per month, this is one of the most expensive business broadband packages available. This package again is essentially exactly the same as the Advantage Plus package but has the addition of multiple phone lines. 

  • Download/Upload speeds of 63-70 Mbps / 30-35 Mbps.
  • Unlimited data allowance.
  • Network-level phishing & malware protection.
  • VoiceEdge call forwarding.
  • Always-on-internet (4G backup).
  • Multiple phone lines.

Therefore, for £95.00 you don’t get any additional download or upload speeds, or any other features. What you do get is up to four digital phone lines each with the VoiceEdge call forwarding service. These phone lines can be used for unlimited local, national, and UK mobile calls.

If you have a growing business that requires separate phone lines for different teams or departments, this could be a worthwhile buy. However, the price jump is extensive and this may not be a suitable package for small businesses.

Sky Business Broadband Pros & Cons

It is important to understand the pros and cons of Sky Business Broadband so you can weigh up if this is a suitable provider for your business. We delve into the main pointers below:


  • Reliable service and great coverage.
  • The call forwarding feature is great for businesses.
  • Always-on-internet is a useful feature to ensure business continuity.
  • Unlimited data usage for all business broadband packages.

Firstly, Sky Business Broadband is reliable and it does offer great overall broadband service. If you choose this provider, you can expect a stable connection, consistent speeds, and a broadband service that is easy to set up. Although they do not offer as fast speeds as some other providers, the 76 Mbps connection should be ample for small businesses and general daily use.

Secondly, we really like the VoiceEdge digital call service. This works in conjunction with your digital phone line and has a great range of call features. For example, you can set calls to ring on up to five phones simultaneously. Also, it has a great call forwarding feature so that you never miss a business opportunity.

Thirdly, in today’s 24/7 online world, something like the always-on-internet feature is incredibly handy. This means that if the Sky business broadband service is temporarily unavailable, you can still use the backup 4G mobile connection. Yes, this is not as fast, but it is an acceptable stand-in until the broadband issue is resolved.

Lastly, having an unlimited data allowance on all packages is also beneficial. We would expect this as standard from any business broadband provider, but it is still a plus. This means that you don’t have to worry about download limits and your business can do things like live streaming and conference calls.


  • One of the more expensive business broadband providers.
  • No option for greater download speeds than 76 Mbps.
  • The different packages are quite light on features.

Although Sky Business Broadband does have many positives, it does have some potential drawbacks too. Firstly, it is certainly not the cheapest business broadband provider available. The basic Advantage package is one of the most expensive standard packages at £39.00 per month. Also, the mid-range Advantage Plus package at its standard pre-discount price is much more expensive than comparative packages from BT, and Vodafone.

You must also consider the maximum download and upload speeds of Sky Business Broadband. Currently, Sky offers maximum speeds of 76 Mbps. Of course, this is still fibre-optic speed and it is certainly better than most home broadband services. However, larger businesses may find this limiting. In comparison, companies like BT offer upgraded download packages with speeds of up to 900 Mbps.

Lastly, compared to the other providers, one may consider Sky’s packages to be relatively light on features. Some may feel that the packages simply feel a little basic and underwhelming.

Is Sky Business Broadband Right for my Business?

You should now have a clear idea of what to expect from the different Sky Business Broadband packages. But are any of them right for you? The Sky packages are better suited to established businesses or businesses that aren’t as concerned with the cost.

If you simply want an affordable, reliable broadband service for your business, there are cheaper options available from other providers.

Sky excels regarding digital phone lines and phone services in conjunction with broadband. Therefore, if you are a business looking for broadband and a completely digital telephone setup, the Sky Advantage Plus, or Sky Advantage Max packages could be beneficial. The 24 different call features such as call forwarding, paired with reliable fibre broadband will offer stability for your business.

Compare Sky Business Broadband

When looking for a business broadband provider, it is important to compare their packages with other providers. Below, we have listed some notable pointers on how Sky Business Broadband compares to BT, Vodafone, and other major UK providers:

  • Compared to providers like BT, Sky Business Broadband does not offer any download speeds greater than 76 Mbps.
  • Sky provides 4G backup coverage in its Plus and Max packages similar to BT where other companies only have this as an optional extra.
  • In terms of basic cost, the standard business plan from Sky is one of the most expensive available in terms of like-for-like features, speed, and monthly cost.
  • Like BT and Vodafone, Sky does not offer any shorter minimum-contract terms than 24-months.
  • Sky has a discount introductory offer on their mid-range package whereas BT and some of the other providers do not.

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