SpamGuard Review

SpamGuard is an Instagram spam cleaning app. This review will help you decide if it's worthwhile for your account.

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Spam is a huge problem on Instagram. Businesses buy artificial followers. There are thousands of bot accounts and waves of self-promoters who simply follow you which can affect your account. It can therefore be difficult for businesses to market effectively on Instagram and measure their success. This is where a tool like SpamGuard could be beneficial.

SpamGuard has had mixed user reviews. In this review, we’ll take a look at this Instagram account cleaning app to help you decide if it can improve the quality of your Instagram interactions.

In this review…

SpamGuard Overview

SpamGuard is an online service that anyone can use – individuals, businesses, and influencers, for example. If you have an Instagram account, you can benefit from the service. It is marketed as the world’s first smart cleaner for Instagram.

This includes deleting spam accounts from your followers, removing inactive users, and removing users without a common association. Also, it has a range of anti-spam guards to protect your Instagram account from hackers, bots, and ghosts. 

Overall, it is highly effective at cleaning and filtering your Instagram account. If you are an influencer or business that wants to have a successful Instagram profile, SpamGuard can certainly help. It is relatively affordable but gives real benefits. Once you have used SpamGuard, you can start to accurately measure your Instagram success and concentrate on building a following of active, real users instead of ghosts, bots, and spammers.

Although this does look to be a great service, it may not be perfect. Firstly, some people have reported that if you purchase a single scan, you are then automatically signed up to a monthly subscription too. Please be vigilant and read and terms and conditions fully so you are aware of exactly what you are paying for. Also, the SpamGuard customer support is not the best and they currently only have a support email with no live chat or telephone line.

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  • Single account scans to check for spam users and activity
  • Can remove spam comments, tagged photos and more
  • Actively protects your Instagram account from hackers
  • Cloud service and no need to install any app/software
  • Can add multiple Instagram accounts to your dashboard
  • Reports to show activity and spam filtering 

Pros & Cons


  • The dashboard is modern with a simple layout
  • The different spam guards are easy to activate
  • Single scans can be bought for just £1.00
  • The monthly price plan is also relatively affordable
  • It offers more than just simple spam protection


  • The subscription plans are not easy to find on the website
  • An automatic subscription may activate after you buy a £1.00 scan
  • Not the best customer support
  • Can sometimes block active users incorrectly

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SpamGuard Review – Is This a Worthwhile Tool to use for Your Instagram Business Account?

Let’s jump straight into this SpamGuard review. In the below sections we have outlined various features of this platform including the price plans, different types of protection, and the utility of the dashboard.


First, let’s check out the different SpamGuard features. It is important to understand exactly what you get if you use this online Instagram spam checker. The following are the basic features you have access to:

  • Instagram account scans to check for spam activity
  • Check for ghosts, unmutual follows, inactive users, and bots
  • Remove inactive users, ghosts, spam users, and unmutual followers
  • Also, remove spam from comments
  • Prevent spam via Instagram image tagging
  • Reports of protection and spam activity on your account

As you can see, SpamGuard goes beyond simple spam account detection. While spam is of primary concern for Instagram, there are other areas of a nuisance. 

For example, you can often get tagged in photos from bots and spam users. Also, you can frequently get harassment from other businesses trying to promote themselves, even if they have no affiliation with you. SpamGuard can stop these things. It will ensure that your account only has real content and interactions with users that have a mutual link to your business.

This will greatly help improve the quality of your Instagram interactions. Oftentimes this is far more important than the sheer volume of followers and likes etc. alone.


SpamGuard offers a simple pricing structure, however, it is a little tricky to actually find the prices. We would like to see greater visibility for the pricing structure. Currently, you have to actually proceed with purchasing a subscription before the prices are revealed. Ideally, the “prices” page on their website should clearly show the different monthly plans. Regardless, you can see the current options below:

  • Single account scan: £1.00
  • SpamGuard Full Access (1 Month): £15.00 per month
  • SpamGuard Full Access (6 Months): £9.00 per month
  • SpamGuard Full Access (12 Months): £6.00 per month

If you don’t want to commit to a full subscription, there is a simple scan option that costs just £1.00. This is incredibly affordable and certainly something to consider for personal accounts or getting started with a business account. You can do a single scan and then clean any spam resulting from it.

Alternatively, if you want to consistently maintain your account and keep it free from spam, you must buy a monthly subscription. The most affordable option is to pay 12 months in advance. This reduces the overall cost by 40% and works out at £6.00 per month.

For the services you get, we feel this cost is certainly warranted. Especially if you are a business that intends to utilize Instagram as a primary form of marketing. 

SpamGuard User Options

There are different levels of service you can use with SpamGuard. This makes it relatively versatile and means you can tailor the service to your individual or business needs. The following are the different types of user options:

  • Whole Account Cleaner
  • Ghosts Cleaner
  • Anti-business Accounts Cleaner
  • Not Common Accounts Cleaner
  • Inactive Users Cleaner
  • Spam Guard

As you can see, this provides you with great flexibility for what you want to achieve with your Instagram account. The whole account cleaner is the most comprehensive cleaning option. This allows you to effectively select what types of users you want to delete such as ghosts, businesses, passive followers, and bots. You can also create a customized white list to include a list of followers that you never want to be blocked.

Alternatively, you can be more specific and use some of the tailored cleaner services. For example, the anti-business cleaner is a great option if you don’t want to continually see business adverts and business profiles in your Instagram feed. 

We also like the not common accounts cleaner. This is often an area where Instagram accounts fall down. They have thousands of followers, but many of them have no common association. This can reduce the overall quality of your account. Using SpamGuard, you can choose to remove any follower/account that is not a result of back-followers, and don’t have a common interest with your business.

Lastly, the inactive user’s cleaner is also a great feature. Inactive users don’t contribute anything to your Instagram following! Using SpamGuard, you can get rid of them instantly.

SpamGuard Dashboard

Everything is controlled via the SpamGuard dashboard. This is a web-based dashboard that can be accessed via any modern web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. The dashboard has a simple interface with clean toolboxes that anyone should be able to understand.

The left box shows scan options – this includes the scan button, the scan and cleaning progress percentages, and information on unwanted accounts. Next, the central box shows what protection you have active. Here you can change your protection settings and activate the different features like comment protection, spam protection, and spam tagging in photos.

Lastly, on the right, there is the report box. Here you can see statistics on current SpamGuard activity such as followers removed, comments removed, and direct requests removed.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, SpamGuard does not have amazing customer support. Currently, you can only contact them via email support. Otherwise, there is no live chat or telephone line support. This makes it a little difficult if you have any issues regarding your account or payments.

The email response times are OK, but not the quickest either. Luckily, the SpamGuard service itself is simple and straightforward. We don’t envision users having any issues, but if you do – you may have to wait for help.

SpamGuard Review Summary

SpamGuard appears to be a service that can provide real benefits for active Instagrammers. The spam blocking and removal of nuisance accounts, bots, inactive accounts, and ghosts is certainly a plus. Admittedly, there have been reports of the service blocking active users accidentally. If you find this, you can go through the spam results and whitelist users if a mistake was made.

Overall, however, the service looks to be worthwhile. It is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t take much effort or knowledge to understand. The pricing for single scans and a monthly subscription are also reasonable.

For businesses wanting to improve the quality of their Instagram interactions and activity, SpamGuard could certainly be a worthwhile service to use.

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