Square POS Review

Square POS Review
In this Square POS review we break down what this POS system has to offer for small businesses including pricing and features.

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Square POS is a great addition to your business, helping you to process payments, read sales reports, and many other features. There are however a lot of different ePOS providers available. This review will help you decide if Square POS is the best choice for you.

In this review…

Square POS Summary 

Square POS is a mobile point of sale system available for both iOS and Android devices. This platform doesn’t have a desktop app yet, so you can only use it from your smartphone. People who get this software are able to manage customers, digital receipts, SMS, email marketing campaigns, and analytics with no problem.

We know it seems like a lot of things for a single app, but that’s the catch of it. You don’t need to get any other apps for your business as long as you know how to use Square POS. However, it’s not a bad idea to have a whole team using this app if you want to take the most advantage you can of it. 

Some platforms or companies work best for specific jobs or companies. There could be, for example, a POS that works best for lawyers or programmers. Square POS is excellent for any kind of business, so it doesn’t matter if you have a coffee shop or if you work with retailers. 

Keep in mind that, with that many features available for you, it may be a little complex to understand how everything works when you first use the app. 

Square POS
Square POS dashboard

Square POS Pros & Cons 

Although Square POS is overall an excellent platform, every product or service on the market has disadvantages. Fortunately, we don’t think there’s a con that could keep you from using this app, so don’t hesitate to get it if you feel comfortable with what it offers you. 

Nonetheless, we want to help you make a decision, so here are the main pros and cons of Square POS:


  • It’s free to use
  • It offers tons of features
  • You don’t have to use other platforms
  • All your team can use it
  • Square has it’s own card machine


  • It can seem complex at times for first time users

Square POS Features 

Telling people what the Square POS’ features are is no easy task since there are tons of them. Some platforms and software focus on a single goal and offer five or four features that help you move towards that goal. Square POS does the opposite. 

This software gives you solutions to different problems to make things easier for you and avoid the need of using other apps or pay for additional subscriptions. The only problem with that is that many people don’t quite know what they may do once they download the Square POS app. 

As for team management features, it gives you Tips Management, Timesheet Management, Table Management, Stock Management, Retail Inventory Management, Receipt Management, Commission Management, and Access Controls. 

All those functions aim to make your employees’ jobs easier for them. Apart from that, it even has specialized features for specific jobs. 

Bakeries, for example, have a whole section that focuses on them, so it includes functions to manage clients, what they order, and the transactions they make. Some examples of that are management of customer accounts and customer history, credit card processing, and even inventory control.

What most companies use this app for is marketing. Many people can be confused by that since so far, we’ve only shown you management features.

However, Square POS also has some functions that aim to make your marketing strategies more effective at the end of the day. Promotions Management, Analytics, Reporting Statistics, Returns Tracking, and eCommerce management are some examples of that.  

Square POS members recommend new users to only use the features they need in the first place. You can try some of the others if you have free time and feel curious about it, but trying it all from the beginning can be a bit overwhelming. 

Square POS Prices and Plans 

There’s not a lot to tell when talking about Square POS pricing and how much each one of its plans’ costs. The main reason for that is that there’s not any pricing at all since you don’t need to pay anything to use this app. 

Neither contracts nor fees are needed, so you could download the Square POS app in a matter of seconds and start using it today. Thanks to that, this app gets more users each day, so its competitors have to try all sorts of new things to keep up with what the Square POS developers do. 

Other POS, such as Revel Systems, cost a lot of money to monthly users. This one, for example, costs you $79 per month, so it’s not that easy to use it if you are working on a budget. 

You may think that $79 is an outrageous price for a mobile app, but that’s actually the average price for point-of-sale systems. Hunger Rush costs $90 a month, and although it’s more affordable than others, Touch Bistro still costs $69. 

Considering that, you may ask yourself: Why would Square POS developers make it a free app when they could ask that much money for a single download? Although there aren’t official answers yet, developers can indeed get revenue from downloads, so if they get a lot of them, they don’t need to charge anything for it. 

It’s a dangerous strategy to go for, but with an app with that many features, such as Square POS, it turned out to be an excellent idea. The best part about this app being free is that you can try it anytime you feel like doing it and then delete the app if you don’t like it. 

However, taking into account that it has many things to offer, we recommend you try it for a few days and test some of its features before deleting it or stopping using it at all. There’s always time to make your business a more productive one, so take all the time you need to do it! 

Square POS – Why May Someone Use It?

Many business owners and managers who have been working for many years don’t quite understand why someone might download an app to make a business more productive. However, that’s because they don’t fully understand what those platforms can do for them. 

There are new technology developments each year, and companies of all sorts need to do what they can to avoid being outdated in comparison to their competitors. Although they’ve been on the market for a few years, online working tools are still a new thing for many people. 

Nonetheless, the ones who have decided to give these tools a try have noticed how much their company can improve if they just start using an online tool. The reason for that is that working tools aim, mainly, to make your workers’ lives easier. 

If your employees are comfortable and active, their overall working performance can -and is going to- improve in the short or long term. Having productive employees means having a productive workplace and company, so all the benefits you can get start there. 

Apart from that, apps such as Square POS not only help employees relax and do their jobs more easily but also do some parts of their job for them. Having an app doing the things you need to do in a matter of seconds saves hours of work at the end of the month. 

Square POS Review Summary 

When it comes to apps you have to pay for and platform subscriptions, it’s more difficult for reviewers to give a verdict. The reason for that is that most apps don’t offer a free trial, so users have to download them blindfolded and see if they like them after using them. 

Fortunately, that problem doesn’t happen with platforms like Square POS. Since you can download it, try it, and then delete it if you don’t like it, it’s easier for everyone to make a decision. We recommend you use Square POS for your business. 

The app can bring many benefits to your business in the long run, and it can significantly take a lot off your workers’ plates. Although using it can be a little complex at times, it gets better once you get the hang of it. 

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