Weebly vs Wix Review

Weebly-vs-wix review
This review will help you decide between Weebly vs Wix so you can choose the best website builder for your business.

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Weebly vs Wix? Which is the best website builder? This review will help you choose between these two. 

A website builder is a tool that helps you construct a website without manual code editing. It saves you from all the technicalities and provides you with pre-made templates. This saves you a lot of time and you can have your own website without the help of an expert.

Two of the most popular website builders are Weebly and Wix. These have similar features and usability. 

In this article, we compare Weebly vs Wix to see which could be more suitable for your new business.

In this review…

Weebly Overview 

Weebly is a website building service that provides entrepreneurs with a platform to build eCommerce websites that customers visit and shop from. The tools provided by Weebly make it easy to construct professional and mobile-optimized sites that can help businessmen grow their businesses. 

Its services are broken into different purposes depending on what your intended needs are. Examples include building websites, online stores of entrepreneurs, domain registration, product photography and a lot more suitable to your needs. 

This website creation tool is a strong contender in this domain because of its clear and simple interface. Weebly also has very attractive and engaging website templates. It also has integrated ecommerce tools that offer good site-creation flexibility majorly for mobile sites. 

Weebly website builder
Weebly Website Builder

Weebly Pros And Cons 


  • Free usage option 
  • Unlimited data transfers in all plans
  • Easy switching of themes without rebuilding the site 
  • Full commerce options
  • Site stats included 


  • No reusable photo storage
  • Lacks universal undo feature
  • Slow-responding customer services 
  • Limited theme modification 

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Wix Overview

Wix is another well-known and popular website builder. It provides robust customization and unique eCommerce tools. This tool requires minimal effort and money and gives you maximum creative freedom. You have the power to make your website bespoke and attractive according to your audience and needs. 

This website builder gives you the option of a free service tier which can help you get a hands-on experience of this tool. No technicalities are involved when you are using Wix because it is very simple to use with services like online storage, innovative video backgrounds and ecommerce tools etc. 

The interface of this tool has helped this to be in the top category. The interface is said to be intuitive and powerful which makes usage very easy for the customers. 

Wix website builder
Wix Website Builder

Wix Pros & Cons 


  • Intuitive Editor X interface 
  • Hundreds of templates according to your business 
  • Free option 
  • Various commerce options
  • Excellent customer service 


  • Built-in stats not available 
  • Can’t switch templates 

Weebly vs Wix 

As mentioned earlier, Weebly and Wix are very popular when it comes to the tools of website building. They also have a lot of features in common. They are both big companies, with huge marketing budgets and popularity around the world.

They both are considered big giants, but do you know that the average monthly Google searches for wix.com are around 301,000 and the monthly google searches for weebly.com are 49,500. This shows a great difference. Wix.com is searched almost 6 times more than weebly.com

But the question is; can we just believe the figures and state that bigger is better? Wix has a louder voice but we need to delve deeper. Let’s look in detail at the major differences between these two giants. We will be comparing prices, features, usability and much more. 


We have mentioned earlier that Weebly and Wix, both have a free plan which makes them equally better in terms of pricing. But you need to remember that no one likes ads popping up on your websites and it makes the overall look unprofessional. 

Both of these tools have similar plans but there are few things that you need to compare while considering a website builder

  • Free plans are available in both these tools but with ads that will be promoting the builder itself. The self-promoting banners are more visible in Wix than in Weebly. But they both have it. 
  • Wix allows you to cancel your paid plan within the first 14 days and provides you with a full refund. Weebly is even better in these terms because it gives you a window of 30 days to decide and if you don’t like it, you can cancel the plan within 30 days.
  • Wix and Weebly both make you pay for your domain name after a year of usage. Weebly charges more than Wix (Add prices) 
  • Weebly charges $5/month in the Connect plan, $12 in the Pro plan which offers a free domain and Google ads credit for groups and organizations, and the last plan which is the business plan for small businesses and entrepreneurs charges $25/month. 
  • Wix has a range of its plans. Its basic plan is $4.50/month which is the starter version with ads. The combo plan which is used for personal use charges $8.50/month with 3GB storage and the option of removing ads. The most popular one is the unlimited plan for entrepreneurs and freelancers.
  • This plan charges $12.50/month. The last and the most expensive plan is the VIP plan which is $24.50/month with priority customer care and other premium features. 


The first feature that can be compared between these two website builders is the number of themes offered by these tools.


Wix offers more than 600 website themes to its users. They have a wide range to select the theme they want. Whereas, Weebly only offers 100+ themes. They are a lot but still less than the ones offered by Wix. It has been stated above several times that Wix is a king when it comes to customization.

Wix provides complete freedom in terms of customization and it just seems limitless in this domain. On the contrary, Weebly has some limitations when it comes to customization and modification You can’t drag and drop site elements, this feature is available in Wix. 


Weebly also restricts you in terms of changing colours. You can’t play with colours after you have chosen one theme for it. This is one of the major restrictions when it comes to features. If you are looking for third-party integration then you need to look at a few things before making a decision. The apps of Wix offer parallel feature-free and premium apps which are pretty cheap.

For both Weebly and Wix you can connect your own domain name on their paid plans.


In the case of Weebly, the app centre features over 100 more apps than Wix but the categories are limited. The problem that can be faced here is that it can be challenging to find a suitable category. In the domain of website hosting, both these tools are on the top.

These are fully hosted site-building platforms and you won’t be needing an external hosting service for this. Backups are also very important and in Weebly, you can save versions of your site and in Wix, you are allowed to make as many backups as you want of your site on Wix. 

Migration Support

Migration is also a feature that needs to be considered when choosing the best website builder. Weebly gives you an option to download your site and then transfer it to another platform. This comes with a limitation that you can’t reupload your downloaded file back onto your site. On the other hand, Wix doesn’t offer the option of migrating your site to another platform. 

These are the major features that can be compared to find the best solution for yourself. 


Both the tools are popular because they are easy to use. They are true to their word because it takes minutes to get started. The good thing about these website builders is that they use drag and drop editors which makes them user-friendly. 

Weebly does lack some aspects of usability as compared to Wix. Let’s look at them in detail. Wix’s editors have come with a lot more options and are not so dull as compared to Weebly’s. Wix gives you the option to position all the elements where you want them. Furthermore, you can finetune colours, styles, and fonts in Wix. 

Wix also makes sure that you never break your site entirely. This is achieved by providing a universal undo button. Whereas, Weebly doesn’t offer you that but doesn’t it sound like Wix is way more technical and complex? Wix indeed has more options and they are diverse but it impacts the user and makes it confusing for its users. 

Overall Weebly is easy to use and user-friendly. But you can look at all these features and decide which suits your needs. 

Which is best: Weebly vs Wix

This comparison is a never-ending debate because everyone will have their own opinion about this. They are the top two contenders in this competition and they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Wix is better for the people who want to tailor the website according to their industry and have a bespoke website. The range of templates makes Wix better in this domain. 

Whereas, Weebly has its strengths. Weebly focuses on the structure and this can be beneficial for people with less specific ideas about design. This review can definitely help you make a wise decision according to your needs.

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