Zoho Review

zoho review
This Zoho review will help you decide if this is the best CRM fir your business.

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Getting the right software to manage your business is not easy, especially if you have to manage different business functions. In this Zoho review, we’ll give you all the information you need to determine if it’s the right CRM system for your business.

In this Zoho review…

Zoho Review Summary

If you’re in the business world, you may have heard something about Zoho, a top platform to manage various company processes.

Zoho offers a CRM solution for different enterprises and businesses, which allows you to easily solve many businesses. 

With Zoho, you can organize various projects and ensure you achieve your goals. However, it offers more options than that. It has more than 45 apps, which allow you to manage many processes and automate different things.

If you get Zoho CRM Plus, for example, you can access a unified platform to manage your customer experience. It is a fantastic tool to turn your visitors into brand advocates by providing them with an experience they can’t forget.

The good thing about Zoho is that it offers you different bundles, and you can choose what you need depending on the goals you have for your brand. 

However, you would need to hire each plan separately, which may be very costly. Therefore, if you’re on a budget, it might be hard to figure out the best options for you.

zoho review
Zoho Dashboard

Zoho Pros & Cons

Every tool has its pros and cons, and so does Zoho. Check out the following list of advantages and disadvantages:


  • You can sign up for free
  • It offers many options
  • It’s simple to use
  • You don’t need any extra integrations


  • It can be costly

Zoho has a list of 45 apps to choose from if you want to manage your business processes. You no longer need to worry about customer experience or productivity because the apps can help you achieve your goals.

Over 60 million users across the world trust Zoho to ensure their companies grow. Even though it offers many different options, it’s simple to use, so you can never feel like you don’t understand what you’re doing.

Instead, the tool’s simplicity allows you to be a fundamental part of the process. With CRM Plus, for example, you don’t need any integrations, and you can use it to track your visit, manage your projects and sales, create email campaigns, and much more.

Even though Zoho has wonderful features, you must pay a lot of money per month if you want to enjoy different bundles. It depends on what you choose, but the Finance Plus, for example, is $149 a month.

Zoho Features

Zoho has many different features available, which might make things confusing if you’re barely starting to get to know the platform. Therefore, the review is split into various categories, so you can easily understand everything it has to offer. The tool’s main features are the following:

  • It’s a unique CRM platform
  • It offers you an online workplace to unify your teams

It is a Well-known CRM Platform

When you’re in the business world, relying on the right tools is essential if you wish to succeed. However, you may already know that. At the same time, you might understand that your relationship with your customers is vital to make your business grow.

Therefore, having a CRM system by your side could completely change things for you. It includes the possibility of inter-team communication, but you can also use it to manage important information, insights, and to enhance productivity.

A good CRM platform must ensure that your team can successfully engage with your clients. Fortunately, Zoho is ideal for that. The inter-team communication feature lets your workers communicate in real-time without worrying about wasting precious moments trying to reach other departments.

At the same time, the CRM features include omnichannel engagement. In other words, your customers can enjoy every interaction they have with your team. It doesn’t matter if you’re contacting them by mail, phone, social media, or surveys. They still get an incredible experience!

Another incredible feature that Zoho offers is that it helps your team understand vital information about your customers. If you know a lot about running a business, you might understand the importance of having updated data about your clients. When you don’t have it, you can’t identify the problems nor develop effective solutions.

Zoho inspects the complicated characteristics of nowadays’ clients, and you need that information to ensure your business succeeds. 

The staff behind Zoho focused on one concept of productivity: making your business processes easier. Thus, it doesn’t have anything to do with spending more time doing things. On the contrary, it’s about automating every process in your company, so it works perfectly and effectively.

Its CRM features make Zoho stand out from the competition, but they’re not everything the tool has to offer you.

Zoho Reimagines Your Workplace

Organizing your workplace can be very hard, especially if you’re running an online business. There are hundreds of apps and programs to choose from, and sometimes it’s incredibly challenging to make things work.

With Zoho, you can experience something completely different. Instead of struggling with integrations and complicated apps, you can enjoy the workplace features and simplify all processes.

Zoho Workplace is an innovative tool that has four main goals: give you context, continuity, ensure convenience and improve collaboration. 

Managing an online business requires you to always be focused on the important issues, which is why having a tool to provide you with context is essential. Zoho Workplace ensures productivity by guaranteeing that you never get sidetracked when attempting to achieve your goals.

On the other hand, continuity becomes important when you have to track different processes to ensure your business is working properly. If you jump from one device to another, you should have a tool that helps you have all the information you need.

Thirdly, Zoho Workplace ensures convenience because it’s easy to use. When you’re running an online business, learning how to use apps quickly is essential, but it can be hard if they’re complicated. However, this tool wants you to get more done with fewer clicks and frustrations.

Zoho Workplace also guarantees that your team functions properly. You can’t succeed if your team members don’t communicate with each other and work together to achieve their goals, which is why this tool facilitates the process.

The Workplace includes nine different apps to make everything easier for you. The bundle’s apps are to make the following processes easier:

  • File management
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Presentations
  • Social intranet
  • Online meetings
  • Online training
  • Spreadsheets
  • Word processor

Having multiple options to work with your team and manage all the processes is vital if you want to facilitate things. You could, for example, use the chat so your workers can communicate with your clients. 

Even though fostering communication among your workers is not easy, everything is at one click away when you use Zoho. The platform’s simple features but convenient apps allow you to enjoy quick talks when your team needs them or planned-out meetings if they have a few topics to discuss.

The Zoho Workplace can’t magically solve all your company issues. Even big companies have problems and face difficulties. However, with a convenient tool by your side, you can automate different processes and ensure everything goes smoother.

Other Features that Zoho Has for You

The main features that Zoho offers are its CRM options and its Workplace apps. Nonetheless, you could get other bundles, which may be convenient for you even though they’re not as popular.

To manage your business correctly, you must ensure you pick the right tools to automate the processes. Therefore, examining all the bundles that Zoho can offer you is a great idea to guarantee you choose the one that fits your needs the best. Take a look at the following list!

Zoho Finance Plus

If you want to streamline all your operations, using the Finance bundle might provide you with what you’re looking for.

Finance Plus lets you manage invoicing, accounting, payment processes, sales, reports, subscriptions, taxes, and much more. 

The Finance bundle that Zoho offers you is easy to use, and you can take advantage of all its features to handle many processes. It helps you create incredible and professional invoices, receive payments, and organize everything in a single platform.

Although you get different options with Finance Plus, all the apps work together without any issues, which is why they are ideal if you want a platform to organize everything.

Creator Plus

Creators can also enjoy some of Zoho’s features, especially if they get the Creator Plus bundle. With it, you can make everything from pages to new forms.

If you use Creator Plus, you get an interactive and easy-to-understand builder to create any app your mind can think of. 

One of the main goals of Creator Plus is to make everything easier for you. You don’t need many skills to use the builder because it helps you easily create apps from scratch or integrate them with systems you already have.

Zoho People Plus

The human resources team is essential for any business. If you can’t manage the recruitment process, onboarding, and similar matters, you may have a lot of trouble finding the best workers for your company.

Even though People Plus is not as famous as Zoho’s Workplace bundle, it is still useful if you want to manage your employees and make sure they have a wonderful experience at work.

Many businesspeople underestimate the power of motivated workers. You shouldn’t make that mistake. Instead, you could explore what People Plus has to offer – from travel requests to various organization processes, it could help you ensure you manage your team correctly.

IT Management

Running an online business is complicated and involves many things, but one of the most important ones is your IT team. 

Without a well-organized IT team, your business is likely to have different issues. Thus, Zoho offers an easy way to manage everything without wasting any time.

If you use the IT Management bundle, you can easily organize your tickets and issues. Therefore, you could ensure that your team handles the problems, and your brand continues to function without any obstacles.

Marketing Plus

Among all the features that Zoho offers, the Marketing Plus bundle is the newest addition, so it may not offer as many options as the rest of the alternatives. It allows you to join all your marketing-related activities in just one place. 

If you have experience and training, you surely understand that marketing is not about posting one thing on a single channel. Instead, it consists of coordinating efforts to post different messages in various channels and ensure that your customers get a complete experience. No matter how unique your marketing process is, Marketing Plus lets you manage it with ease. 

Zoho Prices & Plans

Zoho offers different plans if you want to use them for your business. One of the best things it offers is that you can sign up for free.

At the same time, you can schedule a meeting and get an idea of how the platform would work for you, which is something unique about the platform. The pricing and plans are the following:

  • Standard CRM: $12 per user, per month. 
  • Professional CRM: $20 per user, per month.
  • Enterprise: $35 per user, per month.

You should also take a look at the bundle prices, which are the next ones:

  • Finance Plus: starts at $149 per month.
  • Creator bundle: starts at $40 per month.
  • People Plus: starts at $8 monthly.
  • Marketing bundle: starts at $25 monthly.

Even though the Finance Plus bundle is very expensive, the CRM plan is one of the cheapest ones you could find – only monday.com offers a better deal. Plus, Zoho, unlike HubSpot, Clopper, and Salesdrive, offers a free trial version. Thus, if you want more than one bundle, you might need more money. However, getting just one option could be a more affordable alternative.

Zoho Review Conclusion

Zoho offers many apps and features and it’s easy to use. Even though it’s more expensive than other options, it has different plans available and a free trial version. Thus, if you think it’s what you’re looking for, you can give it a try before paying anything.

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