Zyro Review

Zyro review
This Zyro review will help you decide if this website builder is best for your business.

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There are so many different website builders to choose from – it can be difficult knowing which are the best options. Zyro is one such choice. This is a website builder that is aimed at small businesses and individuals that want to create a website with minimum fuss.

It has a robust website builder, a decent range of templates, and some good customization options. Read on in our Zyro review to see exactly what this builder has to offer! 

In this review…

Zyro Overview

Zyro has both a website builder and an eCommerce builder. The website builder is better suited to small businesses and creating simple websites. Similarly, the eCommerce plans are also geared towards smaller businesses with fewer products and smaller customer bases.

This website builder excels in affordability, and ease of use. It is one of the cheapest website builders available, and it is also one of the easiest to use. The drag and drop editor has a logical structure and the various tools are easy to understand. We also like the addition of a copy generator and a simple logo designer.

However, Zyro does have its limitations. For example, once you have selected a website template, you cannot then switch to a different one – this can be incredibly frustrating. Also, there is no free version available. Lastly, compared to some other website builders, it lacks the advanced features and control that some businesses may require. 


  • A large library of professional templates.
  • SSL security for all websites.
  • Included web hosting and domain name for most plans.
  • eCommerce capabilities.
  • Analytical and SEO tools.
  • Optimized sites for mobile use.

Zyro Pros and Cons


  • Excellent guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.
  • Very easy to use drag-and-drop builder.
  • Highly affordable prices.
  • Full wizard to explain the builder and tools.
  • Includes a copy generator and logo-building tools.


  • Cannot switch templates once a site is made.
  • No free option is available.
  • Lacks the depth and control of some other builders.

Zyro Review: Features and Usability

Zyro has a wide range of features and nuances. As a result, we have split this Zyro review into several easy-to-digest categories. You can then easily look at the features that you are looking for in a website builder.


Zyro has an incredibly simple pricing structure. It has four price plans each of which has a simple monthly cost. There is no free version available unlike other website builders like Jimdo and Weebly. However, we feel the prices are reasonable and it is one of the cheaper website builders available.

The following are the current price plans for Zyro:

  • Basic: £1.50 per month.
  • Unleashed: £1.90 per month.
  • eCommerce: £5.90 per month.
  • eCommerce Plus: £9.90 per month

As you can see, the basic and unleashed plans are incredibly cheap. The basic plan gives you 1GB of storage and 3GB of bandwidth which is OK. Alternatively, the Unleashed plan gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth.

It is important to note that the basic plan doesn’t include a free domain name. This is something most other website builders offer. However, you can connect a domain to your Zyro subscription. The other three plans all provide a free domain for one year.

Website Builder Features

So what can you expect from the basic website builder? It has a decent array of features and essentially everything you need to create a simple, professional business website. The following are the main features:

  • WYSIWYG website builder.
  • Access to hundreds of templates.
  • eCommerce functionality.
  • Universal payment solution.
  • Free hosting and domain on some plans.
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.
  • SEO optimization.

There isn’t really anything missing here! However, some of the features do lack in detail compared to other website builders like Wix and Weebly.

Other Features

Aside from the features directly linked to the website builder, Zyro also offers a range of other features listed below:

  • SSL security.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Facebook Pixel.
  • WhatsApp Live Chat.
  • Google Tag Manager.
  • Messenger Live Chat.

The other features are mainly related to analytics, SEO, and customer support. For example, you can set up both a WhatsApp Live Chat and Messenger Live Chat via the website so you can communicate directly with customers.

Aside from these features, Zyro doesn’t really offer much more utility compared to some other website builders.

Website Builder Utility

The drag and drop editor of Zyro is one of its strongest features. It has a no-nonsense approach to website building and you need no knowledge of web coding. Anyone can use this website builder without any prior design or technical knowledge.

When you first load the website builder, you are given a tutorial that essentially helps you choose a template and create your basic site. It is easy to follow and allows you to quickly learn the basics.

Once you have finished the tutorial, you can then explore the complete features of the drag and drop editor. We like the grid-based interface of the builder. This makes it easy to segment your website and look at how different elements align with each other. It also has a useful autosave feature – this means that your work is automatically saved every few minutes to prevent data loss.

Zyro review website builder
Zyro Website Builder

If you have little inspiration for the design of your website, don’t worry. Zyro has you covered with over 100 professional templates to choose from. The templates are split into different categories like photography, restaurants, portfolio, and services. You can also easily search the template database.

Each template is fully customizable and uses modern web design techniques. The only downside is that you cannot change your template once selected. As a result, we advise spending extra time searching through the database to make the right choice!

If you want to create a blog or add blogging functionality to your website you can do so. Zyro has a simple set of blogging tools, however, they are not as robust as some other platforms. You can easily create blog posts and add social sharing icons and comment sections to your blogs. However, there is no post scheduling feature.

Lastly, if you are not a skilled writer, Zyro also has an AI content generation tool. You essentially select a topic relating to your business and then select several other options. Once you have followed the walkthrough, the AI-bot will automatically generate relevant content for your website. This is a cool feature, however, we would like to see the number of categories increased.

Data, SEO, and Analytics

In terms of basic SEO, and SEO optimization, Zyro websites are pretty good. They have a decent level of SEO optimization as standard and you can easily add important items like META titles and descriptions. 

The websites are also fully responsive and a mobile version of your website is automatically created. You can also preview the mobile version when using the website builder.

Zyro also gives you access to a range of analytical data. This is done predominantly via integrations with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Using these two tools, you can easily analyse your traffic and user base to improve website performance.


As you can see, Zyro has two eCommerce plans. We feel these are both reasonably priced although they may lack the depth and customization of dedicated online store providers like Shopify.

The basic eCommerce plan allows you to add 100 products. It also provides a full payment solution and allows you to accept a wide range of common payment methods including PayPal. We also like that you can add product discounts, and also create gifts cards. It also has a decent order and inventory management system so you can easily keep track of your stock.

The eCommerce Plus plan essentially offers the same set of features, but allows you to add 2500 products. Also, it has some additional features like abandoned cart recovery, product filters, and cross-selling on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Customer Support

Zyro has 24/7 customer support which is fantastic. However, you must have an account and be logged in to access customer support. Also, as far as we can see, Zyro only has email and live chat customer support options – there is not a telephone line.

Zyro does have a basic FAQ section on its website that answers many common questions. There is also a support centre that has a host of articles and guides written by professionals. As a result, you should always be able to gain help via your account or find an answer yourself.

Zyro Review Summary

So is Zyro worth your investment? From our Zyro review, we can say that this is a great builder for first-time users and small businesses. It is incredibly easy to use which is important for people without any technical knowledge. 

The wide range of professional templates should also mean that you can find a website style to suit your business. Zyro is also one of the most affordable website builders available. While the basic package lacks somewhat in bandwidth and storage, the unleashed package is affordable and should be a great choice for creating a simple business website.

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