About Us


The digital world is confusing. 

There are thousands of products available, making the market noisy, crowded and difficult for you to find products that match your requirements. Can review sites and blogs be trusted? Do they really give you the answers you’re looking for or just adding to the confusion? 

Trawling thousands of Google search results to pick out suitable digital products for your business takes time and doesn’t help you ‘match’ with suitable products. 

How can you easily cut through the noise to find suitable products and compare prices? Enter DigitalSupermarket.com™

Digitalsupermarket.com™ helps the world go digital by making it easy to find and compare the best digital products for your business. We help you navigate the confusing digital world with quick and easy price comparisons, the best deals and simple guides. 

Save yourself the time of trawling the web, DigitalSupermarket makes it easy to find the best deals online.


Why we’re better… 


  • We’re 100% free


  • One platform to find, compare and buy digital products for your business


  • Search thousands of products in seconds, by your requirements


  • Simple, quick, easy user experience


  • Get notified when products go on sale


  • We provide jargon-free guides 


  • Independent, non-biased reviews


Whilst we may earn a commission from purchases made with our affiliates, this does not affect the price you pay for any services or products, and does not influence the products that appear on the site. 


About affiliate links

These look and work in the same way as normal links, but if someone clicks through, the link is tracked and may generate a payment to the site. The details vary – sometimes the payment is made per sale, per click, per user, per application, per accepted application or any combination.

We only use affiliate links that give you an identical (or better) deal than going direct. However, as these are technologically generated, issues can occur, so please let us know if you spot any errors by emailing us.

We never sell any data to third parties and we do not send spam email to our subscribers.


Website Terms of Use

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