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Business technology can help improve the efficiency of your business, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

It can be difficult to know which technologies are beneficial. To help, here’s a simple guide to business technology for small businesses. This includes CRM systems, cyber security, 5G Mobile, business broadband, and VoIP phones.

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A CRM system is your digital database for tracking sales, customer data, and marketing information. You can run analytics and sales reports, as well as sending quotes and managing communication. 

Having a VoIP phone system is the first step in improving the efficiency of your business communication. You can host video conferencing, manage calls and monitor communications. 

The latest 5G mobile technology provides high speed internet connectivity, and a great set of mobile plans.

The latest fibre business broadband services provide ultrafast connection, upload and download speeds. 

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Business technology

Here’s some the best business technology available to help you run your business more efficiently. 

CRM is Customer Relationship Management. This is a business technology for small businesses that deal in-depth with customers. Small businesses can benefit greatly from CRM software

This software comes in many forms, but the underlying idea is that you can use it to improve customer experience and improve your understanding of your customers. The end result is that your customers should use your business more, and you should be able to tailor your products/services, etc. to suit your customers better.

CRM software is multi-faceted and there are many different CRM providers. Each one has a different approach and set of tools. Common tools include:

  • Customer service tools like chatbots and live chat software
  • Order tracking and management
  • Customer management
  • Data and analytics relating to customer activity
  • Lead and sales generation
  • Sales closures and deal brokering

Startups and small business can use CRM software to manage their different teams like sales and marketing. They can also use CRM to manage their customers effectively and make sure that each customer reaches their full monetary potential in terms of sales etc.

Cyber security is an essential business technology for any business with an online presence. Even something simple like email marketing. This is because there are unfortunately cybercriminals. These are unscrupulous people who pose real online security threats and could attempt to damage your systems or steal sensitive information.

One of the most common cyber security tools is antivirus software. The best business antivirus software can protect your business computers and network from malicious attacks. This includes things like phishing, malware, and ransomware. Antivirus software also helps protect your web browser, and your email, and essentially vets any incoming and outgoing traffic.

Another type of cyber security is a VPN. This is a Virtual Private Network. A VPN effectively hides your device’s IP address so that potential attackers cannot find your location. You connect to a server from a different location and thus your IP address is hidden.

Small business VPNs can also help provide secure internet connections for external reps or if you are using public WiFi networks on business trips, for example. Lastly, a VPN can also allow you to access geo-blocked content if your business operates internationally. 

Since the development of mobile phones, there has been an adjacent development of mobile network technology. The latest evolution of this is 5G. While 4G was an incredible step, 5G should be the standard for the next decade or more. It promises to provide incredible network coverage and speeds for business mobile users.

5G mobile is being adopted worldwide, and many providers are constructing next-generation 5G networks. As a result, you can now get devices like smartphones with the ability to connect to and use 5G networks.

This is a no-brainer for small businesses. If you use mobile phones, and tablets, or connect to a mobile network in any capacity, 5G is beneficial. The 5th Generation of mobile network technology looks to boost speeds further – to hundreds of megabits per second, and even to gigabits per second.

This is far greater than the current 4G networks. However, it should be noted that regional 5G coverage and accessibility are not the same everywhere. We are still very much in a transitional and development phase of 5G and thus, we can expect the services and coverage to improve over the next few years.

To run an effective digital business you must have fast broadband, especially if your operations depend on it. 

Many telecommunications companies like Sky broadband, Virgin Media, and EE Business have dedicated business broadband packages. These are flexible packages that give small businesses the internet connection they need. They have several differences from standard consumer broadband packages and often include higher download and upload speeds. Common features include:

  • A high-quality business broadband hub/router
  • 4G backup service in the event of broadband failure
  • Enhanced security features to protect digital business assets
  • Installation from trained professionals

Firstly, you typically get excellent download and upload speeds. For example, most business broadband packages have a minimum download speed of 76MBPS. This means that you can perform your online business activities with no delay. 

Secondly, most providers give a 4G backup service. This is essential to keep your digital business running. For example, if your main broadband connection goes down, you will automatically revert to a 4G mobile connection and thus still have internet access.

Installation is often included, and you can also get a range of business technology security features to help keep your business broadband connection secure.

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is essentially a digital telephone system. Instead of using traditional copper wires and telegraph poles etc, the communication is digital. It is all done via the internet using dedicated VOIP apps/software. A small business can benefit from translating to a VOIP system for numerous reasons:

  • Reduced cost compared to a traditional telephony system
  • Improved versatility and features

A VOIP system is much more versatile and flexible business technology for small businesses. This is because you can either use VOIP desktop phones or desktop apps that connect to a headset. You also have more options for things like call forwarding, group calls, and even video calls.

A VOIP system also offers more flexibility and cost savings for things like international business calls and conference calls.

As you can see, these technologies have many benefits for small businesses. By turning your business digital, you can keep up with the modern world, be future-proof, and also make improvements in efficiency and finances.