CircleLoop Review

Circleloop Review
In this CircleLoop review, we look at the merrits of this VOIP provider to see if it is a suitable small business solution.

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All businesses need an effective virtual phone system (VOIP) if they want to improve their productivity and communication. However, not all of them are as good as they claim to be, so you must look for a phone system that has all the features your company needs. 

CircleLoop is one of the best virtual phone systems available on the market, but is it as good as some reviews say? Find out by reading this article! Here, you can read a rundown of its main features, advantages, and price plans. 

In this review…

CircleLoop Summary 

This VOIP phone system focuses on helping businesses of all kinds to have better communication features, so all its functions work around that. Like many phone systems on the market, it includes virtual numbers, conference calling, and cloud call recording. 

Regardless of that, CircleLoop features some functions that aim to make your working experience a more comfortable and simpler one. You can use CircleLoop whether you are a Windows or Mac user, and it’s also available for people working from their smartphones. 

CircleLoop is used by some of the most successful companies at the moment. Some examples of that are Tesla, Warrantywise, and The Mailing Room.

circleloop dashboard
CircleLoop Dashboard

CircleLoop Pros & Cons 

There’s no such thing as a perfect virtual phone system, so all of them have some pros and cons you have to take into account before buying any of their products. The same happens with CircleLoop. 

Below are the pros and cons of using this virtual phone system:


  • It has a mobile and desktop app
  • It’s easy to use
  • Integration features are of high quality
  • It has a user-friendly interface


  • Customer service can be slow
  • Some features are not that simple to use
  • SMS doesn’t send push notifications

When it comes to virtual phone systems and products that aim to boost a company’s productivity, disadvantages tend to be about things of personal taste. An example of that is a feature that could be considered simple by some users and too complex for others. 

Therefore, every business owner or marketing team must analyze if the features offered by a virtual phone system are good enough to fit the company’s needs, or if instead, one of the cons represents a setback to buying the product. 

As for CircleLoop, its good points, and the benefits it offers people are worth enough to make customers ignore its cons. Apart from that, some of those disadvantages are things that could be addressed in the short term, so if you don’t put that much attention into those things, you may not have to worry about that. 

CircleLoop Features 

Now that we’ve covered the pros and cons of using CircleLoop, it’s time to get to the most important part of any product: its features.

As mentioned before, CircleLoop is a brand that focuses on helping companies improve their productivity, work communication, and team working. Here are the most important functions this product has to offer:

Conference Calling 

Traditional phone systems were good for forwarding calls and related things but didn’t include many of the features that virtual phone systems can give you today. One of those features is conference calling, which allows you to talk to your co-workers any time you need to without being at the same office. 

This feature is perfect for companies with remote or hybrid work models. Every CircleLoop user receives a conference dial-in number, so they can use their room code to enter the conference room any time they need to. 

The only thing workers need to do to arrange a conference call is to share their number and room code with their workmates. 

Virtual Phone Numbers

Small businesses don’t tend to need many phone numbers since they only have a presence in some cities. However, companies with clients all over the world need virtual phone numbers that are not tied to a specific fixed landline. 

These phone numbers work in different countries, so there are endless possibilities when using them. One virtual number can work on several devices, so forwarding calls and directing phone numbers is easier than ever with this feature. 

Virtual phone numbers offer many benefits to the people who use them, and one of those benefits is that the number you use can appear like a local phone regardless of who you call. Marketing teams can also track calls and check the analytics of every phone number owned by the company. 

Cloud Call Recording

Although you may not do it on a regular basis, recording business calls is highly beneficial for companies and marketing teams. You can share the calls you record with anyone by using CircleLoop, but the best part of it is that you don’t have to make any additional payments to send them. 

Cloud-based call recording helps companies understand what they need to improve when engaging customers and other companies. Using those calls as an example not only improves the way your team approaches leads and prospects but also helps you when training new employees in your business or marketing team. 

Recording calls is also excellent if you tend to forget things. Business calls are always important, and not remembering what someone said in a conference call can cause you several work-related problems. 

Taking notes is always an option, but why do it if you can simply record conference calls and then replay them when you don’t remember something?

VoIP Phone System

Naturally, CircleLoop is well-known for having a top-notch VoIP phone system. This concept is still new for some people, but there are already many companies doing their best to develop appropriate VoIP systems on the market. The benefits CircleLoop offers you aim to give you maximum flexibility while handling your calls. 

You can integrate it with CRM systems such as Pipedrive, Hubspot, and any other working tool you use to work. CircleLoop’s phone system includes all the features we named before, so it’s not a bad thing to consider using this system for your company. 

These are not the only functions this virtual phone system has, though. You can do many other things with this platform, so check CircleLoop’s website to see everything this brand has to offer. 

CircleLoop – Prices and Plans 

One of the worst things about buying things online or signing up to web pages is that most of them have hidden payments you have to make in the future or set up fees. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen with CircleLoop. 

This brand offers two different plans, and both of them are some of the most affordable virtual phone system plans on the market. The number of features these plans offer you is almost a gift considering how much they charge you for it. 

  • Unlimited Plan

The first plan is the Unlimited one, which costs £15, +VAT monthly per user. As you may have guessed by reading its name, this plan includes all the features CircleLoop has to offer. 

Some of the most important functions of the Unlimited plan are one UK phone number, unlimited inbound and outbound calls, international calls, SMS, and each one of the features you read on this page. 

  • Pay as You Go

The other plan is the “Pay as You Go” one, and it only costs £5. If you tell another person that a virtual phone system that offers you call recording, conference calling, and voicemail to text costs that low, they may likely never believe you. Like the Unlimited plan, the “Pay as You Go” one includes unlimited inbound and outbound calls. 

However, this plan doesn’t give you the freedom to call some of the countries the Unlimited plan allows you to, so you must take that into account when deciding which one to go for. 

If you don’t work with international clients, we recommend you go for the “Pay as You Go” plan. It not only includes all CircleLoop features but also costs £10 less than the unlimited one, so it’s a profitable investment in the long run. 

Other Alternatives on the Market

Although CircleLoop is one of the best virtual phone systems you can get for your company, it’s not the only one available for you. 

CallHippo, for example, offers many innovative features to customers but costs a little bit more than CircleLoop. Its most inexpensive plan is £14, and the most expensive one costs £32. 

Other phone systems are more inexpensive than CircleLoop but offer way fewer features. An example of that is 8×8, which costs you £12 monthly. 

CircleLoop Review Summary 

If you got to this point, you may be wondering if using CircleHoop is a good idea or not. The short answer is yes, but it depends. As it happens with all virtual phone systems, you have to analyse if the features it offers are enough for you and your business or if there’s a setback to paying for that service. 

CircleLoop works its best with small businesses and mid-range companies. However, big companies can also pay for it and notice a huge productivity improvement in the long run. 

Don’t hesitate to try this virtual phone system if you want to improve your company’s communication or outrank your competitors. Marketing teams can significantly take advantage of these systems, so make sure your company’s marketing team knows how to use them. 

If this CircleLoop review helped you, please recommend DigitalSupermarket.

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