Campaigner Review

This review will help you decide if Campaigner is the best choice of marketing automation platform for your business.

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Campaigner is a platform that offers marketing automation, primarily via SMS and email. It is part of the same company that operates It has a range of useful features and tools such as a reputation defender, lead generation, and dynamic content generation. In this Campaigner review, we look at the features and tools, how it works, and if it is worthwhile for small businesses.

In this Campaigner review…

Campaigner Overview

Campaigner was created in 1999 and is based in Canada. It is part of a larger company that includes Campaigner,, and iContact. This means that the business covers email marketing and transactional emails for all levels of business – from small enterprises through to larger global organisations.

Campaigner is specifically designed for marketing automation. This enables businesses to improve sales and revenue by boosting their email and sms content. The automation includes entire email workflows, dynamic email content generation, and an intuitive drag and drop email builder.

This platform also offers a range of tools that allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your emails, and conversions. In terms of pricing, Campaigner is a little more expensive than other platforms like MailChimp and OptinMonster. As a result, Campaigner is aimed at more established businesses, as opposed to new startups and small businesses.

It has plenty of advantages. These include the quality and ease of use of the email editor, the variety of email templates, and the advanced workflows you can create. The free trial requires a credit card, and it can be difficult to migrate from other platforms. 

Pros & Cons


  • The email editor is easy to use and offers excellent control
  • Has a wide selection of email templates
  • Each plan includes an unlimited number of sent emails
  • The dashboard UI is easy to use and well-designed


  • The free trial does require a credit card to activate
  • Currently the customer support is not available at weekends
  • Price plans could feel a little expensive for small businesses

Key Features

  • Comprehensive drag & drop email editor
  • Hundreds of professional email templates
  • Full code editor if needed for greater control
  • Email workflows and automation
  • Dynamic content generation for single users, etc.
  • Create and manage contacts and email subscribers

Campaigner Review

Campaigner has some unique features that make it an attractive option for email marketing automation. So you have a clear idea of what this platform has to offer, we have split this Campaigner review into different sections. You can easily see the price structure, overall features, and detail about individual parts of the platform.

Useful Features

The Campaigner platform has a solid range of features compared to other services. It essentially has everything you need to boost your email marketing. Features include:

  • Full email automation workflows with different triggers and actions
  • Tracking and analysis of conversion data
  • Drag & drop email builder
  • Reputation defender to help reduce spam risk
  • Personalization for individual customers in email and sms

One of the main areas it is lacking is migration. If you use an existing email marketing solution, you could find it tricky to migrate your data, customer info, and email lists.


Campaigner has four different price plans which are detailed below:

  • Starter: $42.00 per month
  • Essential: $129.00 per month
  • Advanced: $469.00 per month
  • eCommerce: $60.00 per month


The basic price plan for Campaigner is the starter plan. This is $42.00 per month. As you can see, you have to be serious about making this work, and pushing for a boost to email and sms marketing for your business. It is not a particularly cheap platform. For the starter plan, you get:

  • Up to 5,000 contacts
  • Experiments
  • Autoresponders
  • Drag & drop editor
  • Full code editor
  • 900+ email templates
  • Social media integration
  • Facebook Audience builder


The essential price plan may seem expensive at $129.00 per month, but it is a reasonable price for medium to large-sized businesses looking to expand. In addition to the features from the starter plan, your business gets:

  • Up to 25,000 contacts
  • Dynamic content for emails and sms
  • Custom email footers
  • eCommerce integrations
  • Localization

If you intend to grow your eCommerce business via online marketing, this price plan could be a step in the right direction.


The advanced package is meant for medium to large-sized businesses that have a heavy emphasis on eCommerce and email marketing. In addition to the features from the standard and advanced packages, you also get:

  • Up to 100,000 contacts
  • Purchase behaviour tools
  • Automation workflows
  • Sales engineering team support
  • Access to the Campaigner API for improved integration

Obviously, at $469.00 per month, you have to have a serious eCommerce business established. That being said, this package does give a good range of tools, and the API access is essential for proper integration with your existing business tools.


Lastly, there is also an eCommerce subscription. This is aimed more at businesses that have an online store. It allows for both Shopify and Magento integration, and also offers unlimited contacts.

Drag & Drop Email Builder

One of the main features of Campaigner is the drag and drop email editor. This allows you to easily create high-quality business emails with professional layouts. A tool like this could help drastically improve your email success instead of sending simple text-based emails.

We like that the email builder has a host of themes to choose from. These are searchable, and you can find themes for various different businesses. It gives you a starting point from which you can then tailor the theme to suit your business and content.

The email builder also creates responsive emails that look fantastic on any device including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. 

The emails can also include dynamic content. This means instead of typing unique phrases for hundreds of emails, the process can be automated. For example, the email introduction could include dynamic content for each user’s name.

If you do have coding knowledge, you can also export email templates into the full code editor. This gives you greater control and allows you to add widgets and scripts into the email.

Email Templates

If you are struggling for inspiration, or don’t know where to start with your email marketing, you could utilize the Campaigner email templates. There are hundreds available. They have also been professionally designed.

The templates are all optimized for use on any device. Also, they should render and load properly on all popular email clients. The templates have a good level of customization too so you can add your business branding, colours, and images, for example.

Automation Workflows

One of the best features of Campaigner is the ability to create email automation workflows. This is all done via the simple drag and drop workflow builder.

Email workflows are a series of events that could represent a customer’s journey, for example. This could start with a specific trigger like them making a purchase. After this trigger, you could add other sequences to the workflow such as automated email responses.

Using the workflows allows you to automate certain business processes. The fact that you can create multiple workflows also gives you great control, and the ability to cater for different situations and customers.

Conversion Tracking

It can often be difficult to measure the success of things like email campaigns. Campaigner’s Conversion Tracking allows you to do this. It provides real-time metrics and analytics so you can see exactly what is happening with your email campaigns.

You can get tangible figures from your campaigns such as total conversions, conversion value, and conversion frequency. These figures can then be used for reviewing campaigns, and also for financial input.

Customer Support

The customer support for each price plan isn’t specifically mentioned. However, Campaigner does have various customer support methods. Currently, they have reduced hours of operation due to COVID-19, but this is increasing steadily.

Businesses can contact support via telephone, email, and live chat. Current hours of operation for the customer support team are Monday to Friday 4am-8pm EDT. The support appears to be adequate, but there may be some warranted concern that there is no support during the weekends.

Campaigner Review Summary

We hope you have found this Campaigner review useful. For larger, established businesses, Campaigner could make a viable choice. It has a robust set of tools and features that allow you to boost your email and sms marketing. The automation is effective and allows you to manage large email subscriber databases easier, while still having a great level of personalization.

If you need to improve your basic email design, you will also find the drag and drop editor useful. The Reputation Defender is also an excellent tool. This allows you to keep your email lists clean and prevent emails from ever being delivered that could have been identified as spam by the recipient.

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Campaigner Review

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