Vodafone Business Deals

Compare the latest Vodafone business deals on broadband and mobile packages.

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Vodafone business deals are a great way for your business to save money on mobile and broadband packages. Here’s some of the latest offers right now.

Whether you’re starting a business for the first time, running an online business or looking to change providers, these Vodafone business deals will help you save money.

Vodafone Business Deals Summary

  • Business Broadband Pro plans + Mesh Super WiFi-24 months- £27 per month (ex VAT)
  • Complete Business Connectivity+ Automatic 4G Mobile Backup-up to 36 months- £70 per site per month (ex VAT)
  • Mobile Wi-Fi and Dongles+ Vodafone R219 and Vodafone K5161- 24 months-£25 per month (Ex VAT)
  • GigaCube+ unlimited data for GigaCube Unlimited-24 months-up to £41.67per month (Ex VAT)

Business Broadband Pro plans + Mesh Super Deal


  • 4G network connectivity is strong
  • Wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Installation by a professional
  • A patchy Mesh Super Wi-Fi Coverage
  • No additional passwords
  • A flexible router with three extenders
  • A connection that is dependable and quick
  • No extra charges for extra services


  • The Wi-fi average speed is not constant
  • The mesh extenders are limited
  • Broadband is likely to stop running
  • Fluctuating speed estimates
  • VAT not included in pricing


  • Download speeds of up to 63Mbps are possible.
  • An unlimited 4G backup for business
  • Three Mesh Super Wi-Fi extenders
  • 24/7 customer and IT support
  • An optional static IP address
  • A one-time professional installation
  • Wi-Fi routers that are adaptable and dependable

Prices or Plans

This deal is subjected to a 24-month plan where one should pay a minimum of £27 per month to enjoy the services. The price is entirely exclusive of VAT tax.

Deal Comparison

The pricing of this deal is a bit higher compared to Vodafone Superfast 2. The deal is trailing for £27 per month, which is affordable compared to Advantage, Virgin Media, and Superfast Fibre, which cost £39.50, £30.08, and £35.36 respectively.

Its speed of connectivity of 63Mbps is lower compared to other deals like Advantage and Virgin Media, which run at 76 Mbps and 100Mbps, respectively.

This deal is subjected to a VAT of up to 20%, which is higher compared to other deals. With this deal, you are likely to save up to £350, unlike the BT deal that saves you £308.75.

Complete Business Connectivity+ Automatic 4G Mobile Backup-up Deal

This deal is the lifeblood of the internet for businesses. It has a broadband network that is easier to use, faster, and reliable. 


  • It has Superfast Fibre Broadband connectivity
  • Professional and well-installed Wi-Fi
  • This deal has an online dashboard
  • An operational mobile app
  • A backup 4G network
  • Mobile hotspot for backup
  • A flexible contract
  • Available free guest Wi-Fi
  • High levels of security
  • Unlimited 4G connectivity


  • You cannot use the network without the password
  • The network can be unstable
  • Deal prices can change frequently
  • Uptime is likely to fluctuate, hence the 4G backup


  • A powerful Superfast Fibre Broadband connection
  • Available mobile app and online dashboard
  • Professional installation and advancement
  • Strong security
  • Flexible monthly contracts
  • Available 4G network for mobile backup
  • A scalable solution for wide coverage
  • An active and easy-to-access guest Wi-Fi

Prices or Plans

This deal has flexible monthly contacts of 12, 24, or 36 months depending on your preference. You can get this deal for your business with a minimum of £70 per month for every site. The price is exclusive of VAT, and there are no additional fees.

Deal Comparison

This deal has an average speed of 76Mbps, which is similar to Advantage and Superfast Fibre. In comparison, Superfast 2 has a slow speed of 63Mbps. Depending on the contract you choose for monthly payment, you are likely to incur more compared to Superfast 2.

Its upfront fee is lower, unlike other deals that offer up to £50 like Virgin Media’s. The cost of this deal is £70, which is higher compared to the other deals on broadband.

Deals like Sky connect, Virgin Media, and Superfast 2 charge £39, £28, and £22.50 respectively. The cost per year of this plan is higher compared to all other deals.

Mobile Wi-Fi and Dongles+ Vodafone R219 and Vodafone K5161 Deal

This is a device that offers you flexibility in network accessibility over a mobile network. This deal provides a wireless network that can be connected to several devices. This Vodafone business deal is ideal for devices like tablets, cameras, and laptops.


  • A wide range of connectivity
  • Simple to use and connect
  • It is a wireless network
  • This deal comes with a data dongle
  • The dongles are compatible with Mac devices and Windows PCs
  • It has a fixed-line connection
  • An increased 4G coverage for faster operation
  • It has a microSD memory card slot for storage
  • High levels of security
  • It can connect up to 10 devices
  • Available 24/7 customer support


  • The Wi-fi can be unstable
  • It cannot connect with some devices
  • It is challenging to operate the dongles
  • The network is limited


  • The network is wireless
  • It has high levels of security
  • It comes with data dongles
  • The dongles are flexible
  • One dongle can connect up to 10 devices
  • It has ample storage
  • A wide range of connectivity
  • High connectivity speed
  • Wall-to-wall Wi-Fi reach

Prices or Plans

To acquire this deal for your business, you need to have a minimum of £25 for every dongle per month. The contract runs up to 24 months and the package is delivered to your business premises. This deal does not have any upfront fees, and the charges are exclusive of tax.

Deal Comparison

With Vodafone’s Superfast 2, you get to save £60, unlike using this deal. The total cost of 24 months adds up to £600 compared to Superfast 2 that adds to £540.

One thing that makes it stand out is the higher average speed of the two dongles. However, other deals offer better connections with one router and unlimited connections.

This deal does not charge any upfront fee, unlike Advantage at £12, Virgin Media at £50, and BT Superfast Fibre at £9.95.

See how it compares to BT Business Broadband.

GigaCube+ Unlimited Data for GigaCube Unlimited Deal

This deal offers 4G and 5G network connectivity services. It has a good fixed broadband service that increases its speed and access. The system is easy to assemble and it can connect up to 64 devices. 


  • It offers 5G and 4G networks
  • It has the highest level of speed in the UK
  • The device is portable and easy to assemble
  • Setting up the Wi-Fi is easy and faster
  • You can connect up to 64 devices
  • Flexibility in payment
  • The monthly data allowance is unlimited
  • A 24-month agreement
  • Several GigaCube packages are available.


  • High upfront fees
  • There is no backup.
  • The network speed estimates are not constant
  • Only new clients receive the broadband discounts


  • It has speedy connectivity
  • Up to 64 devices can be connected
  • Several packages
  • Two strong networks, 4G and 5G
  • A 24-month agreement
  • Allowance for available data
  • Up to 100GB of data per month
  • Affordable fee per month
  • It is easy to connect, advance, and upgrade the package
  • Unlimited data for GigaCube limited packages
  • Wide connectivity with all types of devices
  • Tight Wi-Fi security

Prices or Plans

This package is flexible to meet anyone’s needs. It has a 24-month contract or a 30-day rolling contract. The contract you choose is determined by your preferences.

To the GigaCube 200GB, you pay £25 and an upfront fee of £83.33. While to get the GigaCube Limited, the charges are £50 per month and there is an upfront fee of up to £41.67. All the charges are exclusive of VAT.

Deal Comparison

This deal stands out due to its several packages. Its 24-mont and 30-day contract is incomparable to other deals. Depending on your needs, you can choose your most favorable package.

Unlike other packages such as Advantage and SuperFast Fibre that offer their connectivity in Mbps, this deal offers it in Gigabytes (G) form.

Compared to Superfast 2, which does not charge any upfront fee, this deal charges a high upfront fee of up to £83.33 for one of its packages.

The monthly rate of as little as £25 is affordable compared to other packages like Advantage that charges up to £39.

Vodafone Business Deals

Vodafone business deals are among the most popular in the UK for mobile and broadband. The deals stand out due to their effectiveness, reliability, and affordability. Other packages come with a wide range of extra services and a large number of connectivity devices.

Vodafone Business Pros & Cons


  • Vodafone deals are affordable
  • The deals are flexible and reliable for everyone
  • They can be accessed from anywhere
  • Connect up to 64 devices
  • They offer wall-to-wall connectivity
  • Several Vodafone deals come worth up to 36 month contracts


  • Many of them require professional connectivity
  • Some have slow speed
  • Their charges vary depending on each deal
  • Upfront fees for various services

Vodafone Business Features

  • High quality and speedy network
  • Affordable and flexible payment plan
  • One-time professional connectivity
  • A 24/7 it and customer support assistance
  • There is room for upgrade and advancement
  • A strong hybrid connectivity
  • Complete wi-fi for businesses
  • Available mobile Wi-Fi and reliable data dongles
  • Some Vodafone deals offer iPads and tablets for businesses
  • Available data and SIM for business plans

If these Vodafone business deals were of interest, please recommend DigitalSupermarket. All prices and features are correct at time of publishing.

Check out thee full Vodafone business broadband review here.

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