Best Free VPN for Netflix

best free vpn for netflix
Find the best free VPN for Netflix so you can stream from any location and access geo-blocked content

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In this quick guide we’ll help you find the best free VPN for Netflix to help you unlock streaming services.

The Issue With Netflix – Geo-blocking and Different National Content

Like many streaming platforms, Netflix imposes geo-blocking. Geo-blocking is the process of restricting access to content based on your geographical location. Still confused? To put it simply, if you live in the United Kingdom, you can only subscribe to and access UK Netflix content.

Why does this matter? It matters because, on top of geo-blocking, Netflix also has different content libraries for different countries! This means that you are potentially missing out on great shows and films that people from other countries can watch.

To put this simply, the tv shows and films available on Netflix US, Netflix Canada, and Netflix UK will all be different for example.

This means that you could miss out simply due to your geographical location. For example, you may not be able to watch one of your favorite tv shows, because it is only available in the US Netflix content library!

How a VPN Potentially Solves These Issues 

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) aims to prevent this. Using a VPN, you can mask the IP address of your device, and thus hide your geographical location. You can then connect to a server from a different country – such as the USA.

To streaming platforms like Netflix, this then appears that you are connecting from that country, and thus can gain access to previously blocked content!

Additionally, a VPN can allow you to still access Netflix if you are traveling abroad. For example, let’s say that you are holidaying in a country that doesn’t have Netflix. You try to log on to your account to watch some TV while sunbathing. However, you get an error message saying the content is not available due to your location!

To remedy this, you could connect to your VPN, and choose a server from your home country. To the streaming platform, this now appears that you are connecting from home! As a result, the geo-blocking should be removed and you should be able to watch Netflix catching some rays.

What’s The Best Free VPN for Netflix? Here’s 3 Options

Most VPNs have a paid subscription. The prices are generally low. However, we appreciate that not everyone has the spare cash to afford one. Also, not everyone wants to commit to a monthly subscription for something they may rarely use. Therefore, we have found three free VPN solutions that allow you to stream Netflix:

1. VPN VPN is one of the best free VPN for Netflix. This company has several different VPN price packages including a comprehensive free VPN service. They have a brilliant rating on Trustpilot and are known for their reliability and low-cost packages.

The free package is relatively easy to access. You don’t have to provide any payment details or even complete a signup process. Simply click on the free VPN button and you can install it immediately. The free plan allows you to establish a secure VPN connection on one device only. 

It also has a monthly data traffic limit of 10 GB. This could potentially be limiting if you want to use this service regularly for streaming Netflix. However, for occasional use – on holiday, for example, it should be more than enough.

You can connect to a VPN from 5 different locations too which gives you access to a wider variety of geo-blocked content. This free plan also has no data logging and no advertisements.

The things you miss out on compared to the paid plans include dynamic port forwarding, a fixed IP address, and dedicated streaming support.

You can watch Netflix using this VPN, but streaming support provides a more reliable connection with less lag. Therefore, you may notice some buffering or delays when using the free plan. That being said, is an excellent choice and the best free VPN for Netflix currently available.


  • No-log policy to protect your personal data and privacy
  • No advertisements in the software
  • Allows for a VPN connection on one device simultaneously
  • 10 GB of bandwidth usage per month


  • Allows you to connect to servers in five different locations
  • No payment method or payment details are required to create the free account
  • Reliable connections and VPN speeds


  • Some may find the 10 GB bandwidth limit restrictive

2. Opera Web Browser Built-in VPN

Did you know that some web browsers offer VPN functionality? Opera is one of these such web browsers. Opera is a long-standing web browser that is a popular alternative to Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. The Opera browser VPN is one of the easiest to use and perfect for those who are comfortable watching Netflix from a device like a laptop or a tablet.

To access the VPN, you must first install the Opera web browser. The installation process is simple and Opera is completely free to use. Once you have installed it, you must turn on the VPN from the settings tab. Simple click on the settings iconic (the cog) and click the “advanced” tab. If you scroll down, you will find the VPN section. 

Here you can see the different VPN settings available. You can choose to enable the VPN, and also automatically enable it when you open the web browser. Once you have enabled it in the settings, you should see a VPN icon appear to the left of the address bar. By clicking on this you can change your server location and disable the VPN.

This VPN is relatively simple and it offers four broad location choices – optimized, Asia, Europe, or Americas. Using the Opera VPN you can easily access Netflix but you must be willing to watch it via your web browser.

Opera is one of the best free VPN for Netflix.


  • VPN built in to the Opera web browser
  • Free to use with several different server locations
  • The web browser also has some excellent features


  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Has unlimited data usage
  • Effectively unblocks Netflix for browser use


  • Only has three generic server locations to choose from
  • Only available for use in a web browser

3. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is another reputable VPN provider that offers a free plan. Like, this plan is limited, but it offers great functionality for streaming and provides excellent VPN protection and privacy.

The free plan arguably offers a little more flexibility than This is because it gives you access to 24 servers in three different countries. As a result, you can easily find a server to give the best connection for streaming Netflix.

You can connect one device simultaneously using the free plan. Also, the speed rating is classed as medium speed. This means that the connection is not as fast as the Basic, Plus, or Visionary plans.

However, it is still adequate for streaming. Also, the free plan specifically states that it grants access to blocked content. This includes streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

We also like that ProtonVPN operates a strict no-logs policy. This means that you have excellent privacy and your personal information remains protected. ProtonVPN is also incredibly easy to use. The desktop software and mobile app are relatively uncomplicated.

Establishing a VPN connection is an easy process and you can quickly select from one of the 24 different servers for the free plan. Overall, this is another great option and could be preferable for those who want to watch Netflix more often due to the unlimited data usage compared to

Check out our full ProtonVPN review.


  • Provides a VPN connection for a single device
  • ProtonVPN has a strict no-logs policy for privacy and data protection
  • Allows for the access of geo-blocked content like Netflix
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux


  • Comprehensive free VPN service offering more than just content-unblocking
  • Grants access to 24 free servers across 3 countries
  • Easy to use and reliable


  • Doesn’t have an amazing selection of servers

Use a Free VPN for Netflix to Access Blocked Content and Stream Worldwide

Netflix is undoubtedly one of the best streaming platforms available. To be able to watch it anywhere and make the most of your subscription, you’ll need to use one of the best free VPN for Netflix. Where else could you watch amazing TV series and films, and the quality programs made by Netflix themselves? Using a VPN further improves the versatility of this already packed streaming platform.

If you want to check out the Netflix content libraries from other countries, a free VPN will allow you to do this. Also, if you travel regularly, using a free VPN for Netflix makes sure you can still access your favorite films and shows from abroad.

For paid alternatives, checkout:

You can compare all of these VPNs using our free tool below.

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If this guide to the best free VPN for Netflix helped you, please recommend DigitalSupermarket.

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