StoryChief Review

StoryChief review
In this StoryChief review we take a detailed look at its features and suitability for small businesses as a Content Management System.

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StoryChief is intended to be a comprehensive digital content management solution for your business. It offers a host of features that allow for bridging the gap between your business and its intended audience. In this StoryChief review, we look at what makes it stand out from its competitors. We’ll review its features, pros and cons, prices and plans.

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StoryChief Summary

The idea of StoryChief is to provide a comprehensive content marketing solution for its clients. More specifically, it is aimed at content agencies and B2B marketing teams that may wish to use content marketing as a growth strategy.

To this end, it assists with lead generation, audience growth, and centralised management of marketing content. For the business that needs to do these fundamental tasks while saving hours, StoryChief wishes to meet that need.

Storychief main dashboard

StoryChief Pros and Cons


  • White label social media and content management
  • Intuitive workflows
  • Simple content distribution
  • Built-in SEO and readability metrics
  • Automation functionality


  • No room for custom code
  • No publishing and scheduling flexibility

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StoryChief Features

Comparing StoryChief to others in the content management industry can be a bit difficult. There are social and SEO tools that often form the fundamental framework of proper content management. However, though both components interact and are highly necessary, you often find that they are in separate workspaces with most solutions.

StoryChief is unique because it brings the tools together in a single system. Therefore, comparing it to a series of competitors that don’t do that would be akin to comparing apples to oranges. MeetEdgar, therefore, is one of the only tools that could be fairly compared to StoryChief, as it also unifies these two essential elements of any marketing strategy.

Social media management

As any comprehensive marketing solution should, StoryChief has integrations with your social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Slack, and Instagram. This immediately eliminates the need to dedicate time and energy to each social piece of the business’ brand.

With StoryChief, you can create your post from within the platform and select the desired social media page, once you previously set up the integration. Note that while configuring it may sound complicated, it’s nothing more than clicking on the integration type, i.e., Facebook, and signing in with the correct credentials. Doing so gives StoryChief permission to post on your pages.

After you have created your post, you can choose to publish it immediately or schedule a better time. Your existing email marketing tool may also be connected to StoryChief for assistance with more engaging communication. Feel free to use the built-in templates for videos, fun posts, case studies, press releases, etc.

MeetEdgar has a comprehensive social media management platform too. However, it takes things to the next level with EdgarU that goes beyond how-to-guides and presents a comprehensive learning program with the sole focus of teaching the team how to use, manage, and capitalize on social media better.

The tips provided can slot into any marketing strategy, and the short lessons keep things engaging.


While there are certainly applications for single blog or social media posts, you may also see the value of creating a whole campaign for your business. The idea here is to track the audience path from start to finish. You may also assign roles to each campaign.

For example, if other team members should be helping with the management of the campaign, multiple campaign managers can be added. A calendar can be set up for a running time, and analytics can be viewed to see how well the campaign is doing.

As is the case with most of StoryChief’s components, using this one is barely an inconvenience. The process is straightforward, and there are not many settings for you to worry about. By comparison, MeetEdgar does not necessarily offer such a detailed yet simplistic campaign style.

While it may do a great job with one-off posts, setting up a whole flow towards a specific goal may be a bit more challenging.

Content management

The content management system makes creation and organization very simple. SEO is baked into the design, as opposed to being a quality assurance measure at the end. Therefore, as soon as you start writing, the metrics and recommendations start flowing in. the readability and SEO scores are visible on the right with graphs that tell you how well you are doing.

Better yet, there are various insights to help you improve and get either score as close to 100% as possible. Of course, the system makes use of focus keywords, search history analytics, etc. It’s built to help you far beyond what would normally be considered as nothing more than keyword stuffing.

You get a comprehensive view of images, keyword positioning, link analysis, text length, etc. Additionally, since the system is built on the principle of customer comfort, you may turn all this off if you find it distracting. Once you are finished, there is no need to leave the editor, as you can select the required audience and publish it upon request.

Over time, you end up with a stellar content library that allows for excellent searchability and reuse. MeetEdgar also allows for past content import, but things go a bit further since you can use RSS feeds, blogs, and even CSV files for imports.


While MeetEdgar also allows for publishing on various social media pages, StoryChief allows you to simultaneously do it with a lot less effort. Nevertheless, thanks to the way MeetEdgar’s automation is set up, you could achieve the same effect that StoryChief gives, albeit with a lot of work at the onset.

Still, the inclusion of this feature in StoryChief means that it’s a breeze for you to administer all your pages from one convenient location. No longer is there a need to visit each social media page, edit, log out, then move to the next. Note also that this functionality extends beyond managing your pages, too!

Email marketing, content hubs, websites, and even mobile platforms can be managed in this manner.


You can find blogging functionality across both story chief and MeetEdgar. However, StoryChief uses its first-party blogging platform known as William.

The feature set here is far superior, spanning over 100 useful elements. Some of these include SEO and performance scoring, author shoutouts, blog enhancements, access to the Thought Leaders Community for inspiration, templates, etc.

StoryChief Prices and Plans

StoryChief has four plans for its customers to choose from. All of them include SEO content creation, content planning and structuring, analytics and reporting, collaboration, social media management, and multi-channel content distribution.

Also, each tier offers an annual and quarterly billing cycle, the former of which provides cost savings. All prices are quoted monthly. The bundles are as follows:


This plan goes for $140 when billed quarterly and $100 when billed annually. It’s most suited to those just starting with content marketing. Four users are covered with a single workspace, unlimited content campaigns, chat and academy support, as well as 10 GB of media storage.

Team Plus

Team plus is the next step up, costing $210 or $180 for quarterly or annual billing, respectively. The number of guests, as well as the amount of media storage, are ncloudow unlimited. Six users are covered, and you’re provided with a one-hour onboarding session with support.

Additionally, there is multilingual content support, social media audience restrictions, ambassador email marketing, and the ability to schedule beyond 30 days.


Agency, which is for agencies that want comprehensive content strategies for their customers costs $400 or $350 for annual or quarterly billing, respectively. All Team Plus features are included, there are now five workspaces, and each supports up to 25 users. This license also allows users to take advantage of white label notifications and a single billing profile.


Enterprise is the final tier, and you’re going to need to reach out to support for exact pricing. It includes all features of teams plus, as well as companywide training, a dedicated Technical Support engineer, a dedicated account manager, single sign-on to help reduce the number of passwords to remember, and a custom success package.

Story chief allows you to start free trials for both Team and Team Plus. For the other two plans, you are going to need to book a demo to see what they look like before purchase.

You are also allowed to add additional users and workspaces to each plan at a cost. While the rates for doing so are flat across the team and teams plus licenses, they depend on your setup for agency and enterprise licensing. 

By comparison, MeetEdgar is a whole lot more affordable. There are only two plans. The first for $19 monthly is intended for personal users. The second, intended for small businesses, costs $49 monthly.

StoryChief Collaboration

One of the biggest wins for StoryChief is the way it allows writers and moderators to remain on the same page wherever there’s a multi-channel content strategy. This allows for everyone to pull in one direction and adapt to changes that can be seen without the need for over-communicating.

StoryChief Review Summary

StoryChief is a go-to for social media and content management. Its interface and integrated functionality allow it to edge out MeetEdgar. The only deterrent would be the pricing scheme, but if that’s no obstacle for you, then it comes highly recommended.

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