Vend POS Review

vend pos
If your business needs a reliable POS system, check out this Vend review to see if it could be the best choice for your business.

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Vend POS is a point of sale system you might want to consider if you’re looking for a digital system to manage inventory, customer transactions and help with the running of your retail store.

In this Vend POS review…

Vend POS Summary

Unlike other options, Vend is one of the most popular ePOS systems you’ll find on the market, and it has been a clear leader since it was launched. It has a fantastic reputation, which makes it different from other brands since it’s immensely trustworthy and useful.

Additionally, it offers different wonderful features you may love, such as integrations, in-store and online tools, and much more. 

Vend POS review
Vend POS Dashboard and mobile app

Vend POS Pros and Cons


  • There’s a free plan available
  • You can set up loyalty programs
  • It’s ideal for multiple stores
  • Includes eCommerce integrations
  • Gift cards setups


  • It has basic reporting tools
  • Expensive costs

When you’re managing a business, you need tools that help you keep everything in check and ensure that all your processes are going well.

Vend is a useful system, which helps set up different ways to manage multiple stores and guarantee that your customers return. However, its reporting tools might be too simple for some people, and it’s an expensive option.

Vend POS Features

Vend POS has some notable features you should keep in mind before choosing it as your POS system. Keep reading and find out all you need to know about its characteristics.

Integration with eCommerce

If you pay for the Pro or the Enterprise plans, you get an eCommerce integration, which might be immensely convenient if you want to connect your physical business to your eCommerce store.

Some time ago, Vend POS offered eCommerce features to its clients because it had its own online store solutions, but now it only connects to third-party platforms. Even so, when you pay for the Enterprise or the Pro plans, you can either start your online store from scratch or import it.

Loyalty Engines

Nowadays, managers are often looking for ePOS systems that allow them to ensure customers are happy and they keep coming back to their business. In other words, having a satisfied client is not enough – they have to return.

To make that happen, managers often design loyalty incentives, which reward loyal clients and strengthen the relationship with its customers and help grow the business.

Vend offers a fantastic loyalty package, which lets you import a list of your loyal customers or quickly add new people to the group. You can store their important information and later use it to develop new effective marketing strategies. 

Additionally, Vend’s loyalty package also includes different options for gift cards. Overall, all the loyalty options this POS system offers are immensely convenient, and some creative managers might even be able to use them to drive sales.

Customer and Inventory Management

When you run a business, customer and inventory management are two of the most important processes you must keep in mind. If you run out of stock and you don’t quickly take care of it, many clients might end up being unhappy. At the same time, capturing your customers’ information is crucial to drive sales and design better marketing strategies.

With Vend, you can make a customer list and customise all the options and fields it has. You could, for example, add your clients’ addresses, phone numbers, groups, Twitter IDs and Facebook accounts for social media marketing.  

Another fantastic characteristic that Vend has is that it encourages shy customers to give their information, which is essential if you want to add them to the list and start building a better relationship with them. Strengthening bonds with your clients is imperative to ensure loyalty, so you might want to keep it in mind when you’re evaluating different POS options.

If you choose Vend POS and enable the loyalty program, you can reward customers with loyalty points or sign them up to an email marketing list.

Your clients can get an email with a specific link that gives them bonus loyalty dollars, and that’s a way to get them to feel good about your business. Vend makes the process much less invasive, and that’s also convenient because you don’t want your clients to feel overwhelmed. 

Asides from its wonderful features to ensure customer loyalty, Vend also lets you quickly build and review your inventory. You can edit basically anything on your list and make the process easier, for example, by adding images.

Price Book Characteristics

With Vend POS, you can build and maintain different price books depending on various features of your choice. One of the POS system’s best features is that almost everything is customisable, and you can personalise price books as well, so it’s immensely convenient for specific circumstances.

Suppose that you’re having a weekend sale with several things to keep in mind for a price book. In that case, you can rely on Vend to create a new one and add the time-sensitive feature. Therefore, you may apply discounts or individualised prices, and ensure that they’re only active for a specific time frame.

Employee Management

Managing a business is not easy, especially when you have to deal with challenging employees. If you’re experiencing repetitive issues, theft, errors, or discrepancies, you might want to start paying for a point of sale system to help you with your problems.

Vend is immensely useful for employee management because you can track their performance, set specific goals for each one, and visualise transactions. Furthermore, the program gives you options to check your totals each day and switch users if you need to. 

Transaction Options

In many cases, managers have trouble with some specific complicated transactions, for example, adding store credit to an account or parking sales. However, challenging and easy transactions are straightforward when you use Vend.

With Vend POS, you can quickly look up customer information. You never need to worry about difficult layouts or confusing options since the program is immensely user-friendly, and you can personalise most of its features, so it becomes easy to navigate.

Vend lets you quickly access your clients’ data, and you can track balances and payment history. Thus, you can use all the information to manage different transaction options, regardless of their difficulty.

Flexible Interface

Paying for a point of service system is a fantastic alternative, but many managers want to ensure the service they’re spending money in is innovative, useful, effective, and uses top technology to offer the best features on the market.

Fortunately, Vend is one of the most famous, trustworthy, and convenient alternatives you can find on the market. It hosts a flexible interface with various features, for instance, quick keys, which you can use to optimise processes.

When you use Vend, you can customise your receipts with your business logo and complete actions in just a few seconds. This software is so easy to use that you can quickly get used to it and personalise it to fit your needs.

Customer Service

Vend offers incredible options, but if you have any issues, you can always contact customer service. Unlike other brands, the experts behind this software are always available, so you can call at any time and they might answer your questions or solve your issues.

Furthermore, Vend’s website is also a fantastic nest of knowledge since it offers various resources for you to grow as a business manager. It has webinars, reports, useful blog posts, and much more, so you can search through it and find useful information.

Payment and Device Compatibility

Dealing with payments is one of the most important things you need to take care of when you’re a manager. At the same time, you might want to review the POS system you’re paying for to ensure it’s compatible with the devices you already own.

However, you shouldn’t worry about either of those aspects if you choose Vend. It’s compatible with multiple devices and payment methods, which include iPads, PayPal, Square, and much more.

The iPad options for Vend are very similar to other alternatives the software offers. Additionally, various payment methods are available to you for maximum effectiveness.

Vend Prices and Plans

Vend offers a free plan that’s useful when you have up to 1,000 customers and no more than 10 active products. However, once you surpass those numbers, it can be expensive compared to other options like Sunrise.

Its plans include three different options: Lite, Pro, and Enterprise. The first one is $99 a month, the second one is $129 a month, and you would have to directly contact Vend to get Enterprise prices.

In many cases, people who don’t need all of Vend’s functional features might find this option very expensive, which is why you should evaluate all your alternatives before deciding.

Vend POS Review Summary

Vend POS is a useful system that offers incredible features and personalised options to make your management experience more effective, enjoyable, and convenient. It’s recommended for medium-sized business managers who want to organise and optimise their processes.

Compare ePOS systems below using our free tool. Otherwise we recommend checking out Square, Quickbooks and Revel systems for an alternative.

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