Moz SEO Review

Moz review
This Moz review will help you decide if this is the best SEO tool for your website.

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Moz SEO is one of the best-known SEO tools. It is a long-established company that has always been at the forefront of SEO improvements for businesses. In this Moz review, we look specifically at Moz Pro.

This is their collection of premium SEO tools aimed at medium and large-sized businesses. This Moz Pro review will break down the individual features of this platform, together with its pricing, usability, and suitability as a product.

In this Moz review…

Moz SEO Review Overview

Moz Pro is a platform that aims to boost the SEO performance of your website. It has an exhaustive set of features and tools that give you first-rate analysis and insight into things like keywords, related SERPs and backlinks.

These tools are for the most part easy to use, although some of the UI elements could be improved. However, it certainly has a cleaner and more modern UI than AHREFs, for example. Also, you can get as much or as little out of Moz Pro as you wish. Seasoned users with experience will love the depth and control, while new users will appreciate the simplicity.

For keyword exploration, SEO site improvements, and SEO analysis, this is one of the best platforms available. The databases and quality of search information are fantastic to start with. As a result, you know the information you are given is accurate and can be put to good use. Also, the filters, different parameters, and data given really let you explore the SEO potential of your business. 

Moz review
Moz dashboard


  • Keyword explorer and keyword management.
  • SEO site crawler to find areas of improvement.
  • Link explorer to boost your backlink profile.
  • The price plans are based on how much data you need.
  • SERP tools to identify potential niches.

Moz Pros and Cons


  • Has a powerful set of tools for detailed SEO analysis.
  • Excellent SERP analysis and site crawling tools.
  • Has some of the best SEO and website metrics available.
  • Easy to use link explorer.
  • Responsive customer support is available 24/7.


  • Currently doesn’t have a mobile app available.
  • Not as cheap as some other platforms like AHREFs.
  • Some of the UI may not be as intuitive as competitors.

Moz Review – What Can You Expect from This SEO Tool?

In this article, we look specifically at Moz pro. Moz also has a range of free SEO tools that could be useful for small businesses and new entrepreneurs. These include a link explorer, domain name analysis, and keyword explorer. For established businesses, however, Moz Pro is the way to go. This offers a more comprehensive service that should offer better results.


Moz is one of the most detailed and comprehensive SEO services available. It has a myriad of tools for both free and pro users, we have listed the main features below:

Moz Free Tools

  • Link explorer.
  • Keyword explorer.
  • Domain analysis.
  • MozBar.

Moz Pro Features

  • Moz SEO crawler to find site errors.
  • Link explorer to improve your backlink profile.
  • Keyword explorer.
  • Detailed SERP analysis.
  • Keyword management and data.

The free tools are decent for new users if you’re starting to build a website. For example, the domain analysis tool allows you to see a range of important metrics relating to your websites such as domain authority and your most-viewed pages.

The Moz Pro tools are more developed and offer greater insight into your online world. Essentially, Moz Pro provides everything you could need to drastically improve the SEO of your website.


Moz Pro has a simple pricing structure that is similar to other SEO platforms like AHREFs. There are four tiers, and each tier gives you access to a set volume of data, analytics, search queries, and keyword queries, for example. Essentially, the more you pay, the more data you have access to.

The current price plans are listed below:

Pay Yearly

  • Standard: £79.00 per month.
  • Medium: £143.00 per month.
  • Large: £199.00 per month.
  • Premium: £479.00 per month.

Pay Monthly

  • Standard: £99.00 per month.
  • Medium: £179.00 per month.
  • Large: £249.00 per month.
  • Premium: £599.00 per month.

It is advisable to pay for an annual subscription if you do intend to use Moz Pro. By doing so, you get a 20% discount.

As mentioned, the difference in price for each tier relates to data. For example, the standard subscription allows you to make 150 keyword queries per month. In contrast, the medium subscription allows you to make 5000 keyword queries per month. 

We like this price plan as you can subscribe to a plan that meets your business size and usage the best. Also, in time, you could upgrade your plan if you found that you needed more data and queries. Compared to other SEO tool providers like SEMRush and Long Tail Pro, Moz Pro is a little more expensive, but not by much. For example, AHREFs has a basic package that costs £82.00 per month.

Keyword Research and Management

One of the major tools that Moz Pro provides is keyword research and management.

The keyword research tool is easy to use and has a great range of customization. You can use it to find data relating to specific keywords. For example, you could search for “Digital Supermarket”. This would show a host of useful information. Examples include relating keyword suggestions, search volume, potential, and difficulty ranking.

This wealth of information allows you to see which keywords could be best used for your website. It can also allow you to find niche keywords that could be easier to rank for, for example. This is particularly useful if you are in a highly competitive market with lots of short-tail keywords that are difficult to rank for.

For any keyword that you research, you can add it to customizable lists. This is the keyword management section. Here you can organize and manage your keywords so that you can easily utilize them in your web content. This feature is also useful for creating specific keyword lists for new product launches or marketing campaigns, for example.

Site Crawling

Recently, Moz has improved its site crawling capabilities as this was one area that it fell short. However, the site crawler is now fantastic. 

To start, the Moz crawler will automatically crawl your website and all its pages each week. Once it has done this, the crawler will provide a range of analytical alerts that show important information like page authority and crawl depth.

Also, more importantly, the crawler will recognize any SEO issues so that you can make quick improvements. This includes redirect issues, problems with Metadata, and general problems with your web page content.

For those who are inexperienced in SEO issues, Moz Pro will also provide suggestions for fixes. This means that even those with minimal SEO experience can make improvements to their website.

Link Exploring

Backlinks are an important aspect of SEO and Moz Pro has a link exploring tool. This enables you to create a quality link profile that can ultimately boost your SEO.

The first time you use this tool, you are given a link profile analysis. This basically shows important link information such as domain authority, number of inbound links, and the number of linking domains. It goes further than this however as it also shows the number of high quality and low-quality links to your website.

Aside from your own website, you can also gain link information on your top four competitors. This enables you to see how they are performing and which URLs they utilize that could be beneficial. The link explorer is generally easy to use, and we like the simple display of statistics that your link profile shows.

Customer Support

Moz generally has great customer support. Registered customers have access to 24/7 customer support, regardless of which subscription you have. The response times are also great, and they have professional and knowledgeable staff.

Customers can contact the support team via email or via their website. However, they currently don’t have any live chat or phone support. While this may be frustrating, the response times should still be adequate.

Also, Moz has a great resource centre. For example, they have an extensive beginners guide to SEO that can help you learn the basics. Also, they have a great and knowledgeable community that is always ready to answer queries you may have.

What are the alternatives to Moz?

You can compare SEO tools using our unique tool below.

Otherwise, check out these reviews and guide for more information on other SEO tools and plugins.

Moz Review Summary

From this Moz Pro review, we can see the potential value this platform has. It is arguably one of the best SEO tools available for medium and large-sized businesses. It offers slightly better utility than some wordpress plugins for SEO or platforms like AHREFs (although it is not perfect), and it provides businesses with some of the most extensive SEO data available.

If you want to drive your online content and drastically improve SEO, Moz Pro is certainly a great investment. One of the downsides is that it is not one of the cheapest platforms available. As a result, it may not be suitable for new entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, if you have an established business and can afford the monthly cost, Moz Pro is a great choice.

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