Best eCommerce Tools for More Sales

ecommerce tools
Increase your online sales with this list of the best eCommerce tools for 2022.

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Competition for eCommerce sales is fierce. Your online business needs an advantage that only the best eCommerce tools can provide. This list will get you started by showing you our pick of the best eCommerce tools for SEO, email marketing, content and customer service.

Hello Bar 

Have you ever noticed those simple but stylish bars that sit at the top of websites? These bars are incredibly useful for increasing sales. They can be used in a range of different ways to boost user interaction and run promotions.

Hello Bar is one such tool that enables you to create these bars for your website. In fact, they have a range of different tools like this including the creation of pop-up boxes.

The Hello Bar is their primary offering and it can be customized in a number of ways. You have full control over the style and positioning of the bar, for example. Also, you can include whatever text you want, and hyperlinks. This is a useful way to promote products and announce things like discounts or new releases.

Alternatively, you can also create forms and pop-up boxes. For example, you can create an email newsletter subscription pop-up box. 

ecommerce tools
eCommerce tools like Hellobar help you run promotions


Email marketing is still an incredibly useful way to boost sales. Creating email newsletters and managing a subscriber database is a great way to get repeat custom.

To do this, you need to use eCommerce tools for email marketing, like Mailchimp. Mailchimp is a brilliant email marketing platform that allows you to effectively create and manage email marketing campaigns.

For example, it has an editor that allows you to create emails. You can start from scratch or use a variety of professional templates. Once you have created the email, you can then select from different groups of customers to distribute it to. This allows you to send personalized emails to specific demographics for better results.  

We also like that Mailchimp facilitates email automation. You can set a range of automated emails including reminders, new product promotions, and abandoned shopping cart reminders, for example.

Check out this Mailchimp review to see how it stacks up against AWeber.


If you use social media for marketing, eCommerce tools and platforms like Hootsuite are essential. Hootsuite allows you to get the most out of your social media campaigns to maximize sales.

Primarily, Hootsuite allows you to manage your social media platforms from a centralized control panel. This includes creating and scheduling posts, and publishing content. Instead of using each platform separately, you can therefore create unified marketing across multiple sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Hootsuite also excels at analytics. Using the platform you can look at things like social media trends, customer activity, and brand mentions. This lets you gauge how effective your social media marketing is, and how to improve it to bring in more sales.

For £39.00 per month, you can manage 10 social media accounts, schedule unlimited posts, and have a single mailbox to access all your social media messages.

Check out the full Hootsuite review.


Personalisation a powerful way to increase engagement with your eCommerce website. Customers expect a personalized experience when shopping. This can be difficult to achieve on some basic website builders without the use of specialist eCommerce tools.

Luckily, there are tools like OptinMonster. OptinMonster specializes in personalization and improving customer conversions. It is a lead generation tool that allows you to incorporate a myriad of different features into your website.

For example, you can create pop-up boxes, exit-intent content, gaming wheels, and scroll boxes. Also, you can trigger these features based on different user actions. For example, the exit-intent content allows you to trigger a feature if a user is scrolling towards the X of their web browser.

OptinMonster is available as a WordPress plugin currently has over 300+ 5-star reviews on the platform.

Check out the full OptinMonster review.

Upsell by Bold Commerce

Upselling is a simple technique by which you try to build upon an existing sale and try to get customers to spend more money. Some online stores have upselling features available, but they can be limited.

This is why a third-party plugin like Upsell by Bold Commerce can be useful. Upsell is an integration for Shopify online stores that encourages customers to spend more.

The features you can implement include cross-selling (showcasing products that complement the products in their shopping cart), Upsell funnels, and smart product recommendations. Upsell also provides great control over the timing and activation of these features. For example, you can set triggers for certain time periods, dates, or even the monetary value of their shopping cart.

If you run an online store using Shopify and have a large selection of products, Upsell is a great way to increase sales.


Customer service is another vital aspect of eCommerce. Effective customer service can also lead to improved sales. If you treat your customers properly and respond to their queries and/or problems, they are far more likely to use your business.

Zendesk is a platform that specializes in online customer service. Their “Zendesk Sell” platform is specifically aimed at boosting sales via customer service. This includes a wealth of tools and is available for a reasonable monthly subscription price.

eCommerce tools include email tracking, email notifications, activity logs, email automation, and sequencing. Sequencing is particularly useful. This allows you to create sequences of actions such as automated emails based on what actions your customers take.

Zendesk also provides advanced call features, and the ability to add live AI chatbots to your website. These are great ways to react quickly to customers and make sure they have the information they need to make a purchase.

customer service ecommerce tools
Creating a customer service ticket with Zendesk


Sales can also be boosted through the use of graphic design. Effective use of graphics boosts customer engagement and makes your website / eCommerce store appear more attractive.

Canva is an excellent platform that has an online graphic design editor. The editor is beginner-friendly and has a range of drag and drop tools. Users can easily create professional images and add elements like text, audio, photos, and video content.

There is also a vast library of templates available. These templates are divided into specific categories and the database is searchable. For example, there are templates for infographics, zoom call backgrounds, Instagram shorts, and Facebook cover images.

Canva also has useful brand management eCommerce tools. You can create branding elements like color pallets and easily apply them to your graphical creations. This allows you to consistently impose your brand image on your marketing material.


Having a wealth of analytical data is incredibly useful for eCommerce. The more data you have, the more you can understand your customers. You can then put this information to good use. For example, you can tailor your website and online store to suit their preferences.

Hotjar is an excellent analytical tool that facilitates this. It has an extensive range of analytical tools for web usage. This includes heatmaps, recordings, and surveys.

The heatmaps are particularly interesting. A heatmap allows you to visualize key areas of your website that users typically click, scroll, or move on more. It provides a visual overlay on your website – like a thermal camera. The red spots are areas that have greater activity. ECommerce tools like this are highly useful for seeing what works, and what doesn’t on your website. To optimize your web content, Hotjar is a must-have tool!

Checkout the full Hotjar review.


Most websites today have installed eCommerce tools that provide a live chat feature powered by AI chatbots.

LiveChat offers a predominantly human-based chat app for your website. It provides a messaging app for your website that allows you to connect directly with customers. This greatly boosts your customer service and allows you to give a personalized, one-to-one service – this is something that most customers prefer.

If you have a number of different teams, you can also direct inquiries to them using LiveChat. This boosts the effectiveness of your customer support and allows customers to get the help they need immediately. The LiveChat app integrates easily with your website and the price plans are reasonable. 


SEO is an important aspect of marketing and generating sales. If your website is optimized for search engines, customers are more likely to find your business on Google.

SEMRush one of the best SEO tools. It has a myriad of useful keyword research tools that allow you to find keywords relevant to your business. You can then easily implement them and gain SEO ratings for your web content.

We also like that you can perform competitor research. Using SEMRush, you can see what keyword strategies your competitors are using, and how effective they are. SEMRush also provides a wealth of analytical data for keywords and website domains

Check out the full SEMRush review.

Increase Your Sales With The Best eCommerce Tools

Use this list as a starting point for finding the best eCommerce tools to increase your sales. You can do this using a variety of different channels and methods including graphic design, email marketing, social media, and web content. Most of the eCommerce tools listed offer a free trial to get started.

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